Every man is afraid of prostatitis


  • Symptoms of the disease
  • Risk factors
  • Should I consult a doctor?
  • The most common misconceptions
  • How to treat?

  • Symptoms of the disease

    • pain in the perineum, lower abdomen;
    • impaired urination (palpitations, painful);
    • feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder.

    Similar symptoms can be caused by diseases of the spine
    (E.g., osteoarthritis), bladder (for example, the presence of the stone)
    rectum (cracks, hemorrhoids), neuralgia. Therefore, the diagnosis should
    put urologist after careful microbiological and
    immunoassay, including adjacent to the prostate

    Sometimes the prostate are asymptomatic and have no complaints
    men from time to time does not matter. To identify the inflammatory
    process in such cases, you must be examined by a doctor.
    This is especially true of those who are at risk, that is, often changes
    partners.Every man is afraid of prostatitis

    Risk factors

    • Disordered sex life;
    • Problems with the immune system;
    • already assigned the wrong treatment;
    • passive lifestyle;
    • BPH (if fitted prostatitis difficult to cure).

    Should I consult a doctor?

    Prostatitis The danger is that it is able to induce cancer
    prostate. Therefore, it is necessary to recover, even if
    the disease does not cause discomfort.

    The most common misconceptions

    Prostatitis threatens everyone. It's a "pugalka" for today
    men. Actually exaggerated danger. According to the latest
    data, for example, in Europe the prevalence of chronic prostatitis -
    2-10%. With age, the incidence of the disease increases. In 40-50 years, the risk
    increased 1.7-fold after 50 years - 3.1 times.

    Infertility and impotence. Neither the quality of the erection or sexual
    desire not associated with prostatitis. Of course, during exacerbations of the disease,
    when concerned about pain, the man not to pleasures. reproductive function
    suffers rare and usually due to complications of chronic

    Miracle pill. The structure of all the widely advertised
    drugs for the treatment of prostatitis is almost do not fall
    antimicrobial or antiviral components. They may contain
    ingredients useful for prostate - microcells
    plant extracts, vitamins. But the use of such drugs can be
    only as a supplement to the basic treatment, and not independently.

    Prostate massage is needed. For the treatment of prostatitis it
    useless. It is used solely for diagnostic purposes. Most
    effective prostate massage - this is a common ejaculation.

    How to treat?

    "The fear of prostatitis often is operated by doctors. A patient
    ready to shell out so often treat what is not - says
    chief physician of the Republican Center of Human Reproduction Mikhail Korjakin.
    - If you choose the right antibiotics, in most
    cases manage to fully recover. On average, you need to be treated
    continuous 1-2 or even 3 months, together with the Lady. "

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