Beta hCG prenatal: transcript analysis


Explanation and interpretation of blood tests on the beta-hCG

Beta hCG prenatal: transcript analysis

HCG content can be measured more precisely usingimmunological tests. A molecule of human chorionic gonadotropin has a complex structure and consists of two subunits (alpha and beta). b-hCG has a unique structure. Using antibodies specific thereto, carried quantification levels of beta-hCG in the patient's blood.

In clinical practice, this analysis is conducted atpregnancy (for screening and diagnosis of disease chromosomal trophoblastic disease). In oncology, the levels of b-hCG is used for the diagnosis of testicular cancer in men and women horionkartsinoma.

Units in the analysis - ng / mL.

The rate of b-hCG in healthy men and women - to 2 ng / ml.

The rate of b-hCG in pregnancy:

  • Week 8 - 23-162 ng / ml;
  • 11th week - 17-130 ng / ml;
  • 18-week - 4-33 ng / mL.

Increase the value in men - oncomarker hormonally active tumors of the reproductive glands.
Increased values ​​in women is pregnancy - oncomarker horionkartsinoma (an aggressive cancer of the chorionic villi).

Elevated levels of b-hCG pregnancy - a sign of the high risk of Down syndrome in the fetus. Significant growth indicators also serves as a diagnostic criterion for the molar pregnancy.

Reduction of beta-hCG units in pregnancy may indicate a higher risk of Edwards Syndrome in the fetus.

Keep in mind that the test results are not diagnosed and requires consultation gynecologist, oncologist and genetics.

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