Treatment for giardiasis

How nice to visit in the summer, and it is better to live onNature! Or in the village! The sun, the air, the grass is green, the water in the river teplyuschaya, berry, strawberry straight from the garden into the mouth asks. And the children happy hunting ground! Although the whole day in the street do not go.

But here's the rub: we are in this beautiful world are not alone ... We are surrounded by an invisible eye of the microscopic world. This not only microbes and viruses, and parasites - helminths. Using their invisibility to the naked human eye, they can easily penetrate to the inside of us and suck our strength and health.

Helminthiasis is a serious problem. According to statistics, every third person at least once in his life was (or is) a carrier of some kind of parasite. Or even more than one species. In the top three in terms of frequency of occurrence, along with pinworms and roundworms, giardiasis is included.

Giardia is a mobile single-celled protozoa with flagella.

Ways of infection Giardia

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The main route of transmission - with dirty hands,unwashed vegetables, herbs and fruit (even from your garden!), boiled water, as well as through a variety of objects of the environment, whether in the house or on the street (grass, soil, etc.). These objects contain cysts (protective clothing) Giardia, which are very stable in the environment, for example, in the ground, they can be stored up to 3-4 months.

Source parasites - a sick person or an animal that produce a huge number of Giardia cysts (several million to 1 gram!) into the environment with faeces.

Getting, for example, from dirty hands inthe gastrointestinal tract, Giardia cysts without harm to themselves pass through the stomach and settle in the intestine, biliary tract. There, cysts “come to life” and begin their parasitic activity.

The manifestations of giardiasis

viruses, worms, Giardia, bacteria, parasites

In practical medicine diagnosis is based on the detection of vegetative forms and cysts of Giardia in the feces or bile.

Feces on the analysis should take at least2-3 hours after collection. Probability of detection - about 50%, due to the fact that the life cycle of Giardia cysts and cyclic allocated not continuously and intermittently, two, three or more days. Analysis is necessary to take at least 3 times with an interval of 3 days.

Duodenal intubation and examination of the bile is more informative.

Determination of antibodies in the blood of Giardia is a complementary diagnostic method.

Treatment for giardiasis

Treatment consists of several areas:

  1. Diet.
  2. Actually antiparasitic therapy.
  3. The recovery stage.


It is necessary to limit the carbohydrates as theycontribute to the proliferation of Giardia, avoid fried and fatty foods. Increase the intake of "gray" cereals (buckwheat, millet, oat) bran, baked apples, vegetables (beets, carrots, pumpkin, zucchini). These products have a positive impact on the activity of the intestine, contribute to the removal of toxins produced by parasites. It is advisable to drink more.

At the same time prescribe medications that normalizebiliary tract motility, intestinal (Motilium, cholagogue), if necessary, sorbents (Polisorb, Enterosgel) and anti-allergic agents (Claritin, ceterizine etc.).

Antiparasitic therapy.

The most common drugs: Tinidazole, Ornidazole, Albendazole, Intetriks. Each of them has its own dispensing and receiving mode, which you will choose a doctor.

It is important! Do not self-medicate! At any drug allergic reactions may occur. Incorrect dosage can lead to what would be displayed not giardia, but rather to acquire drug resistance. And it is much more difficult treatment.

It is desirable to combine the antiparasitic treatment with immunomodulators.

Rehabilitation treatment.

At this stage, attention is paid to correct and eliminate the effects of dysbiosis, biliary dyskinesia, normalization of liver and gall bladder, treatment of erosive gastritis and duodenitis.

After a course of treatment after 3-4 weeks is necessary to check the result of three times and explore the feces and / or bile parasites.

Important! Our website recommends, if the family is foundpatient giardiasis, it is necessary to test and treat all family members. Often, treatment failure reason is family circulation Giardia and constant re-infestation (repeated infection).

Prevention of Giardia infection

viruses, worms, Giardia, bacteria, parasites

First of all - personal hygiene. Banal rule "Wash your hands before eating" - an excellent means of preventing infection not only Giardia, but also all the parasites and worms at all. Do not drink unboiled water, do not have strawberry and cucumber "directly from gryadochki", after using the toilet, handling animals wash your hands, do not let the cat on the pillow, etc.

It is very difficult to keep track of young children, so it is recommended to regularly run diagnostics on parasitosis and helminth infections, especially after the summer holidays.

It will be appreciated that the use of differentcleaning agents, even chlorinated, "kill all the known types of microbes", antibacterial wet wipes, disinfectants for the hands is not effective against Giardia. By the death of cysts leads boiling, freezing below 13 degrees Celsius, ultraviolet irradiation of medical lamps more than 15-20 minutes.

Be healthy!

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