Anorexia, Symptoms and Treatment

I'm sure there are people who have never evenWe heard this word - "anorexia", many have heard, but do not know its meaning. If so - you are very lucky, but there are those who are faced with the problem face to face. Anorexia - a disorder accompanied by an eating disorder, and that is very important from a mental disorder.

I'm sure there are people who have never evenWe heard this word - "anorexia", many have heard, but do not know its meaning. If so - you are very lucky, but there are those who are faced with the problem face to face.

What you need to know about anorexia

Anorexia, Symptoms and Treatment
Anorexia - a disorder accompanied by an eating disorder, and that is very important, mental disorderWhich expresses the increased attention to the volume of food intake and to its own weight.

Anorexic - people who are afraid To gain weight and starve themselves. Most often the disease susceptible young girls, who after seeing photos of models in magazines and fashion shows on TV, choose their own way to the dreams by changing the diet. Their path to anorexia begins with the fact that, carried away by diets and fasting, they brought his body to exhaustion, often their weight is much lower than normal. By creating an illusory picture of the future, they lose weight, but seeing that life has not changed, and the dream was never realized, they attribute all their failures are still not ideal figure and continue to starve yourself on. They think that if they become thin, then tomorrow in front of them open all the doors to high society and their lives will change dramatically.

At some point, this problem becomespsychological, a person is unable to give up compulsive lifestyle, eats very little, in the end, having got used to it, the body launches a program of self-destruction.

It should be distinguished from patients with anorexia actually just thin people. Anorexia - is not only a physical deformity, but serious mental illness. This is not a pattern of behavior, and the diagnosis.

If you begin to notice that your daughter, girlfriend,niece, favorite, began to eat less than usual, often completely refuses to eat, inventing excuses, you should watch it and if your fears are confirmed, immediately seek professional help. Such behaviors may indicate that a person close embarked on a path that can lead to serious illness - anorexia.


Anorexia, Symptoms and Treatment
Anorexic like to talk about food and dietscalorie products, and even happy to prepare all kinds of dishes loved ones. Proper nutrition is so much occupies such people that the favorite topic of conversation they become food. They are fun to read about each product, calculate its caloric content, and strictly follow the established ourselves eating rules. In addition to psychological symptoms in anorexia nervosa, there are physical. The following list of symptoms, which can recognize the disease is extensive. But it's worth noting that the presence of one or more features do not necessarily mean that a person has anorexia.

Symptoms of anorexia:

  • distorted representation of their body;
  • low self-esteem;
  • often weighs and looks in the mirror;
  • fear of gaining weight;
  • frequent mood swings;
  • depression;
  • avoids contact, refuses to meet with friends;
  • cooks know, but he does not eat;
  • increased critical of themselves and others;
  • uncomfortable during the meal in front of others;
  • increased cleanliness and neatness;
  • dry skin, brittle nails and hair;
  • puffy face and sunken eyes;
  • loss of appetite;
  • weight loss;
  • anemia;
  • stunting, if it is a teenager;
  • infertility
  • cold hands and feet, low body temperature;
  • dizziness, muscle weakness, shortness of breath, heart palpitations;
  • enlarged joints;
  • menstrual disorders, possibly a complete absence of menstruation;
  • bloating and constipation;
  • enlarged joints;
  • osteoporosis;
  • fainting.

As a rule, people with anorexia are constantly sickfeel fear before eating. This fear does not let his victim, even when a person is on the verge of exhaustion. The most common causes of the disease are rooted in low self-esteem. For example, the daughter of one of my friend brought himself to a hospital bed, sat on a diet and losing weight up to 40 kg and is growing at 164 cm, while her weight was totally normal before that - 55 kg. Not only doctors were connected, but also psychologists, and learned that the true cause. The fact that the girl is hopelessly in love, but her choice rather different. For a long time looking for the cause of this injustice, she came to the conclusion that all this is due to the fact that it razluchnitsa little thinner. Even fairly grown thin, it has not achieved the location of Man, seeing the root of evil in a non-ideal shape, she continued to experiment on himself and drove himself to the state when the body has ceased to accept food. Of course, parents have made every effort, have long fought for her daughter, and now it is quite successful beautiful girl, but can not always be on time to help such people.

anorexia Treatment

Anorexia, Symptoms and Treatment
In advanced cases, treatment of the disease canlast 5 years. The very process of treatment mainly consists in the psychological support of the patient, because the desire to be treated in a patient is missing. It is important not only to bring the patient out of starvation, but to learn to eat again. It is necessary to redirect his thoughts in a new direction, to put other priorities in life.

According to statistics, more than 60% of patients, the course startstreatment, return to normal life, have children and live without any consequences. About 20% of patients with anorexia recover, but they have consequences in terms of recurrence, periodically take courses of therapy and examination.

The first stage comprises treatingrestoration of physical health. The fact that there are patients who are treated in hospital in very serious condition, they can not have their own, the body nutrition is through a drip. This patient is gradually withdrawn from this state, including the necessary products in the diet. The problem lies elsewhere: in the time-out of the food, such a person has acquired diseases of various organs that can not be cured by simply starting to eat. Sometimes the treatment of these patients take a long time.

One of the important methods for the treatment of anorexiaIt is a course of psychotherapy, when the doctor and the patient together find out the cause of the disease and are looking for ways to overcome it. The therapist helps you to believe in yourself and get rid of the distorted perception of their own body.

If as a result of the disease affected the nervous system, such a patient prescribed sedatives to help cope with fear and anxiety.

The dangerous anorexia, its consequences

Anorexia, Symptoms and Treatment
Anorexia - quite a dangerous disease,health effects may be irreversible. Before you go on a diet without consulting a doctor, you know that people who want in any way to be beautiful and slender, at risk to buy a lot of problems in life.

So, if a person voluntarily exposes himself to fasting, blood flow slows down, decreased blood pressure, There is a loss of important minerals in the endthere is electrolyte imbalance. This adversely affects the cardiovascular system. The main cause of death among these patients - heart disease.

Hormonal disorders - The most dangerous consequence of anorexia. For these people the levels of thyroid hormones and reproductive system are plummeting, and the level of stress hormones increases greatly. Consequently may develop diseases such as osteoporosis and infertility. If you do not start treatment in time, restore the menstrual cycle is not easy.

In view of the shortfall of nutrients the bodysuch patients save energy, many processes are slowed down, including digestion. Most often, patients with anorexia suffer constant bloating and constipation.

Anorexia nervosa - a disease that at some point begins to affect the activity of the brain. In some cases, there are convulsions, numbness and thought disorder.

Lack of vitamins and mineral substances often leads to anemia. Low hemoglobin levels over time leads to changes in brain structure.

The effects of anorexia are many - this liver damage and a weakened immune system, and dehydration, and cold intolerance, ie, disruption of the internal organs.

The main thing to understand that anorexia - ita disease in which the blame. Neither the education of parents, nor the personal qualities of a person can not affect the acquisition of the disease. Anorexic is not proud of their slim figure and do not feel the most beautiful. These people are scared, and their fears are driven into a corner, they need professional help of doctors.

Let us be attentive to others (friend,neighbor, colleague), if you see that a person appear the first signs of the disease, connect loved ones to solve this problem. It is possible to overcome all together!

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