Hyperactivity in the child

The painful condition is called deficiency syndromeattention hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and has clear signs. Children with ADHD do not respond to the prohibitions and observations often are impulsive and aggressive, do not follow through, quickly distracted and are exhausted. This condition requires the assistance of specialists (child neurologist, psychologist, psychiatrist).

There on the playground, where we with my daughter 4 years we go to play, a boy, Alyosha. He's 5. To say that he is very active - it does not say anything.

Just for the nearly 2 years that we go there, I've never seen him quietly played in the sandbox, swing on the swings or just sat next to her mother at least 2 minutes.

This storm, the whirlwind, a tornado - such comparisonsyou can pick up. He does not walk - he runs. And always. Spinning, spinning, stumbles, falls, pushed, thrown, anything, in the end, becomes exhausted, and hysteria is serving with her mother to go home ...

When we see Alyosha at the site, we try to wait until he leaves. Other interconnected mom said that Alesha has already led to a psychiatrist and diagnosed him with "hyperactivity" ...

What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

There are generally two different options. It is, in fact, a painful condition in which specialist help is needed, and character traits, temperament and upbringing of the child.

The disease is called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and has clear signs:

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

  • can not maintain focus during the game, and when the job;
  • often "hears" what he is told, and hearing problems has;
  • It does not bring it started to end;
  • often loses things nebhodimo every day - toys, school supplies;
  • it's hard to do anything himself;
  • easily distracted;
  • forgetful in familiar everyday situations;
  • constantly in motion, even while eating;
  • always doing something with the noise;
  • commit purposeless movements;
  • says a lot;
  • answers questions, do not hesitate;
  • prevents others, interferes with games and conversation;
  • can not wait to stand in line.

If these symptoms for more than six and they observed six or more consecutive months, it is likely that this is not the character and temperament, and painful condition that requires professional help.

In addition, children with ADHD can not just themselvescontrol alone can not stop and relax, do not respond to the prohibitions and observations often are impulsive and aggressive, they do not follow through, quickly distracted and struggled to speak fast and a lot, ask a million questions, but the answers to them are not listening, clumsy (dropping, break things), sleep poorly, they often have intestinal disorders and enuresis.

How to distinguish a hyperactive child from active

A hyperactive child
There is a simple way: EVERYWHERE if the child behaves in the same way - at home and away, and on the street and in an unfamiliar environment, and in the children's collective - it requires the help of experts (child neurologist, psychologist, psychiatrist). Consult after either calm down and enjoy a right education (see below), or confirm their doubts and are treated by doctors' recommendations.

If the child is at home only a noisy restless and active, and sits at a party "as a mouse" - rather, it is the nature of this particular child.

This is the situation I had with my child. The neurologist consulted, said that this is not a disease but a temperament; psychologist gave recommendations.

Why there is this condition? whether it is connected with education?

Such questions confront all parents when a child is diagnosed.

Number of children with ADHD, unfortunately, it is growing every year. And now, according to various experts ranging from 3 to 10%. Boys among them five times more than girls.

The causes of this condition is not fully known, but:

  • environmental degradation;
  • infectious diseases of the mother during pregnancy;
  • pathological childbirth;
  • birth injuries ...

... Play an important role in the development of this condition.

With enough hard upbringing (as some parents, the baby did not just "spoiled" and "does not listen") is not connected, the tightening of sanctions only worsens the situation with the behavior.

"If you criticize me and say I'm bad - you then know how bad I can be!" - This is the result.

What is the main problem of children with ADHD and what to do about it?

The main problem is that these children can notadapt to society. Because of their impulsivity, uncontrolled aggression, such children are ignoring the generally accepted rules of conduct, harming themselves and others. That inevitably leads to problems. With the development, learning, and communication.

And further. According to statistics, 80% of people who are in prison, were hyperactive children. Think about it and do not delay treatment. It will not work by itself!

How can parents help this child?

Fight with hyperactivity in a child
I myself is a very active child. This, thank God, only such a temperament, but is suitable for children diagnosed with ADHD. And we learned a psychologist, how to handle it, even to themselves and live a little.

  1. Try before you demand something from the child, to establish contact with him.

Touch, grab hands. Look into my eyes and then talk to him. Why do it?

Because when a child is doing something, keen to play - it's all there, in his experience, and can not hear you.

It really helps - I take my daughter's hand, look into his eyes, I say that I need her to do, and in most cases, it helps.

  • Install permanent rules. Follow this to the letter. for the rights of the child should be clear and simple. For example, if today you can not eat candy before eating, to touch someone else's dog, jump off the swing, rude grandmother, open the gas valve, then it is impossible tomorrow.
  • I also want to say to the readers our website, it is important to follow the sequence of actions, Break complex tasks into several easy - so the child will be easier to handle.

    How do I apply? I say: "Let's remove the children's room. First we blanketed bed. To do this, we fix our sheets, pillows, cover with a blanket. Then we collect toys. Cars - in box doll - puppet of the table, dice - in a box. " And so, while not remove all.

  • Always and everywhere observe mode. Just get up on the clock, eat, walk, go to bed. Always, every day of the week. It really helps. And adults, too.
  • Praise. But wisely. Something made good - praise. Obeyed - praise. Find the business that do best in a child, and praise for it.
  • My daughter, for example, likes to help cook breakfast dad. And literally melts with pleasure, when I praise her for it. And half a day in a good mood.

  • Try to spend the excess energy. The excess energy goes - the child becomes calmer. Retrieved on itself. Readers of our site should be aware that it is important not just tired with running, and "let the energy in the right direction" - dancing, acrobatics, athletics, swimming pool ...
  • If you are going somewhere (the trip, visit, shop), pre-prepare. Discuss with your child where you are going, it will be there to do and in this case you need to behave.
  • Use every opportunity to relax -charge to play, to walk with the child, grandparents, aunts, uncles, in general, those whom you can entrust the child, do not forget to also give them detailed instructions. Otherwise, all efforts will go down the drain.
  • Because your child needs adequate parents, right? Then think a bit about myself.

    Health and patience to you and your children!

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