Symptoms and treatment of frigidity in women

Frigidity - reduction or absencesexual desire, sensation during sex and orgasm in women. Sometimes it is accompanied by painful sensations during intercourse and even aversion to the partner.

Causes of frigidity

dissatisfaction, indifference, sex, sex life satisfaction, frigidity

The reasons can be quite a lot. It's like a conditioned reflex nature of the disease, when the root cause is the inability of the partner to meet the needs of women and violations that require medical intervention: hormonal failure, mental disorders. Sometimes there are reasons for the total frigidity, such as the disruption of the endocrine, nervous diseases. Practice shows that the total frigidity of this character - the case extremely rare.

Very often the cause of indifference tosex is a lack of knowledge of its body and its erogenous zones, unsuitable environment and properly selected postures. All this just does not give women the possibility to relax and get the full pleasure of sex. Very often, both partners take the time to forget the foreplay, directing all their energies to the sexual act itself.

Also plays a significant role in the upbringing of a child. Too strict or puritanical, when a woman has not received the proper amount of attention and affection from their parents - all this entails a huge amount of complexes, due to which a woman feels ugly and clamped.

Types of frigidity

dissatisfaction, indifference, sex, sex life satisfaction, frigidity

The disease is subdivided into several forms:

  1. Psychogenic frigidity - variety, when a woman has an aversion to a particular partner, which proved painful or cruel acts to her earlier.
  2. Symptomatic frigidity occurs whenthere are various diseases - the brain or spinal cord, intoxication, drug addiction or endocrine disorders. This kind of frigidity is temporary and can also occur before or after childbirth, with fatigue, vitamin deficiency, stress. The main indicator that everything is in order with a woman is that sensitivity in erogenous zones is not lost, and with the right approach from a man, she can achieve orgasm.
  3. Retardatsionnaya frigidity is manifested in the case ofdelayed puberty in young women and, usually subsequently normalized. It may also be felt in connection with the painful sensations that a woman connects with sexual intercourse, and in fact there are inflammatory processes of genitals.
  4. The constitutional form of frigidity, usually congenital. When a woman has her complete indifference to sex, erogenous zones are not sensitive, do not go to erotic dreams.

Manifestation of disease

Manifestation of the disease can be quitediverse and vary from year to year, but a woman can feel like a frigid, if during intercourse feels tenderness, hostility, orgasm impossible for her. Often, much of the blame on the partner who does not want or can not properly hear or feel your partner.

Treatment of frigidity

It must be remembered that the diagnosis canonly a doctor-sexologist. And in this case it will be necessary to pass consultation gynecologist and endocrinologist at identifying problems - inflammation or hormonal disorders. Very often women are embarrassed to deal with such matters in the hospital, but if there is an understanding that sexual coldness interferes with normal life (the scandals in the family, divorce), it is better to take some steps. It is not rare frigidity may cause a concomitant disease.

It is also highly recommended to go consult a psychologist to identify the underlying causes of the disease, if the woman does not see them.


dissatisfaction, indifference, sex, sex life satisfaction, frigidity

There are several proven ways that recommend doctors themselves. Keep in mind that prevention is the best way to avoid the disease or simply improve their libido.

  1. Relax. Choose a vacation that you like - to sleep, go to the salon, take a bath. And it is better, if you feel the need to relax together with her man. After all this, take a look at your partner with new eyes.
  2. Relax. In loving people there are no mysteries, especially in the sexual act. Do not be afraid to seem licentious or dissolute. Do just anything you want. It will surprise your man, and you will reach the goal together.
  3. Trust your partner. Tell everything that you are gnawing. You want to remedy the situation and the need to convey that this requires his help.
  4. Change of scenery, romantic evening. When all the dots above the "i" are placed, arrange yourself a candlelight dinner. Buy beautiful underwear, get some wine. You can liberate yourself and awaken your sensuality.
  5. Do not hurry. Pick aphrodisiacs, massage oils, learn each other's erogenous zones. Both of you will like it.


People's experience is not particularly rich in advice on the treatment of female frigidity. However, there are several proven tools to increase desire and libido.

It is important to remember that the resort to them is only necessary after the pass the full examination and find out that there are no underlying causes of the disease.

  1. Alcohol tincture Rhodiola. 15 drops diluted in 100 ml of water and take 15 drops three times a day, half an hour before a meal. The period of treatment - 12 weeks.
  2. 30 grams of dried flowers should be a night violetspour 500 ml of red wine and insist 2 weeks in a dark place. Every day a bottle of tincture must be shaken. Over time, strain the contents of the bottle and take a tablespoon 2 times a day 30 min before meal for 8 weeks.
  3. Mix hemp seeds with a small amount of sea salt and take 8 weeks to 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

In the treatment of frigidity it is very important to desire mostwomen to understand themselves, and not least the desire to her partner to help her and support. The main symptom of a congenital form of the disease is that no discomfort condition of the woman she does not deliver, she says it is quite normal.

Remember that frigidity with proper professional approach in any case, not a sentence, and sexual disorder that is treatable.

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