Symptoms and treatment of polyneuropathy

Polyneuropathy disease calledperipheral nervous system. It is characterized by damage to the nerves at the same time the majority. Basically, it is manifested in the form of sensory disturbances, the complete or partial paralysis. In addition, this pathology is characterized by the appearance of severe pain syndrome, a sense of paresthesias and other disorders of vegetative-vascular system.


nervous system, nerves, polyneuropathy, sensitivity

In fact, polyneuropathy - a defeatperipheral nerves resulting from the weave of autonomic and peripheral nerve fibers. The disease can develop for many reasons. Most often polyneuropathy arise due to different intoxications. For example, the abnormality may be generated due to poisoning by drugs, alcohol, poor diet, chemicals and industrial toxins. The reasons for the emergence of this disease also include problems with the endocrine system. In addition, polyneuropathy may develop due to viral and bacterial infections, cancer problems due beriberi. Provoke the appearance of the disease may be systemic diseases of the connective tissue and some internal organs pathology.

Primary polyneuropathy usually arise as aa direct result of nerve damage. They can develop as a result of injury, be inherited. Sometimes the cause of the disease can not be established.

Secondary polyneuropathy developed duediseases, the cause of which is associated with the violation of the nervous system. These types of diseases are the most common. Their appearance can also trigger a variety of infections and intoxications. Secondary polyneuropathy sometimes develop when diabetes, Oncological processes, diffuse lesions of the connective tissue.


nervous system, nerves, polyneuropathy, sensitivity

During the diagnosis, first of all, you need to carefullygather information about current and previous diseases, and other information that may be useful. Particular attention is paid to the presence of infectious diseases. Perhaps the patient has been exposed to toxic substances, taken any medications, have any particular nutritional.

After collecting the information identified neurologicand related physical symptoms. Next, you palpation of nerve trunks, which can detect thickening, which is characteristic for amyloidosis. The patient was advised to undergo further electroneuromyography.

In addition, the patient is sent for analysiscerebrospinal fluid. If necessary the cutaneous nerve biopsy, which involves microscopic examination of the nerve pieces patient with a special needle. Additionally, these can be assigned to study techniques as: general blood analysis. biochemistry, Ultrasound of internal organs and radiographythorax. The blood glucose level checked and determined by the presence of products of protein metabolism. Such products are creatine and urea. More blood is checked for the presence of heavy metal salts.


nervous system, nerves, polyneuropathy, sensitivity

In determining the underlying cause of the diseasefollowing treatment. Pathology Therapy aims to eliminate this cause. For example, if triggered diabetic polyneuropathy, then the treatment should be aimed at reducing the level of glucose.

When uremia patient is prescribed a substitutionrenal therapy. Perhaps a blood purification by hemodialysis. If necessary, performed a kidney transplant. When toxic forms of the disease the patient should discontinue any contact with toxic substances. This involves the injection of drugs which bind heavy metals in the blood and help remove them from the body.

When alcoholic polyneuropathies, be sure to give up alcohol. the therapy for the treatment of infectious polyneuropathy of infectious diseases, which is to apply antibiotics and drinking liquids. When paraneoplastic disease types may remove tumors surgically with further chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Furthermore, the treatment is applied polyneuropathySeveral other trends and techniques. In particular, our site notes treatment with drugs that improve the conductivity of impulses along the fibers. If necessary, appointed by hormone therapy. If the disease was triggered by a vitamin deficiency, it is also useful to treat vitamin. For example, many vitamins have antioxidant properties that helps protect the nerve from damaging free radical activity. In particular, vitamins appointed B.

With increasing pressure the patient appointedantihypertensives, t. e. drugs that lower blood pressure. When the pain special anesthetics are used. When muscle weakness, in order to help move around, the wearing of special registers supporting devices.

In the treatment of neuropathy are still usedtechniques such as reflexology and plasmapheresis. The latter shows its effectiveness if the disease was caused by a toxic lesion. In addition, to maintain muscle tone assigned massage and physiotherapy. Effective treatment methods also such as magnetic and electrical stimulation of the spinal cord and nerves individual.


nervous system, nerves, polyneuropathy, sensitivity

Prevention is polyneuropathyeliminating the causes that can lead to the development of such disorders. In particular, it is necessary to give up alcohol, be sure to use protection when working with toxic substances. It is necessary to control blood sugar. Medications should be used only if they are prescribed by a doctor to you. Some types of polyneuropathy can not be prevented, in particular, this refers to the hereditary form of the disease.

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