Geptral, instruction manual

The liver - one of the most important massive glandsthe body, without which it can not exist neither man nor animal. Today we will tell in detail about the drug, which has two properties: it has a positive effect on the functioning of the liver and can improve mood. Its name - Geptral.

This medicine often recommend their patientsdoctors. Readers of our site know from the article about the mechanism of action of the drug, the indications for use and methods of treatment. We warn of contraindications and possible adverse effects.

What is the role of the liver

The body can be compared to the biochemical laboratory - so many different functions entrusted to it. Here are the main ones:

  1. Participates in the process of digestion, forming and releasing bile.
  2. Disarm germs, viruses, bacteria, poisons, toxins entering the blood and lymph.
  3. The liver is a splitting of drugs and other chemical compounds.
  4. Participates in hematopoiesis and metabolic processes. Pass through the liver nutrients absorbed into the blood of the digestive system, as well as vitamins with minerals, they are recycled.
  5. It synthesized vitamins B12, A, for different plasma proteins (albumin, prothrombin, fibrinogen), ketone bodies, cholesterol, glycogen stores.

If the activity of the liver is broken, it affects the state of the digestive organs, the heart of their work.

Structure and Composition

Heptral, liver pills

Geptral produced in the form of tablets, their shelldissolved directly in the intestines, and the lyophilisate in the vials (powder dried special method) used for the preparation of injection solution (it is introduced into the vein or muscle).

The active substance is Heptral ademetionine.

Tablets Excipients: sodium starch glycolate, colloidal silicon dioxide, fine-grained cellulose, magnesium stearate.

Enteric coat consists of polyethylene, polymethacrylate, simethicone, talc, polysorbate, purified water.

In addition to the active substance with a solvent ampoule comprises: L-lysine - buffer solution of caustic soda.

How does the medicine?

Geptral refers to hepatic group -drugs that positively affect the liver, increasing its protective properties. The active substance Heptral, once in the body, it becomes a source of methionine - an important connection to the liver. In addition, ademetionine stimulates the production of taurine, cysteine, certain hormones, glutathione and other biologically active components, resulting in the adjusted clearance mechanism toxins, toxic substances harmful to the organism. This process is called detoxification. If the body lacks glutathione, hepatocytes become defenseless, weak before any harmful substances. Taurine reduces the toxic effect on the liver cells of bile acids.

There is a stabilization of the metabolic processes,bounces back the formation of products of liver cells (hepatocytes), for example, lipoproteins, blood coagulation factors (CSF for short), enzymes. Bile is released active. It improves the condition of hepatocytes themselves, especially their membranes. The drug contributes to the formation of putrescine, this substance stimulates the liver regeneration process helps hepatocytes to proliferate. With prolonged use improves the flow of bile, inhibited pathological process cirrhosis. The effect of this therapy long, even ifcompleted a course of treatment, the positive effect of the drug is maintained for about three months. Employment hepatocytes complex, they produce more than a hundred different substances, which our body needs. Geptral regenerates damaged hepatic cells, restoring their function. Prevents growth of connective tissue in the liver.

More drug has neuroprotectiveaction significantly improves brain function. It eliminates anxiety, depression symptoms. Antidepressant properties appear about the seventh day of treatment

When osteoarthritis reduces pain, partial build cartilage tissue by increasing the synthesis of proteoglycans.

Which diseases helps Geptral?

The drug can be recommended for:

  • cirrhosis, cholangitis, acalculous cholecystitis;
  • chronic hepatitis (Including viral), fatty liver;
  • liver failure;
  • toxic liver damage;
  • stagnation of bile in the liver itself;
  • reception "heavy" drugs, which include immunosuppressants, antibiotics, anti-TB agents, hormonal contraceptives;
  • Abuse of alcohol and drug abuse;
  • passage of chemotherapy anti-cancer agents;
  • depressive states, encephalopathy.

About contraindications and side effects

Do not use this medication ifindividual intolerance, presence of stones in the bile ducts, during lactation and pregnancy, if the patient is not yet 18 years old. If the drug is assigned a nursing mother, then the period of treatment it is necessary to stop breast-feeding a baby.

Sometimes patients taking Geptral complainthat they are concerned about the discomfort in the abdomen, diarrhea, heartburn. In some cases, the drug experience an allergic reaction (rash or dermatitis, in rare cases angioedema).

How to apply Geptral?

Heptral, liver pills

Depending on the diagnosis and condition of the patientGeptral can be assigned to the interior (tablet form) or parenterally, that is, a solvent purchased ampules to carry out injection into a muscle or a vein. At first cure severe liver damage administered as injections for two or three weeks, and then the patient prescribe pills that you should drink two to four weeks continuously. This scheme is called the application speed. Number of tablets per day is usually given between two and four - it solves the attending physician. our website drew attention to the fact that the drug should be taken between meals. The second important point - it's better to do 15 hours of the day, because it is present a small tonic effect. Tablets are swallowed whole, do not chew them! When you disconnect the tablet from the packaging should be right in front of her reception. The solution for injection is made in a vial with lyophilisate is also before the procedure. Pay attention to the fact that in poroshochek flakonchike must be white if it has suddenly become yellow, then it can not be used! The solvent can be used only one that was annexed to Geptralu when buying. Introducing medicine relies slowly.

During the long course of Geptralom, should be control creatinine and urea in serum.

Clinical trials and therapeutic experience shows that Geptral useful in various diseases of the liver. Follow the advice of your doctor, so as not to harm health.

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