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For means of allergic rhinitis in the pharmacyThey come not only in the warm season, when the plants are disclosed in the buds and flowers. And this is connected with the prevalence of extreme susceptibility to allergies, allergens because more and more often become not only particles of pollen, and other agents of the surrounding environment.

Worldwide, more than 50% of the population in varying degrees, suffer from unpleasant symptoms allergic rhinitis. In Russia, 30% of the adult population and about 40%children are forced to resort to anti-allergic agents. Although this pathology and is not related to serious medical illnesses, but agree that it is the quality of life deteriorates significantly. Constant discharge from the nasal passages, the feeling of fullness, difficulty breathing, poor sleep, decreased performance, forced restrictions in lifestyle and daily routine ... How does this make life easier for sufferers?

On measures of allergy prevention

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To start list the familiar to many allergies recommendations of a set of measures to help reduce the acute hay fever and other allergic rhinitis:

  1. With the onset of flowering plants, the pollen that causes you allergyTo refrain from hiking in the forests and on walks through the alleys. In some cases it is necessary even in the hot, dry days in the week to close the window, rarely leave the house.
  2. If you still have to go out, thenreturn home immediately remove street clothes, wash (or take a shower), rinse the throat and nasal passages clean - so you remove most of the allergens and dust particles.
  3. Blankets and pillows are hypo-allergenic purchase. Once a week, wash and update their bedding.
  4. It is useful to have a home air cleaners, humidifiers.
  5. In the house where there are allergies, you need a vacuum cleaner, equipped with a powerful filter system. One of the family members must often deal with wet cleaning.
  6. If possible, purchase in-store only those household products and cosmetics, where there is marking "hypoallergenic."
  7. Remember that pets can trigger an allergy.

In our real life it is very difficultFollow all the points set of preventive measures. Therefore, our website wants to tell you about one local means of prevention of allergy symptoms, which is called Nazaval.

Feature Nazavalya and its effect

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For prophylaxis can Nazavaluse people prone to allergic rhinitis. This disease is characterized by: swelling of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity, nasal itching, worsening of nasal breathing, sneezing attacks, abundantly flowing from the nasal passages clear liquid discharge.

Nazaval recommended in cases when it is necessaryprotect the nasal mucosa against allergens in the air, pollutants (pollutants), as well as other aggressive factors, which may be in the external environment and to pass into the body through breathing "gates". It can be used to adults, children, and women during gestation and lactation baby.

How to apply Nazaval?

To protect against environmental allergensIt should be done within 3-4 days for one injection into each nostril. The interval between injections approximately 5-6 hours. If you're blowing your nose, the protective layer is disturbed, so the purpose of its recovery, you need more time to take advantage of Nazavalem. Children should use the drug in the presence of adults who will show how to use Nazaval and will monitor injections procedure.

allergic rhinitis, allergy, antihistamines, nazaval, runny nose, rhinitis

It is best to make a new injection for 10 minutes before it will exit to the street, home cleaning, the contact communication with animals, the use of household chemicals and so on.

And now a few rules for the use Nazavalya.

  1. Before you make an injection into the nose, it is necessary to shake the bottle.
  2. Before the first use of this tool, it is necessary to make a test pressing 2 on the bottle wall, with the result that you find coming out trickle poroshochka propagating light mint flavor.
  3. it is necessary to blow your nose or clear nose (this handy handkerchief or cotton swabs) before the irrigation of the nasal passages.
  4. Hold one nostril and nose vial (elongated part) put in the other nostril, and then you breathe in, click on the bottle wall, with a single dose will be released.
  5. Now the breath hold for 2 seconds, and then make a calm breath (deep), then poroshochek cover the nasal passage.
  6. The same procedure was repeated and the second nostril.
  7. If you notice that the vial is damaged, then the drug will not be further used.
  8. Storing means necessary in the place of children is protected from light and at room temperature. Make sure the lid is well screwed.
  9. The contents of the vial should be used once opened for three months.
  10. At the same time not be used together with other drugs Nazavalem nose, otherwise Nazavalya efficiency decreases.
  11. If particles of powder accidentally gets into your eyes, immediately rinse them thoroughly.

About contraindications and adverse events

allergic rhinitis, allergy, antihistamines, nazaval, runny nose, rhinitis

Do not use this drug onlyIf it will emerge idiosyncrasy Nazavalya composition components. About any side effects when using Nazavalya patients are not reported. In the preparation no preservatives or irritating substances in the trachea, bronchi and blood flow it misses.

Many clinical studies have confirmed,Nazaval that the drug is very effective and can be a good helper to those people who are prone and susceptible to allergic rhinitis. Consult a doctor, you can take advantage of this modern barrier means.

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