Heart disease


  • Diagnosis of heart disease
  • Causes
  • Types of congenital heart disease
  • Signs and symptoms of heart disease
  • Treatment vice Cerda

  • Diagnosis of heart disease

    before discharge from the hospital, the doctors it is clear that
    a child that something is wrong. He is sluggish, it would be hard to eat, turning blue - this
    signs of overt pathology. The child exhibit symptoms of heart
    failure. Most often, it is very unfavorable situaHeart diseasetion.

    while listening to the doctor detects noise. Noises
    forced to carefully examine the heart, although it is not necessarily
    a sign of the UPU. Then an ultrasound examination of the heart and

    If heart disease is detected, the child is sent for consultation to the cardiologist and surgeon.

    According to the survey, pediatric cardiologists and surgeons decide whether the operation is necessary in your case.


    Usually, the cause of birth defects may be a viral infection, which suffered the mother during pregnancy.

    Women who smoked, consumed alcohol and
    drugs during pregnancy have a huge risk of having a baby with
    congenital heart disease.

    The risk for having a child with CHD also includes women who give birth after 35 years.

    Types of congenital heart disease

    The defect of the heart walls. Left and right heart chamber divider.
    If there is a hole in it, which normally should not be, then
    You can talk about the ventricular septal defect.

    This is the most common disorder. If the defect is not very large, the development of the child is not disturbed.

    Patent ductus arteriosus. Requires surgery, complications are rare.

    Tetralogy of Fallot - heavy
    Combination of heart disease. Not handled children rarely
    survive to adolescence. But modern operational methods allow
    get rid of this disease. Symptoms of the disease skip
    impossible: a child cyanotic, shortness of breath, fainting.

    Signs and symptoms of heart disease

    It depends on the severity of the defect. The main symptoms in children are shortness of breath and cyanosis (bluish skin color).

    Treatment vice Cerda

    For small defects, treatment is needed. Protect the child from
    excessive physical exertion. In severe defects - only operation and
    the faster the better!

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