How to protect first graders from amblyopia


  • Go to first class or load Unchildish
  • Amblyopia is the price paid for the load
  • How to protect first graders from amblyopia

  • Go to first class or load Unchildish

    Modern education provides thatkid doing in the first class already knows how to read. The peculiar brainstorm parents begin as early as 4 years - it does not go hunting in the "normal" school and fall face in the dirt in front of friends. But they do not know that children's eyes still immature and early reading can lead to stretching the outer shell, and it is - a step towards myopia or amblyopia.

    If this problem occurs, the parents oftenThey do not realize it, but believe clumsy child. The fact that the child lives in a "vague" world, can only show up at the reception of an ophthalmologist - is not the most popular doctor parents. So go once a year in his office can not hurt.

    In the first class in the eyes of the child is stillbig load - daily lessons, homework. And after school because I want to play on the computer or watch TV. To pay for the load may have to deterioration of vision. This may be a short-sightedness, and the so-called accommodation spasm, and amblyopia.

    Amblyopia is the price paid for the load

    Perhaps amblyopia - the most dangerous ofthe above-mentioned diseases. After all, if it is not treated, it can lead to vision loss. Look to your baby. If your child closes one eye while reading or watching TV or turns his head to the side when looking at the object in front of him, he may suffer from "lazy eye" or amblyopia. When this problem one eye sees weaker than the other, and the brain is not able to properly compare the two images. This can lead to loss of vision in the weak eye first, and then in strong. You've probably seen children with plaster pasted on points over one eye - is exactly what this disease is treated.

    How to protect first graders from amblyopia

    Here that he advises parents to first-graders ophthalmologist Elena Shevchun.

    • How to protect first graders from amblyopiaTo maintain good vision baby's parents must take care of the fragile nervous system of the child. And for this you need: daily routine, good nutrition, physical exercise.
    • Eyes are useful all-black berries, fish oils, liver and carrot juice with olive oil - they are rich in vitamin A, which improves eyesight, relieve fatigue from his eyes.
    • Child's eyes need to rest. When a child do homework, make sure that every 20 minutes he had a break. Let this time making eye gymnastics: get up at the window, focus on a point drawn on it and count to 10. The same again with the remote object on the street.
    • If your baby poor vision - always notify your teacher and ask to sit on the front row.
    • Limit the house watching TV and sittingfront of the monitor computer games much straining sight, so if the child is engaged in the lessons, and then immediately transplanted to the "best friend" - eye problems are not long in coming.
    • Keep an eye on the distance between the eyes of a child and the working surface:. It must comply with the distance of 30-35 cm This will provide the best conditions for visual work.
    • On the student desk at the left sidemust be light - in addition to the main lighting. But lighting with fluorescent lighting, you can use only 12 years old - they are very weary eyes, so it is best to use a conventional lamp.

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