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  • Prevention of anemia
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  • Prevention of anemia

    Manifestations of this unpleasant disease in Russia today are found in
    half of the children and women, and a fifth of men. try
    understand the reasons for its occurrence.

    You practice a vegetarian diet? In this case, anemia can
    be a consequence of deficiency of vitamin B12, which is involved in the formation of
    red blood cells - red blood cells. This item appears only in
    animal products - beef, pork, egg yolks,
    fish, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese and sour cream. When there is a lack of it
    a particular form of anemia - megaloblastic anemia. The symptoms are the same, and
    with iron deficiency anemia, unless the language looks unusual - it as
    if polished, with frequent burning sensation is felt.

    Prevention of anemia
    However, if too fond of meat products and sweets and not
    to pay sufficient attention to the vegetables, too, can fall victim to anemia -
    folic acid, caused by lack of folic acid. She is
    found in green, young leaves of cabbage and other plants. AT
    Generally, in order to avoid anemia, you need to have a bit of everything - and
    vegetable and animal products.

    Yet the most common anemia associated with iron deficiency: if
    the loss of this trace element begin to predominate over the receipt,
    hemoglobin level in the blood falls below 120 mg / l, and themselves
    erythrocytes is smaller than required by the lower limit of normal -
    4x1012 1 l (men) and 3x1012 (woman). It affects the organs and
    fabric - they constantly feel the lack of oxygen and their work
    violated. In this iron requirement is greatest in small
    children and adolescents in a period of growth, as well as pregnant women and all
    ladies - in the critical days. After all, at this time of the fair
    Floor lose at least a blood cup, and with it, of 15 to 250 mg
    gland. Well, on the bearing of the child's parent body spends in the total
    of about 600 mg iron. If a woman gives birth to second and
    the third with a few interruptions, the iron stores in her body
    almost depleted. They do not unlimited - just 4 grams.

    Men are luckier - they lose an average of only 1 mg of iron
    day, so faced with anemia often. But a strong half
    humanity, this attack does not shy away: severe physical
    load, injury, illness, stress, overwork leads to overspending
    iron and cause anemia. To detect the shortage critical
    macroelements, enough to pass blood tests from a finger: hemoglobin in it should not be less than 120 mg / l. But even
    a satisfactory result is not guaran- tee that you do not have hidden
    iron deficiency, in which the analysis of normal and signs of anemia present.
    Meanwhile, if you leave the problem unattended, soon she declares
    itself in all its glory.

    Test anemia

    • You get tired, badly transfer familiar everyday stress?
    • Often marked by a sharp deterioration in health?
    • Became inattentive, distracted, you find it difficult to concentrate?
    • Complaining of dizziness and a headache?
    • After lifting up the stairs, walking briskly, morning breath and heart beats wildly?
    • You lot nervous, suffer from insomnia?
    • In the eyes of the dark, looming in front of them black dots - the so-called fly?
    • Are you concerned about numbness in hands and feet, as well as paresthesia - a feeling that tingle thousand needles?
    • You can easily pick up a cold?
    • The skin you pale and dry, with a grayish or jaundiced, cheeks and lips - not a drop of blood?
    • Your skin is cracked at the corners of the mouth, hands and feet?
    • Recently, your hair dull, began to fall and split?
    • The nails easily broken, covered with transverse and longitudinal dashes?
    • You have heavy and prolonged periods?
    • Your taste preferences have changed, as if you are pregnant -
      pulls chew chalk (izvёstku, coal, dry cereal), get some glue
      "Moment", varnish, paint, gasoline, exhaust fumes?
    • You are rarely in the open air?
    • Sit on a milk-vegetable diet?
    • You suffer from peptic ulcer, gastritis, hemorrhoids?

    Dali affirmative answer to questions 3-5? It is possible that you have a hidden iron deficiency.

    Lean on them rich foods - beef, beef liver and other
    offal, egg yolks, mushrooms (mushrooms, chanterelles, white,
    podberёzoviki), buckwheat, oatmeal, soybeans, peas, apples, spinach,
    sorrel, green lettuce, cabbage, beets, carrots, radishes, raisins,
    figs, dried apricots, prunes, oranges, mandarins, cocoa, nuts. AT
    critical days, take iron supplements like complex
    ferropleksa and fenyulsa.

    At the same time remember that the iron is poorly absorbed: veal - only
    22% of fish - 10% of plant foods and less. In cereals,
    bread and vegetables have special substance - phosphates and phytin impeding
    absorption of this trace element: from rice and spinach in the body arrives
    1% iron, corn and beans - 3%, of soybean - 7%. By
    the same no matter how much you may have eaten, say, meat, your blood gets per day
    Only 2.5 mg of iron - more body is unable to absorb. And from
    drugs absorbed into the blood is 15-20 times greater.
    Therefore, without the support of iron tools are indispensable.

    Prevention of anemia
    The answer "yes" to questions 5-10? You obviously do not have enough iron - hand over
    blood test! The need for it in men - 10 mg per day, women - 15-18
    mg during pregnancy - 35-40 mg, breast-feeding - 30-33 mg.
    Increase the base dose by 1.5-2 times, if you are backpacking,
    diving, running in a lack of oxygen - in the smoke
    room, mine, or with substances harmful effect on the blood
    (Benzene, aniline, lead). More should come in iron
    body with significant physical exertion, intensive classes
    sports, with a constant, albeit a small bleeding (hemorrhoids,
    polyps, long non-healing wounds).

    To make up for the deficit of valuable minerals, the doctor will prescribe you
    individual diet and prescribe medicine containing it, as well as
    additional drugs that enhance iron absorption. As better
    just this element digested in an acidic medium, wash down
    iron complexes sour juice (grapefruit, orange,
    lemon, pomegranate, apple), a decoction of rose hips, and cranberry juice
    never - alkaline mineral water ( "Essentuki-4", "Borjomi"
    "Slavyanovskaya") or milk. By the way, even if you pour
    milk or cook buckwheat porridge on it, no
    milligrams of iron from these meals will not go into the blood. The same effect is given
    eggs and strong tea - tannin, included in its composition inhibits absorption
    as the member you want.

    Agreed with 11-18 questions? You have all the symptoms of anemia. besides
    hemoglobin analysis, research is required gastric juice, urine and
    fecal occult blood test, consult a gastroenterologist and a gynecologist. After all
    under certain conditions - for example, irritable syndrome
    bowel, when peristalsis is enhanced, - the iron does not have time
    pass the necessary changes and be absorbed. It "jumps"
    transit through the digestive system and excreted
    undigested. The same thing happens when taking antacids (they
    used to treat heartburn, belching, giperatsidnom gastritis) and low
    gastric acidity. The less acid in the stomach, the worse
    absorbed iron. To improve this process, appoint an expert
    hydrochloric acid or acidic mineral water, say
    "Essentuki-17". And yet, to whimsical iron better learned
    requires the presence of copper and assistance of a number of vitamins - B5, WB, C
    - And folic acid. In this case, note that you will need to be treated for a long time
    - Wasted "iron mines" recovering with difficulty. And without
    a doctor can not do here: it will check the effectiveness of treatment,
    appoint repeated examinations and tests.

    Products containing iron

    Where and how much iron is contained in 100 g:

    • Dried mushrooms - 35 mg
    • Pork liver - 20 mg
    • Cocoa -11,7mg
    • Green beans - 7.9 mg
    • Strawberries - 7.8 mg
    • Blueberries - 7 mg
    • Rabbit - 4.4 mg
    • Meat - 2.2 mg
    • The Egg - 1.5 mg
    • Carrots - 0.7 mg

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