Bronhomunal, instruction manual

Parents are puzzled when their kids whoearly childhood seemed Zdorovenki and strong, suddenly, after registration in kindergarten or primary school is constantly begin nose darting, the cough, the fever. You have to frequently visit the clinic. Doctors make the diagnosis - acute respiratory disease, SARS, chronic laryngitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, ...

Of course, my mother and other relatives are setquestion - how to improve the child so that he is less colds? And doctors believe that children "pick up" an infection due to a weak immune system. And to "spur" and "cheer up" the internal reserves of the body, adjust the immune system, often ill children prescribed Bronhomunal.

General information about the preparation

bronchitis, bronhomunal, cough, SARS, colds

It produces well-known pharmaceutical company Bronhomunal"Lek" Slovenia. He is included in a group of immunomodulatory agents of bacterial origin. These funds are intended to eliminate the imbalance in the activity of the immune chain links. In exchange reception bronhomunal oppressed indicators increased immunity and higher - are reduced. our site will specify that higher than normal activity of components of the immune system does not rise. Corrective bronhomunal properties allow you to use it and when asthmaWhen the immune activity of pathologically elevated.

In the package are 10 or 30 solidgelatin capsules, with body and cap blue color. Inside the capsule is light beige poroshochek. This lyophilized bacterial lysates. That is, the active components bronhomunal - these are elements of bacterial cultures (mixture of bacterial antigens). Simply put, in each capsule is a set of eight kinds of cells reliably detoxified bacterial cultures, which have not lost the ability to form a response on the part of the body's defenses to the bacterial elements that are contained in the medication.

If the packaging is written the name "Bronhomunal"each capsule in the lysate 7mg. These capsules are designed for adults and adolescents from the age of twelve. If there is an inscription "Bronhomunal P", the lysate in each capsule 3.5 mg. This product is intended for children aged from six months to twelve years. By the way there capsules blue cap and white body.

The production uses the followingAuxiliary components: propyl gallate, sodium glutamate (anhydrous), pregelatinized starch, magnesium stearate, gelatine, mannitol, titanium dioxide, indigotine.

Action bronhomunal

bronchitis, bronhomunal, cough, SARS, colds

There are a few rules that must be observed to Bronhomunal brought benefits:

  1. The drug is taken once a day (dosage - 1 capsule).
  2. The medicine should be taken in the morning (before breakfast).
  3. The capsule should be swallowed with water and drink. If your child can not swallow solid capsule, do so: the capsule is opened, its contents are poured into the juice, tea, milk, water, stir and allow the liquid drink to the child.
  4. In the acute phase of illness Bronhomunal taken within ten days, it can be combined with taking other means prescribed by a doctor. For example, antibiotics, Sulfonamides, antitussive, expectorant drugs.
  5. To stimulate the body's defenses,prevention of various diseases, Bronhomunal take over three months on such a scheme: for the capsule for ten days, then a break for 20 days and then receiving immunomodulator repeated. All in all a preventive course took 30 capsules, and developing their technique is better in the middle of summer, when the period of autumn epidemics immunomodulatory effect bronhomunal time to develop.

Are there any contraindications and side effects?

bronchitis, bronhomunal, cough, SARS, colds

Contraindications for Admission bronhomunal are as follows:

  • age younger than six months (for "bronhomunal P");
  • age younger than 12 years ( "bronhomunal");
  • hypersensitivity to individual components identified in the drug composition;
  • first trimester of pregnancy and lactation period, as no studies showing the toxicity (or safety) effects on the fetus (or babies) have been conducted.

Of course, parents are always interested, notBronhomunal whether their child is hurt if he could have undesirable effects. Our website informs readers that the side effects while taking this drug is very rare, they are:

  • allergic skin reactions;
  • temperature increase;
  • nausea, diarrhea, Vomiting.

A few important aspects relating bronhomunal and its effectiveness:

  1. Between the reception of oral vaccines and bronhomunal rate must be at least 28 days.
  2. When Bronhomunal purchase, pay attention to the dose of active substance in the capsule (which may be 7 mg or 3.5 mg).
  3. In acute intestinal disorders, the tool does not apply, since that time, the effectiveness of treatment is reduced.

To prevent the development of chronic diseasesUpper respiratory tract, help the immune system of the child (or adult) to adequately and rapidly respond to infectious agents, drug Bronhomunal was created. Observations of physicians indicate that those patients who had been appointed Bronhomunal, the number of colds and other respiratory diseases becomes smaller, and their intensity is reduced.

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