Living next to the blind man


  • Help blind when crossing the street
  • Help the blind in transport
  • Help on sidewalks and blind uphill
  • Do not be afraid to talk with the blind
  • Help the blind in the store

  • In your family do not have the blind or people with severe vision in a circle
    Your friends and acquaintances such as unknown, the better, but
    Despite this, read this text, because it is already possible
    tomorrow, next month or later, you can meet on the street, on the
    festival or public place the power a man or woman with a white

    Perhaps you would be willing to help, but do not hesitate, because
    You do not know how you can help. Or perhaps you
    help a blind person so clumsily that reach their
    a reverse effect.

    Therefore, this small guide will provide you with
    help. Without perfection claims it will help you have
    efficient, correct and humane care to anyone who needs it.

    Dearest service provision at the right time, can bring to both parties an enriching experience and positive emotions.
    If this small guide will contribute to this cause, it can be said to fulfill its task.

    Help blind when crossing the street

    the golden rule: before doing anything for the blind, it is necessary
    I ask him if he needs your help. Thus, it appears
    respect for his personal freedom.

    Furthermore, it is generally
    practical reasons. We illustrate this in the following example: when I
    standing on the edge of the pavement, it happens to me often that I take the hand
    and drag to the other side of the street, without saying a word. When learn
    I did not want to cross the road, and only waiting for the tram, then
    unknown assistant is so stunned that leaves me
    one in the middle of the road, muttering some apology. In this case
    I have no choice but to return back, relying only

    It is therefore necessary to ask. "Can I get you
    to assist in the transition of the street? "If the answer is positive,
    say simply: "Take me by the hand and go out together."
    Prevent blind on uphill or downhill on the pavement.

    Help the blind in transport

    often help the blind, when they want to enter the tram,
    bus or train. There are times when the crowd they just collide
    in the direction of "blind" sighted. Fortunately, this rarely happens.

    help is so energetic and is at the same time
    several people so that blind and instead enter all
    other passengers, dragged like a sack.

    Upon exiting the
    transport, the opposite pattern: a blind force
    It holds the front and rear so that it costs a lot of effort exit
    transport. Even with the best of intentions, this form of aid unnecessary.

    Living next to the blind man
    commits itself trip, he has an idea of ​​the possibilities
    Use the tram, train or bus. It will be enough if you
    to accompany him to the car and show him the door rail, putting them
    his hand. Legs in a blind manner, and he himself can normally enter and
    out of the vehicle, as any other passenger.

    When you exit the vehicle and show him the handrails let go out on their own.

    together you enter or exit from the vehicle, is leading all the time
    ahead, showing handrails or delivers his own hand, and the
    pointing to the height of the steps.

    When planting in the car blind
    is applied to the car door is open, put his hand on her
    the upper edge of the other hand to guide first concerns the roof of the machine,
    and then back. This is all the help they expected from you.

    It happens that you are traveling in the same vehicle with a blind or
    go out with him at one stop, or blind comes to you in the street and
    has been slow because of the intensity of transport, a lot of obstacles,
    occurring in its path, or simply due to the fact that he knows this is bad

    Do not delay with its proposal to help. This does not mean that you have to impose it.

    For example,
    You can say, "I need the station. Can I take you there
    a little bit? "If the answer offer your arm and blind
    keep him on his way.

    Do not be, however, be disappointed if
    Your kind assistance is rejected. Some value their blind
    independence more than help that could bring them
    relief. I do not know whether the blind are right, but the choice available to them.
    In most cases, your willingness to help is received with joy and
    thanks. Always offer your hand. Never take a blind man
    by hand, pushing it in motion. Accompanying blind so
    way, you deprive him of a sense of confidence. If you go hand in
    hand, it is superfluous to the question: "Turn left or right?".

    He feels the movement and follows you automatically. when passing
    through the door, or a bottleneck accompanying is always ahead. is he
    hand holds the blind, holding it slightly back to meet
    a short distance.

    Help on sidewalks and blind uphill

    descent on the sidewalk or climbing on the road is enough to say that
    be descending or climbing. Do not let them blind to the feeling
    curb white cane.

    If you have to go up or down
    with a blind man on the stairs, then simply
    say: "Attention, steps (rise up or fall down)", and
    then giving the blind a hand up or down with him.

    it will be convenient to stick with the other hand the railing of the stairs. Put it
    hand on the railing and say, "Railing on the right or left of you." In any
    case, point it at the beginning or end of the ladder. If you not
    accompanying blind on, then show him the railing, as indicated

    If there is a choice between the escalator and
    stairs, give the blind the right choice. In any case, you
    it should clearly inform you when it comes to the escalator.

    Do not be afraid to talk with the blind

    conversation with a blind many people do not dare to utter such words
    as "look", "observe" or "blind". In this case, they say:
    "My uncle, too ... uh, uh ... this," or "My grandmother is the same," the
    lose their temper and begin to apologize, "Oh, sorry, I had not
    I thought, "etc.

    Living next to the blind man
    And this at a time when blind themselves often joke on
    his illness. The word "blind" they eat and listen to as well as
    other words, the word "look" or similar words they use in
    conversation to explain his special form of: smell, feel,
    touch. The read this book (Braille or listened to). "I
    I saw the beautiful thing "(touching, fingering). "I looked at the play"
    (Listened to).

    So you can without difficulty to say
    a blind man: "Do you want to explore this subject?" - while giving him
    in hand, for example, a bottle, a piece of clothing or anything else.
    Eat without fear of the word "blind" or "blind" if these words
    found in the conversation.

    However, tactless to ask: "Are you blind?"
    "So you did not see anything? Absolutely blind? Oh, this is terrible! You
    blind from birth? From illness or accident, and so on. "

    always that although blind and do not see, but they're not deaf, so
    whisper uttered comments such as: "The worst, nothing can not be!" or
    "Better to die than to be blind" - the blind can hear perfectly. Leave
    better your opinions to yourself because they adhere completely blind
    a different opinion.

    Help the blind in the store

    If you
    helping the blind to enter the store, spend it to the seller, they did
    willingly served. If you have time, spend it to the right

    If a blind man knows that he would like to buy, you may
    get the goods immediately. If he wanted to be first
    Look at the range, then unfold before him various objects,
    so he can grope them. He had the idea of ​​the shape, size,
    and quality.

    Describe him the color, pattern, etc. Do not stop with
    recommendation, for example: "I want to tell you that the color you do not
    It fits. " If payment is not blind calls you self worth
    given by the banknote, you should tell him yourself, "You gave me 100
    marks ". Usually blind knows what kind of money he gives, but the error is not
    excluded, however it is possible to prevent troubles.
    It is recommended at the account or exchange of the money count money in
    blind hand that he would not seek then, first of all, a little money.

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