Symptoms and treatment of syphilis

A hundred years ago, syphilis was the verdict,deadly disease for the majority of newly infected. Fortunately, today there are effective drugs, and timely treatment syphilis always gives a favorable outcome. Let's see how syphilis occurs, how to treat it and how to avoid contracting this dangerous disease.

A hundred years ago, syphilis was the verdict,deadly disease for the majority of newly infected. Fortunately, today there are effective drugs, and timely treatment syphilis always gives a favorable outcome. Let's see how syphilis occurs, how to treat it and how to avoid contracting this dangerous disease.

How are infected with syphilis

The most common method of infection - throughsexual contact. But it is also possible to become infected through blood transfusions. In a very rare and severe cases the patient's mother can pass syphilis child. our site can reassure you: infected by contact, ie with a handshake, a kiss on the cheek, is not possible. This is due to the fact that the causative agent of syphilis, treponema pale, can not exist in the open air, and instantly dies, leaving the body of the carrier.

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Primary syphilis
Syphilis is dangerous because it is difficult to notice. The fact is that from the moment of infection until the first symptoms of syphilis takes 2-6 weeks. During this period, the disease affects the body active. Then the site of entry disease small ulcers occur more dense bottom. These ulcers are called chancre. Ulcers may appear on the penis, on the vulva, in the mouth, anus area - depending on how was the sex with syphilitic patients. Women are much more difficult to find at the syphilitic chancre, since it may form on the cervix, and see it can only be a gynecologist during the inspection. After 1-2 weeks after the onset of ulcers increases coming to ulcers lymph nodes - inguinal, submandibular. After that ulcers heal on their own in 3-6 weeks, and the person does not bother, simply because no visible symptoms remains. This is the main danger of syphilis - the early stages of its flow so easily and painlessly, that not everyone will suspect at this disease.

Secondary syphilis

Secondary syphilis
After ulcer healing takes about 4-10weeks and a period of secondary syphilis. It lasts 2-5 years. The first symptoms of syphilis in this period - a rash all over the body. Pale pink star rashes occur even on the palms and soles. Rash accompanied by poor health, high temperature. Now increase the lymph nodes throughout the body, and genital warts appear - extensive growths on the skin. Secondary syphilis occurs with relapses and remissions lasting (when all disease symptoms disappear). If the patient does not seek help with the symptoms will continue to grow over the years and syphilis enters its final stage. From the onset of the disease and to the development of tertiary syphilis passes about 10 years (if left untreated).


In tertiary syphilis pale treponema strikesthe nervous system of the patient suffers brain - degradation starts, and then the disintegration of the personality. Tertiary syphilis causes paralysis, deafness, insanity - the patient is depressed, is experiencing extraordinary creative impulse. Patient formed gumma - nodes under the skin that grow and then burst, forming a non-healing ulcer. Under the skin there are syphilitic granulomas - clumps of cells. They ulcerate depth in the bone tissue, and when ulcers heal, they give irreversible skeletal deformities. For example, mouth ulcers cause the destruction of the nasal bones - a well-known failed the syphilitic nose. The result is not cured of syphilis is always a painful death - in a frenzy, in pain and agony. But now, no one will bring the disease to a stage, the earlier a person to see a doctor, the faster will recover.

Diagnosis of syphilis

Diagnosis of syphilis
If a person had a strange sore onpenis or near the vagina, the doctor will prescribe a study purulent sores, enlarged lymph nodes puncture. If syphilis has moved into the second step to analyze the contents taken vesicles (pustules and papules) rash on the patient. The initial form of syphilis is well reveal non-treponemal tests - in addition, they allow you to monitor how the treatment is progressing effectively.

ELISA also allows you to monitortreatment dynamics. Blood test for RW - Wasserman, to diagnose any stage of syphilis. If RW gives "++++" - is sharply positive reaction; "+++" - Positive; "++" - Weakly positive; "+" And - doubtful; and finally, the "-" - negative. Secondary syphilis always gives four cross (++++).

The reaction of immunofluorescence (RIF). Today it is the most accurate diagnosis. RIF detects syphilis, in the very early stages, and late latent syphilis.

The reaction of immobilization pale treponem (RIBT) -this is a very expensive method, which requires special equipment, so it is not carried out in a conventional clinics. Also, only in the laboratory may carry out the reaction of passive hemagglutination (PHA).

Where necessary, spinal puncture is performed when analyzing cerebrospinal fluid is taken - investigated the number of cells, various tests are carried out.

Treatment of syphilis

If you start to treat syphilis early,It can be cured in 2-3 months, but the later stages of the disease may require 1.5-2 years of therapy. The treatment is prescribed individually. Doctor continuously monitors the course of the disease, adjusting its destination. Syphilis is treated with antibiotics (penicillin, tetracycline, erythromycin, sumamed), plus immunomodeliruyuschie stimulating drugs.

Many doctors of private clinics promise a cure for"Three or four sessions," but it is fundamentally the wrong approach, pulling money out of the patient. Syphilis requires long-term treatment in a hospital under constant supervision of a physician.

Doctor prescribes a medication long-term courses - so,in the treatment of syphilis is penicillin antibiotics the patient is administered medication every three hours for 24 days (or more, if required by the disease).

If the patient has an intolerancepenicillin antibiotics, other medications used. For example, in the treatment of early-stage syphilis used sumamed. This antibiotic rapidly reaches high concentrations in the body tissues and a sustained effect. After a single application sumamed remains in affected organs of not less than 5 days. Regimen sumamed roughly as follows: 1 g one hour before meals on the first day, followed by 0.5 g once daily for 7 days, followed by another 250 mg of 10 days. If the patient is treated with tetracycline, he will appoint two-week course, 4 x 500 mg per day of tetracycline.

Of course the patient is obliged to comply with alldestination and not have sex for the duration of the treatment of syphilis. Doses of antibiotics get sick, they are very strong, so that the syphilis is treated successfully and without delay.

Depending on what stage wassyphilis at the time of the start of treatment depends on how long it will be seen by a doctor after the end of treatment - from several months to several years. Depending on the treatment of the Wassermann reaction may be positive for 1.5-2 years after the treatment.

our site reminds immunity to syphilis did not exist. Those who had been ill once again and can get sick.

Prevention of syphilis

The surest way to protect yourself from syphilis -to be faithful to your partner, and always use a condom during casual sex. If you suspect that your partner is casual sick with syphilis, you should immediately contact the medical facility. There will wash genitals disinfectants, take test for syphilis.

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