Ointment Akriderm, application

The agent for external use GC AkridermIt is a combined preparation providing a therapeutic effect in the treatment of many skin disorders. But self-treatment sometimes leads to poor health. From the article readers will learn about the medicinal effects, side effects, contraindications and methods of application of the drug.

The skin is a protective shell of our body. Her condition is directly dependent on the functioning of internal organs: any problems in their work immediately affect our appearance. Alas, perfectly healthy, smooth, smooth skin without any flaws are found less and less. Statistics indicates that the number of people suffering from skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, is steadily increasing. But not all the sick go to a dermatologist or beautician. Seeing ads any means, many of them fleeing for the pharmacy and start self-treatment. But such uncontrolled and reckless approach to ailments sometimes lead to ill health. Therefore our website has decided to introduce its readers with detailed instructions for use of the drug known as a Akriderm. From the article readers will learn about the medicinal effects, side effects, contraindications and methods of application of the drug and make the right conclusions - whether it can be used without doctor supervision or better to first obtain specialist advice.

Ointment Akriderm, application

Akriderm GK

General information about the drug and its synonyms

The agent for external use GC AkridermIt is a combined preparation comprising three active substance providing a therapeutic effect in the treatment of many skin conditions, especially joined secondary infection. Potent drug and refers to a group of external hormonal agents, so it should be used only for therapeutic purposes, but not as a preventive. Available in Russian at the plant "Akrikhin" in two dosage forms - ointments and creams. These dosage forms have the same composition of active ingredients and differ only accessory ingredients. We have drug and synonyms: "Canison plus", "Triderm". They differ only by the manufacturer and price. Akriderm GK domestic, but "Triderm" imported, he enters into our pharmacy from Portugal, Belgium, so it is more expensive. "Canison plus" comes from India.

Ingredients of ointments and creams

As I said, the composition of the same active substances in terms of providing a therapeutic effect, there are three:

  • betamethasone dipropionate (glucocorticosteroid);
  • gentamicin sulfate (antibiotic from a large group of aminoglycosides);
  • clotrimazole (an antifungal).

The presence of the letters "SC" title suggests,that is, a part of clotrimazole and gentamicin, but if the package has the letters "SK", it indicates that the content in the formulation of salicylic acid and clotrimazole.

Auxiliary cream ingredients: petrolatum, liquid paraffin, cetostearyl and stearyl alcohols, propylene glycol, macrogol tsetostearat, Trilon B, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate, purified water.

The ointment only petrolatum and mineral oil serve as auxiliary components.

The cream usually has a white or nearly white, but the ointment - pure white or yellowish (Valium) shade. You can feel a faint odor.

The therapeutic effect of the ointment and cream

3 composite component have given such a drug's pharmacological properties:

  • antiallergic;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antipruritic;
  • decongestant;
  • antimicrobial;
  • fungicidal (antifungal).

Synthetic hormone betamethasone relieves allergic reactions, inflammation, tissue swelling and itching. He acts quickly and for a long time.

Gentamicin fights bacteria in the case ofacceded to the underlying disease infection. The range of activities is wide - staphylococci, streptococci, aerobakterii, Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas, klepsielly, Escherichia, Shigella, Proteus, and others.

Clotrimazole destroy dermatophytes, fungi, destroying their cell wall, respond well to treatment candidiasis, ringworm, pityriasis versicolor.


  • dermatoses complicated by a variety of infections caused by fungi and microbes that are susceptible to gentamicin and clotrimazole;
  • dermatitis (atopic, allergic);
  • neurodermatitis, eczema;
  • ringworm (candidiasis, pityriasis versicolor, tinea), particularly in cases where they cause trouble in patients skin folds and areas in the groin;
  • athlete's foot.

Ointment Akriderm, application

Akriderm tube

How to use the drug?

Topical cream or ointment is applied in a smallthe amount of disease in the affected areas of the skin, gently rubbing. Only two such treatments per day. The duration of treatment determined by the doctor, it depends on the tolerance of the drug by the patient, the nature of the disease. For example, if the foot tinea struck, the treatment must be continued for two to four weeks. Try not to put the drug on the wound surface, otherwise it will cause side effects as possible in such a situation, strengthening its absorption into the blood. More careful to observe the treatment of children. Tell your doctor if after three or four weeks, improvements in skin condition appears. Then dermatologist prescribe another drug or to clarify the diagnosis.

Sometimes Akriderm GC appoint ENT doctors for laying in the ears when otitisIt based on the fact that the preparation containsanti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and fungicidal components. But it is more convenient for the patient to acquire a drop of "Kandibiotik" having similar therapeutic effects. Besides, now the pharmaceutical industry produces a lot of drugs for the treatment of inflammation of the ears with fewer side effects.


Do not use this medicine if open wounds, post-vaccination forms, simple herpes, Varicella, tuberculosis skin manifestations of syphilis on the epidermis,hypersensitivity to ingredients of the composition; children if they do not even 2 years old. Particular caution should be exercised when treating children and adolescents aged 2 to 18 years old.

Are during pregnancy and lactation?

During gestation baby, especially in the firstmonths of pregnancy, a woman should not use the hormonal drug. The exception may be only those cases when the doctor thinks that the drug significantly improve the condition of the patient that will benefit more than harm. Do not expose the woman and the fetus more danger.

While not scientifically proven, whether the drug penetratesmilk of nursing mothers. And if lactating women still registered Akriderm, in these days, should refrain from breast-feeding the baby and give him infant formula.

Side effects of the drug

Locally in the application sometimes appear following undesirable effects to a greater extent due to betamethasone:

  • itching, burning, redness (erythema), exudation (Moisture) or, on the contrary, irritation, flaking and dryness of the skin;
  • steroid acne, inflammation of the hair follicles;
  • excessive hair growth at the site of application;
  • pigmentation disorders, skin patches;
  • upon application of occlusive dressings are possible: sudamen, maceration (skin changes), infection, stretch marks, allergic reactions and even atrophic phenomena.

And I want to elaborate on such a seriousside effects such as perioral dermatitis. There he is when patients begin to smear hormonal ointments and creams face. Often, after the abolition of preparations containing betamethasone, skin peeling and redness occurs. If re-lubrication is to continue medication, the symptoms disappear. The skin becomes dependent betamethasone and constantly demands it. And treat such lesions is difficult. I stress that it is extremely difficult to do without the participation of a competent dermatologist.

Possible and systemic adverse reactions that occur when applying the preparation to large skin areas, as well as during prolonged use and abuse. Enumerate and:

  • rise in blood pressure, swelling;
  • weight gain;
  • hyperglycemia (increased blood sugar indicators), osteoporosis;
  • insomnia, Failures in the menstrual cycle.

special instructions

all recommendations must be observed strictly byapplication in order to avoid side effects and overdose. Especially carefully it is necessary to use the drug in the treatment of children, because they have the risk of absorption of betamethasone greater than that of adults. Children cause the drug only in small quantities and short courses. If the treatment is carried out for a long time, the cancellation is carried out gradually, doing every day cream less and less.

After application thoroughly wash your hands, avoid cream or ointment in the eye.

When side effects need to inform your doctor and stop the drug.

On the forms of manufacture and storage

The ointment and cream dosed at 15 or 30 gramsaluminum tubes, then packaged in a cardboard box with instructions. Keep this container out of the reach of small children at the temperature range of 15 to 25 ° C.

MirCovetov warns his readers thatAkriderm CC refers to hormonal preparations, so abuse it or use as a simple and harmless means impossible. Resort to it is only for the purpose of the attending dermatologist, strictly following all the recommendations for use, so as not to harm their health.

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