How to restore vision in keratoconus


  • My history
  • My experience with the recovery of keratoconus

  • My history

    Dear reader, I want to share their experiencesagainst keratoconus and give you recommendations. Most of the information about keratoconus written medical language and so poorly understood, it is fragmented and inconsistent.

    How to restore vision in keratoconusAbout vision even written a lot of the facts - as the truth, and not so. My article - for all those who want to fix their vision on their own.
    These recommendations are for people who do not have time to read books to restore vision.

    The very first question that everyone should ask themselves - where I had keratoconus? As at the time of his I asked myself. So here's my hypothesis.

    I believe that one of the causes of mydisease is a hormonal nature such as keratoconus developed in my 12 years at the time of puberty. Next reason - my passion for salty and sweet foods. And yet - the children's fears. It turned out that in school I had a hard time. I felt a real fear of the kids and the teacher simply afraid to go to school.

    Stress and poor diet negatively affecton the liver and kidneys, which leads to pollution of the body, and then there's something with these hormones. - That the process and went. The vision was to spoil. The situation is complicated by the fact that I was sitting at the last desk, I come to squint and strain.

    Further more. When in the ninth grade, I moved to the front row, the vision is no longer deteriorating. And then the lens, the rejection of Wushu classes, which I was engaged to 19-year-old. All these factors are taken again and took me 4 years ago to the idea. "With this need to do something"

    My experience with the recovery of keratoconus

    From all the above, I concluded thatrestoration of vision needed to lead in the following areas: to adjust the power to carry out health-building procedures, to work on yourself psychologically, to do the exercises shown to get rid of keratoconus.

    What should be a balanced diet

    Personally, I pretty theory Paul Bragg. Still, this man lived to be 97 years, feeling quite healthy. By this, I recommend to exclude:

    • salt (who will send a scientific substantiation of the usefulness of poisonous chlorine gas to the body, will be grateful)
    • sugar
    • sausages, sausages, salami, ham, smoked products, any
    • candy, bread, cakes, ice cream
    • sweet carbonated water
    • White bread
    • products with preservatives
    • salted fish and so on. d.
    • Black tea and coffee

    Also, you need to quit smoking and use only high-quality expensive alcoholic beverages (and it is better not to eat).

    All of the above can be used once a month, on holidays and at the expense of others (this does not happen so often).

    The only thing I was not able torefuse, so it's sweets, but I eat them now much smaller than before, and replace the sugar with honey. Unsalted meat was much tastier salt: the restoration of affected taste buds.

    What you can eat:

    • any meat (which allows pocket and religion)
    • heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, stomachs
    • vegetables, fruits (more is better)
    • greens (pertushka, dill, cilantro, goutweed, clover)
    • fish
    • eggs
    • nuts, seeds
    • poultry (chicken, duck, pheasant)
    • seafood
    • any bran and whole grain bread, brown bread
    • green tea and any juices
    I do not think that it is necessary to eat meat a little, in Russia, where winter -50, everything is possible. If possible, it is better to grow something yourself or buy from local residents.

    All the snacks do not buns with coffee andfruit juice. At night, do not eat or eat fruits or vegetables. Eat foods that do not have E-xxx (preservatives), it is usually written on the package, if you do not lie.

    health-building procedure

    You can start with the spine reconstruction. The main rule: hard bed. You can sleep on the board, putting on top a cotton mattress, featherbed grandmother - in the chest. I do gymnastics and the joint force exercises Norbekova. It is important to strengthen the muscles of the back, otherwise it will still not keep straight. Useful swimming (I only swim in natural bodies of water in the summer), massage, manual therapy. Particular attention should be paid to the cervical spine, for it exercises can be done several times a day. Facial massage also helps.

    Without cleansing the body and can not do. It would be nice to clean the kidneys and liver, but personally I do this did not dare. Not bad to observe religious fasts, restore bowel function, practice breathing exercises in diseases of the respiratory system.

    View need oxygen, I'd rather see after breathing exercises. I do breathing exercises "Body flex", can be anything Strelnikova, pranoyamy, norbekovskuyu.

    In addition, it is necessary to get rid of chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis and others. These diseases, and asthma and allergies.

    Exercises to get rid of keratoconus

    How to restore vision in keratoconusExercises to get rid of keratoconusaimed at normalizing the immune and hormonal ballansa. Normalization immunity promote bathing, dousing with cold water, as well as all the exercises for strengthening immunity Norbekovu. To normalize the hormonal balance necessary to work with your thyroid gland.

    I eat right, my body is healthy, butnutrients do not reach the eyes, if we do not take off stress and restore the eye nutrition. For this approach are exercises like palming, solarization, and large finger bends, exercise on akkomadatsii training, dynamic relaxation.
    Another good help washing the eyes with cold water, I do it after a eye gymnastics.

    If you have a friend herbalist, make good use of honey drops I use, they are very helpful to relax.

    Music is very important, it may be any. It is believed that the classic comforts. I use ethnic, New Edge, rock, pop, metal, classical. If the music does not like it, then it must necessarily vary, for example, it may be appropriate for palming, but not for the eye exercises. The music should be changed frequently.

    And it helps me a lot to work with the table. How do I work with the table?
    I looked at her, breathing evenly, eyes and body relaxed,
    I blink. The smile, the mood calm, calm, joy. It is necessary to keep the
    simultaneously. Looking slides on line here and there, bypasses each letter. Sometimes I close my eyes for a few seconds. Then, from the top line of the diagonal look through all the letters, looking around their eyes. On the top line I drive a glance over each line to work.

    How to choose a line of work?
    When keratoconus is difficult to do. You can select the line, which is good enough to be seen. Every time I choose the right, sometimes slip gaze across the table.

    Psychological direction

    As I'm working on a psychologically.

    • What is important is attitude. I'm always a little smile. People who smile, look beautiful - have you noticed? About attitude is best written in Norbekova. Problems something very few of these, most - invented.
    • Vera. Doubts always have the disease, it is very rare - it will not myopia. During the lessons do not think about the doubts. I just thought translated to another and now I have the results.
    • Doubts. They interfere. This depression and stress, as well as classes in dismal ineffective. No need to analyze the results from a negative point of view.
    • Negative factors. They need to be neutralized, otherwise there will be progress. Either change the attitude to the situation, if you can not change the situation itself.

    I imagine the cornea clear, smooth. My hearing perfect, I know, and this knowledge, I stand on the eyes. And finally, I practice breathing through eyes shaped (5 times exhale - the heat, then 10 times breath - cool).

    Good faith and effort. And let the world be more than sighted people!

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