Mastopatia: diagnosis and treatment


  • Mastodinon

  • However, medical experts hold a different point of view.
    "Pain can not tolerate - to look for the cause, and this cause
    fix ", - says the doctor-mammolog Sozaeva Larisa, who
    I answered the most pressing questions about one of the most
    common female diseases - mastitis.


    - What are the symptoms characteristic of mastitis and what is its fundamental difference from other breast diseases?

    - Today, under the benign mastopathy we understand
    fibro- cystic breast disease, for which, in the first
    all are characterized by an abnormal proliferation of its tissue, pain
    breast, swelling and discharge from the nipple.

    Mastopatia: diagnosis and treatmentSome of my colleagues are accessed women with complaints of pain and
    engorgement immediately diagnose breast disease. But of course,
    not every breast discomfort is mastopathy. AT
    some cases of such complaints may be lurking inflammation
    Breast - mastitis, lipomas, and, at times, and breast cancer.
    This is why it is very important full diagnostics,
    which includes inspection and palpation of the breast, ultrasound, mammography, analysis
    hormones and breast puncture necessary.

    - In what ways can proceed disease?

    - We distinguish two types of mastitis - nodal and diffuse. It's all very
    just. In diffuse mastitis breast tissue changes are
    diffuse nature of the complaints and the fore only pain
    mammary gland, which is usually amplified to some days
    the beginning of the next menstruation. When nodal mastopathy, as clear
    the name suggests, tight knots ranging from pea-formed in the chest to

    Each of the forms of the disease requires specific treatment. In diffuse
    mastitis usually sufficient medication, and when
    node may require surgical intervention.

    - How effective is drug therapy? What preparations are well established in the treatment of this disease?

    - To date, effective medicinal plant preparations.
    They are completely natural and do not contain hormones. For example - the drug
    Mastodinon German company "Bionorica". Mastodinon used in
    practice for a long time, well-known among professionals, its effectiveness
    It is proven by clinical studies.

    - Check, please, as evident effect of the drug, what are its advantages?

    - Firstly, the action aimed at removing mastodinon pain, swelling,
    breast engorgement. Those. all the symptoms that are very
    concerned and prevent women. This is a very important point. Secondly,
    drug restores imbalance of hormones, prevents
    development of the disease. In addition, women are improving the overall
    psycho-emotional state, it becomes more relaxed, leaves
    irritability, alleviated the symptoms of PMS.

    - What is the secret of such a wide spectrum of action?

    - The spectrum of action of the drug due to the unique composition, namely,
    a combination of plant components which have in conjunction
    a powerful healing force. The drug is generally well tolerated, without causing
    serious side effects and can be used continuously.

    - What would you advise women who are faced with the problem of mastitis?

    - First of all - do not be afraid! Conduct regular self-examination
    breasts monthly for 6-10-th day from the beginning of menstruation. Upon detection
    the first signs of mastitis do not panic, and immediately contact your
    specialist to find out the true cause of ill health.

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