Anemia: Juice therapy for anemia


  • Pomegranate juice, diluted
  • Potato juice ordinary
  • Beet juice - fasting
  • Multiovoschnoy juice cocktail
  • Juice of spinach - unusual
  • Juice of dandelion - spring
  • Very helpful hints

  • Pomegranate juice, diluted

    Anemia: Juice therapy for anemiaA special place among the juices takes pomegranate juice, butdue to its high of concentration of pomegranate juice should be drunk diluted. If the juice does not cause nausea and constipation, then drink it without dilution with water, for 0.5-1 glass 3 times a day for 30-40 minutes before meals. This should be done appropriate diet prescribed by your doctor. The course of treatment for anemia pomegranate juice can be from 2 to 4 months, then take a break in the month and repeat the course.

    Potato juice ordinary

    In principle, due to the high digestibility in anemiauseful any fresh juices. Especially vitamin C, which in great quantity in raw fruits and vegetables (and their juices, respectively), contributes to a better absorption of iron. Including you can drink potato juice containing a record number askorbinki. Drink potato juice 0.7 cup 2-3 times a day before meals for 2-3 weeks.

    Beet juice - fasting

    Beet juice is one of the best for the treatment ofanemia as it accelerates the formation of red blood cells, and generally improves the blood. The daily dose to 1/2 cup divide into 3-4 receptions. Drink it in small sips, holding each of them in the mouth as long as possible. Before taking juice let stand in the refrigerator for several hours.

    In no case do not drink juice on a full stomach andnot seized his bread. The course of treatment of beet juice - at least 4 weeks, but it is better as long as possible. If your body can not adapt to this juice, you use beet juice mixed with other vegetable juices. You can mix 7 parts of carrot juice and 2 parts of beet and cucumber juices.
    Drink this mixture 3 times a day for 0.5-0.7 cups for 20-30 minutes before meals for 15-20 days.

    Multiovoschnoy juice cocktail

    Anemia: Juice therapy for anemiaA radical remedy for anemia is considered to be a mixture ofEqual amounts of carrot juice, beet and radish. But to prepare the mixture to be receiving a special way. Grate each vegetable separately from the others. Press the juice in equal parts in a dark bottle, and then the neck of the bottle obmazhte test, but so that it was not tightly clogged and out of the liquid to evaporate. Take a mixture of juice of this bottle for 3 months, 3 times a day before meals for 1 tablespoon. To improve the taste in cocktails, you can add a few drops of orange juice.

    Juice of spinach - unusual

    Mix 3 parts of carrot and spinach juice 2 parts by 0.5-0.7 and take a glass of fresh mixture 3 times a day before meals.

    Juice of dandelion - spring

    Anemia: Juice therapy for anemiaTo improve the blood taken every day for 50-100 ml of juice of dandelion leaves collected in the beginning of the flowering plants.

    Very helpful hints

    • First, try to prepare the juice in smallportions and immediately their drinking, because they contain vitamins and enzymes very rapidly destroyed by oxygen, and after a while your fresh juice becomes a pleasant drink to quench your thirst.
    • Second, only in rare cases it is necessary to deliver the fruit and vegetables from the skin, as it was in the "subcutaneous" layer of the largest number of vitamins.
    • Third, fresh juices should be drunk in small sips very slowly, trying to mix them with saliva, which allows the maximum extent absorb nutrients through the mucous membranes.

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