Treatment of hidradenitis sup-

Bitch's udder - so the common people once nicknamedinfectious inflammatory disease of the apocrine sweat glands in the armpit. The official medicine gave the disease a more noble name - hydradenitis.

The most common disease is localized in the armpits,where the accumulation of sweat pores maximum, in exceptional cases, the inflammatory process affects the inguinal folds, and some parts of the genitals. Gidradenity never sick children and the elderly, due to the peculiarities of the age - in these times of sweat glands or even longer "sleep."

Factors causing disease

inflammation, hydradenitis, infection, armpit sweat glands

The immediate cause is hidradenitis sup-vigorous activity of Staphylococcus aureus and, in rarer cases, parasites streptococcal family. Among the factors that make a person vulnerable to pathogens secrete:

  • flippant attitude to the rules of personal hygiene;
  • microtrauma of the skin and cuts by careless removal of armpit hair (waxing, shaving);
  • the use of deodorants questionable quality;
  • endocrine sphere (diabetes, for example);
  • severe hypothermia;
  • wearing synthetic clothing;
  • excess weight;
  • immunodeficiency body.

The clinical picture of hidradenitis sup-

inflammation, hydradenitis, infection, armpit sweat glands

Basic treatment of a pathogenic process isadmission rate of antibacterial drugs (most often it means the active substance, tetracycline or its derivatives), nitrofurans, sulfonamides and anti-inflammatory drugs.

The initial stage of hidradenitis sup- respond well to treatment gentle methods. The affected skin several times a day rub the cotton wool soaked in antiseptic solution:

  • iodine;
  • a diamond of green;
  • boric alcohol;
  • salicyl alcohol;
  • camphor alcohol;
  • ethanol.

Wet compresses are contraindicated - theyprovoke even greater fester and make the infiltration is very abundant. Warms nodes is possible, but only dry heat. Good results show physiotherapy: UFO, UHF, ultrasound.

When compaction becomes apparent in theirpus begins to accumulate at the nodes can bandage impregnated with Vishnevsky ointment or salve ichthyol. These drugs will speed up the formation of ulcers, facilitate the process of their breakthrough and discharge of infiltration. Where in the armpit formed an extensive and very painful hearth, around the affected site injections of a mixture of Novocain and antibiotic.

Surgery is needed ifpainful process of accumulation of pus in the inflamed sweat glands too prolonged. After the operation on the affected area with a bandage and trypsin himopsina.

How to cure the disease, traditional medicine

inflammation, hydradenitis, infection, armpit sweat glands

Hospitalization at hydradenitis usually notrequired. Exceptions are advanced cases of the disease with a high risk of complications. If no complications during the inflammatory process patient can stay at home and make every effort to get rid of problems on their own.

Recommendations Some older women sometimesable to stall: in the society is still widely believed that bitch's udder - it's the evil eye and a curse, vysheptat that only by experienced healers. In fact, to the notorious corrupt hydradenitis it has nothing to do, and it is not necessary to spend time searching omniscient folk healers. To get rid of the disease is only a couple of recipes that through trial and error common people invented many years ago.

The most famous and effective national methodcombat is not yet ripe ulcers find a cabbage leaf. With cabbage shoot a medium sized fleshy leaf and pre promyav his fork for enhanced leakage of juice, applied to the affected area as a compress.

With the same success can be used gauzecompresses crushed agave leaves and Kalanchoe - juice of these colors is a powerful antiseptic. A calendula tincture comes to the rescue as a topical disinfectant.

Note that you need to be very carefulafter the contents of the ulcers will come out: the wound at the inaccurate reference may be re-infected. To avoid this, the affected skin hidden under a sterile gauze bandage impregnated with an antiseptic solution.

Prevention of disease

inflammation, hydradenitis, infection, armpit sweat glands

Have you ever come across an unpleasant disease,if you carefully follow all the rules of personal hygiene. In addition, give up too frequent removal of hair in the armpits and give preference to one-time high-quality machines for shaving, not to unnecessarily traumatize the skin. Use only approved and possibly natural cosmetics for skin care. If you once had occasion to deal with gidradenity regularly treat underarm camphor alcohol solution of 10% during the warmer months.

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