Treatment of internal hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids - one of the problems, with complaintswho seek medical help only when the disease is already possible to consider running. The fact that in this pathology affected colon veins, excessive expansion and internal vessels initially difficult to see themselves.

In the structure of the circulatory system of the rectumtwo plexuses of veins. One of them, hidden under the skin, is located directly in the anus, the second is located near the anal sphincter and is protected by the mucous membrane of the rectum. They talk about internal hemorrhoids when the veins located under the intestinal mucosa painfully expand.

The causes of internal hemorrhoids

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As incredible as it may sound, the primarythe cause of the disease referred to the fact that man a rational being, walking, leaning only on two limbs. Because of the vertical position in which the body remains most of the day, the quality varies circulatory organs in the lower body. The main obstacle for normal blood flow is in the force of gravity.

Fertile ground for the development of the internalhemorrhoid becomes defective blood flow through the veins of the rectum: there is excessive stretching of the walls, which leads to the inevitable formation of the so-called hemorrhoids. They gradually increase in size, acting in rectal lumen. In the later stages the patient's position deteriorates significantly - components subject to injury.

The high intra-abdominal pressure and low tone of vascular network is essential for the emergence of hemorrhoids. According to the physiological structure of the abdominal wallcavity are in close proximity to the surface of the rectum, so the high pressure they can pinch intestinal vein. After this onslaught of thin vascular wall, which has a weak tone, deformed, and the normal state is not returned.

Factors that provoke high intra-abdominal pressure:

  • chronic constipation;
  • childbearing;
  • Passive way of life;
  • heavy physical work;
  • long stay in a sitting position;
  • tumors in the abdomen and pelvis;
  • excess weight.

On the tendency of vascular mesh stretch strongly affect pregnancy and hereditary factor.

Symptomatic disease picture

internal hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids, treatment of hemorrhoids, proctology

Treat internal hemorrhoids operative and conservative methods.

Operate in a hospital in the presence of such evidence as loss, jamming nodes, thrombosis and complications in the form of purulent inflammation.

Conservative therapy is based on thethe use of certain medicinal products. Doctor prescribes a medication, taking into account the presence of inflammation, bleeding, bacterial infections and pain.

  1. Venotoniki (Detraleks, Phlebodia, in Vazokettablets, candles on the basis of an extract of horse chestnut). With these preparations can achieve greater elasticity of blood vessels and prevent venous distention.
  2. Drugs that reduce inflammation (Indomethacin suppositories, hydrocortisone in the form of ointments and suppositories).
  3. Means to prevent the appearance of blood clots in the hemorrhoids and improves microcirculation in veins (Heparin and Troxevasin in the form of ointments and suppositories).
  4. Analgesics (candles on the basis of belladonna and menthol).
  5. Disinfecting agents that blockpossible spread of infection in hemorrhoids. Among them, natural (candles Calendula, sea buckthorn) and synthetic (Ichthyol, Phenol) drugs.
  6. Wound healing medicines that increase the regenerative properties of tissues (sea buckthorn oil, propolis, Methyluracilum candles).
  7. Drugs that stop bleeding (Vikasol tablets, suppositories thrombin, adrenaline).

Warning of internal hemorrhoids

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In the absence of preventive measures on the successful outcome of the treatment of internal hemorrhoids should not count. What you need to do first:

  • get rid of constipation with diet and laxatives;
  • Avoid heavy exercise and learn to properly lift heavy objects;
  • change habitual passive existence of an active lifestyle, walk more, do gymnastics, etc .;.
  • expectant mothers to normalize blood circulation should take Bozeman's position several times a day;
  • to fight with obesity.

Internal Hemorrhoids Treatment folk remedies

internal hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids, treatment of hemorrhoids, proctology

To improve the condition of the patient with internal hemorrhoids people's experience of using tools that do not irritate the mucous membrane of the rectum, producing a gentle but effective action.

Marvelous medicine - potato candlewhich are cut from the pulp of raw potato, taking care to leave no sharp projections on its surface. The tool is inserted into the rectum and left overnight. In the morning, after the candle will during emptying, the anus is necessary to wash with cool water.

Instead of potato can be used sliced ​​clove of garlic in half and cooked out of it a thick mush.

Good and fast pain cropped cotton turundasimpregnated with propolis. Furthermore, they heal cracks and blocking the inflammatory process. With painful sensations excellent job of ice candles. To prepare them, you need to fill in the little finger of a rubber glove with water and freeze it.

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