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  • What is a chalazion
  • reasons chalazion
  • "Ambulance" with chalazion
  • When surgery is needed

  • What is a chalazion

    Chalazion (Gradina) - education, which isusually it opened on the surface of the conjunctiva, but sometimes it happens and so that it does not happen on the part of the conjunctiva, and through the skin, and the granulation tissue develops in the subcutaneous tissue. It develops gradually, usually with no pain, the skin over it is often not deformed.

    Not one day, there is no revealed the chalazion, goes into harmful cysts with mucous content.
    It develops gradually over two weeks. Leather century rises above the chalazion, eyelid usually slightly change your appearance.

    On average, its value is equal to 5 - 6 mm, but it can continue to grow and that by applying pressure on the eyeball, leading to astigmatism.

    reasons chalazion

    Chalazion usually has a chronic course and benign formed at any age; often it recurs after healing.

    The reason for the formation of chalazion is a blockage of ductless, due to inflammation of the sebaceous glands of the century, which is characteristic of tumor progression.

    Chalazion may also be formed on the basis of domestic barley.

    Where chalazion recurs frequently, mostly in adults, a biopsy is required to prevent cancers of the sebaceous glands.

    Causes of chalazion can be veryvarious. This decrease in immune function, colds - especially hypothermia, violation of rules of personal hygiene, use of contact lenses, the constant touching of bodies.

    It can also be caused by the fact thatperson in principle quite oily skin: increased production of this gland. Increased secretion can cause blockage of the lacrimal drainage. This disease is not inherited - it is acquired.

    "Ambulance" with chalazion

    healing the chalazion Fresh chalazion small size goodamenable to such treatment absorbable: reload of the lower eyelid hydrocortisone eye ointment, cover the eye for a moment, to ointment soaked, and then a couple of times this promorgnite eye ointment to evenly coat the conjunctiva.

    Immediately after that attach to the chalazion pinky and slow circular movements make eye massage for 1-2 minutes.
    This procedure should be done for 2 times a day for 10 days.

    If the process is not running, there are some ways: for example, yellow mercury ointment and disinfectant drops.

    When surgery is needed

    When the above methods do not curedisease and chalazion unpleasant pressure on the eyeball, or looks like a significant cosmetic defect, use steroid injection or incision to remove the contents of a local anesthetic.

    Chalazion diameter greater than 5 mm is necessary to operate immediately, conservative therapy, he will not succumb.

    Chalazion excised together with the capsule and the cavity disinfected with an alcohol solution of iodine, and then make a 1-2 suture. For eyelid lay disinfecting ointment; 24 hours make a pressure bandage.

    When persistent course of illness, when the time has passed quite a few, and pea is not lost, involve a surgical method of treatment.

    Promptly treat only after decrease noticeableinflammation. Operation is simple and is done under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis - and cut out a cyst removed from her pathological content using curettage, then applied antibiotic ointment and a couple of hours well sealed with adhesive eyes.

    Cosmetically gland dissection is not noticeable because it is performed by the mucosa. Usually, the operation proceeds without any complications.

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