When false croup your reliable assistant - inhaler


  • What you need to know about the false croup
  • The benefits of inhaled
  • Modern inhalers: advantages and disadvantages

  • Most recently, I was faced with a big problem- My 2 year old son was diagnosed with "false croup, stenosis of 1 degree." At the hospital, I found a wonderful and easy way to care - using a special inhaler, a nebulizer. This device is certainly useful in a home medicine cabinet, because it can be successfully used to treat a wide range of broncho-pulmonary diseases. Because start acquainted with this topic I forced my child's illness, I would like to give some attention to the symptoms and first aid principles in the rump, and then move on to a more detailed consideration of opportunities inhalers.

    What you need to know about the false croup

    What is false croup? False croup occurs against a background of influenza, acute respiratory infections and measles, scarlet fever, chicken pox, stomatitis. False croup attacks often occur at night, on the background of "overall health" or a slight cold, and are accompanied by labored, wheezing, "hoarseness" voice and "barking" cough can develop asthma. The attack can also be triggered by allergic reactions. After helping an attack could happen again for two days. But with proper care for the child relapse is extremely rare.

    In the event of suffocation should immediately call "soon", but before the arrival of doctors can help the child as follows:

    • Reassure the child in every situation in your actions should not be panic.
    • Supply fresh air (open up the window in the next room).
    • Copious warm drink - it can be warm milk, tea, broth chamomile, rose hips. Very useful acidic drinks (eg, cranberry juice), it liquefies phlegm.
    • To remove the allergic component to give an antihistamine - (Suprastin, Tavegil, diphenhydramine), at a dose slightly higher than the corresponding age.
    • Inhalation.

    The benefits of inhaled

    When false croup your reliable assistant - inhaler

    inhalation can be carried out if necessary old"Old-fashioned" way, ie, having covered his head over a saucepan of hot (not boiling) water. But this method is not well suited for toddlers. During the attack, I took his son in his arms and carried off to the bathroom komnatu.Tam I plug the drain hole bath plug And let boiling water. In gaining a bath I occasionally slipped "by eye" soda, and baby gave to drink warm tea.

    It should be borne in mind that, if your childOne time there was an attack, the likelihood of recurrence is quite high in the future (disease usually occurs usually up to 5 - 6 years of age because of physiological and anatomical features of the child's body). The most effective therapy is considered to be an inhalation technique, not only in false croup and laryngitis, but also in a number of other obstructive lung diseases and rhinosinusopathy.

    Inhalation have advantages over othermethods of drug delivery: first of all - is the ability to direct and rapid impact on the area of ​​inflammation in the mucous membranes. Secondly, unlike the medication by mouth, often causing allergic, toxic, metabolic and other disorders, the dosage aerosols are preferably topically, pathological focus, thereby reducing the amount of the drug to increase its efficiency and reduce the likelihood of medication complications. What diseases can be treated with inhaled? In the first place - is acute respiratory diseases accompanied by symptoms such as cough, dry, scratchy or sore throat, phlegm. Another group of diseases in which the inhalation simply irreplaceable - chronic inflammatory processes of the respiratory tract, such as chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, chronic pharyngitis.

    Modern inhalers: advantages and disadvantages

    Currently in clinical practiceThere are three basic types of inhalers: steam, ultrasonic and jet. The last two are united by the term "nebulizer" from the Latin word nebula - fog cloud. They do not generate vapors and aerosol stream comprised of microparticles inhalable solution.
    • Action steam inhalers based on the effectEvaporation of the drug substance. The hospital told me that hot steam inhalation is more efficient, but this method has some drawbacks. In - the first, I was unable to persuade his young child to breathe in hot steam, while in the process of persuasion, he simply burned his hand on a hot device; Secondly, during the heating of the active drug substances will inevitably collapses, thirdly, hot inhalation can not be used at temperatures above 37,5S. It is understood that use only volatile solutions having a boiling point below 100 ° C, usually in steam can inhalers - essential oils. This significantly narrows the range of possible components for steam inhalation. But the biggest drawback of steam inhaler - a low concentration of inhaled substances. Generally it is below the threshold of therapeutic effects.
    • When false croup your reliable assistant - inhaler

    • Ultrasonic inhaler (US) - a devicedrugs allows spraying as a fine aerosol which when inhaled penetrates the most inaccessible parts of the lungs. In the ultrasonic inhaler liquid partitioning is achieved by vibration of the metal plate. This achieves a particle size up to 5 microns, which allows them to penetrate even into small bronchi, effectively acting on the inflammatory process. Moreover, the surface of inflamed airway mucosa (considering bronchioles) is not less than 5 - 10 m2, and effective treatment modality it is necessary amount of the drug for at least 15 - 30 ml. Only ultrasonic nebulizer for 10 - 15 minutes of operation is able to develop high-performance and enter into the airways that amount of the drug solution. For inhalation can be used decoctions of medicinal herbs, such as alkaline solutions degassed Borjomi mineral water, aqueous solutions of essential oils (in this case when the appliance is created finely emulsion) - at the expense of the inhaler can be used for aromatherapy, humidify the air in the room. Small weight and size of the device provides additional ease of use, in addition, some models have extra masks and nozzles that allow for inhalation of the patient lying or sleeping. Since the nebulizer creates a cloud of cool fine fluid-like smoke, the child is not necessary to keep a person directly from the mouthpiece, simply put the inhaler in the crib or at the place where he plays (efficacy, naturally somewhat reduced).
    • Compressor (Inkjet) inhalers, in general,are similar to US performance, but are large in size and weight, a characteristic noise is heard during operation. Jet nebulizers aerosol cloud is formed by a compressor, creates a sufficiently powerful air flow through a small hole in a chamber containing medical solution. By the undoubted advantage is the fact that only this type of inhaler can spray virtually all medicines recipe used for inhalation. This type of inhaler refers to the highest price category.

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