Explanation of analysis: rubella vysokoavid


Explanation of analysis for rubella

Explanation of analysis: rubella vysokoavid

Rubella is one of the most dangerousvysokozaraznyh infectious diseases transmitted by airborne droplets. It is a part of TORCH-infections causing malformations of the fetus, and pregnancy miscarriage. From infection to the first symptoms of passes 14-21 days.

In direct analysis of a pediatrician, infectious disease specialist, obstetrician-gynecologist, internist.

The study shows for rubella:

  • two months before planning a pregnancy;
  • pregnant women;
  • children younger than one year with suspected rubella;
  • patients for diagnosis.

Blood analysis is taken from a vein.

The procedure is performed on an empty stomach in the morning, on the eve eliminate fatty foods.

Rubella is usually defined byenzyme immunoassay (EIA) with determination of avidity (blood look for antibodies to rubella - immunoglobulins IgM and IgG; avidity - antibodies ability to neutralize virus). IgM are formed immediately after infection and peak in the second or third week and after four to eight weeks disappear. IgG produced in the body after three days after infection and peak to the end of the fourth week, remaining in the body, usually all.

Explanation of analysis results for rubella

IgM + - patient currently sick rubella infection occurred 1.5-2 months ago.

IgG + - the patient is ill with rubella or been vaccinated, he has immunity.

IgM-, IgG- - rubella not, no immunity.

IgM-, IgG + - are immune (has had any vaccinations).

IgM +, IgG- - acute form, the onset of disease.

IgM +, IgG + - acute form, the middle and the end of the disease.

Avidity (%):

  • ≤ low avidity - infection of up to three months;
  • ≥ high avidity - infecting more than five months;
  • 51-69 - avidity transient, the analysis was repeated after two weeks.

The second way to detect rubella - blood PCR method (discovering DNA, RNA) as a confirmatory ELISA.


  • (+) - Primary infection, acute form;
  • (-) - Rubella virus there.

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