Dysbacteriosis or Normoflorin Rescue


  • Dysbacteriosis is primary or secondary?
  • How can we take care of beneficial bacteria?
  • When not do without Normoflorin

  • Dysbacteriosis or Normoflorin RescueAs you can see, not all microorganisms living ingastrointestinal tract (of the order of 400 species), are equally useful. For example, bifidobacteria and lactobacilli are friendly to our body, which can not be said about the representatives of conditionally pathogenic microflora (certain types of staphylococci, escherichia, clostridia, fungi Candida or Aspergillus and others).
    Therefore, when there is bacteria overgrowth (just thatterm used to describe a deficit, surplus and / or misuse of the ratio of different microbes living in the gut), it immediately begins to suffer health. Thus, in addition to treating the underlying disease is required to carry out treatment of dysbiosis. After all, tormented by various diseases, we are often not even aware that we do not have a contribution made by the suffering and violation of microflora balance.

    Dysbacteriosis is primary or secondary?

    According to the criteria of the World Organizationintestinal dysbiosis health is not an independent disease. According to most experts, but rather a syndrome that occurs as a result of other pathologies. Also, the position dominates that the microflora imbalance is always secondary, and can not act as the root cause of various ailments.

    But this point of view, to a certain extentcontroversial. Many scientific minds today are inclined to believe that at first there is dysbiosis and provoke a variety of diseases, but not vice versa. His position, they argue that we have an unfavorable environment (not a secret that we are breathing polluted air and drinking poor quality water), as well as bad eating habits (abuse of refined and rich food preservative, inhibits the growth of lactic acid bacteria and other relevant protozoa). As a result, under the influence of these factors, and there is a "primary" dysbiosis.

    However, at an early stage in the microflora disturbancesinsignificant and often asymptomatic. But the more multiply in the gut bacteria, the more clearly the destructive manifestations. Begins diarrhea (liquid stool, greenish color and an unpleasant odor Skrine), the patient may complain of nausea and flatulence. Later diarrhea increases, it is possible to see the remains of undigested food. The general condition of the person is getting worse, he feels a constant weakness, becomes apathetic.

    If no action is taken, the personIt can be reached, as they say, "to handle". In the intestine continue enhanced reproduction of pathogens salmonellosis and dysentery, as well as the pathogenic species of E. coli, which at any moment could provoke an acute infectious process. The most common symptoms at this stage are headaches, nausea, an almost complete loss of appetite, general weakness. Diarrhea styazhelym putrid odor constantly tormented man. Catastrophic weight loss, vitamin deficiency and anemia, nervous system disorder - also expressed symptoms of the "late" dysbiosis.

    How can we take care of beneficial bacteria?

    Of course, none of us want to facethe above-described symptoms. It is therefore important to take care of the safety of living in our beneficial bacteria to prevent their pathogenic "brothers" to prevail. But how to do that?

    Unfortunately, only one normalized power vratsion inclusion of dairy products and fiber not solve the problem. Votzdes something and can come to the rescue preparations of dysbiosis for babies and adultsWhich improve primenyayutsyadlyaregulation of digestive tract and gut. Their composition are biologically active substances are classified in particular naprobiotiki and prebiotics.

    Dysbacteriosis or Normoflorin Rescue

    By Probiotics are live microorganisms -lactic acid bacteria. Most often it is bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria (and sometimes yeast), which are natural inhabitants of healthy human intestines. The use of probiotics stimulates the development of natural microflora, so their first appoint kids infants, the elderly and persons who are being treated in hospital.

    Prebiotics are not digested calledfood ingredients that stimulate the growth and activity of one or more bacterial groups living in the large intestine and thereby promote health. Komponentpischi can only be classified as a prebiotic, if it does not undergo degradation by digestive enzymes, it is absorbed in the upper digestive tract and etomsluzhit nutrient medium useful for certain groups of microorganisms - "population" colon.

    Synbiotics - a combination of probiotics andprebiotics combines useful properties of pre- and probiotics, wherein they reinforce each other's functions and thus have a strong positive effect on metabolic processes in the human body and the physiological function.

    Among them, a decent place to take drugsnatural base - Normoflorin. Their distinct advantage is that the probiotic microorganisms - bifidobacteria and lactobacilli - not presented in a lyophilized (dried) state, and the "living" form. Normoflorin enriched their metabolites useful - vitamins, minerals, amino acids, organic acids, anti-microbial agents. As part of these preparations has lactitol - a prebiotic that stimulates the growth of the natural protective microflora of the human body. It is important to know: the production of Normoflorin genetically modified organisms are not used.

    Useful microbes in probiotic may bein both dry and liquid state. In the first case, as the bacteria would "immobilized" and their activity in the digestive tract is reduced after some time. But this is their flaw is bacteria begin to act, some will already be deduced from the intestine. Of course, the result of such treatment will not be pronounced. But liquid preparations, which include Normoflorin are more effective. The bacteria are in their active form, fully preserving all properties, and begin their healing effects from the very first minutes after administration.

    When not do without Normoflorin

    The fact that is difficult to argue: in medical practice, the use of antibiotics is so prevalent that the therapeutic effect often leads to trouble - they straighten not only pathogens, but also with bifidobacteria, lactobacilli and other representatives of the beneficial microflora. The real salvation in this situation are Normoflorin help rapidly restore the microflora torn down, and their role in this important work can not be overestimated.

    Dysbacteriosis or Normoflorin Rescue

    It is generally known that significant bacteria begindie and when the stomach, liver and pancreas (usually because of dysfunctions caused by the disease) produce insufficient amounts of enzymes. It begins the fermentation of undigested food residues, which in turn become a good substrate for the development of disease-causing microbes. This detrimental process can also help to stop Normoflorin.

    On the beneficial microflora negative impactstress endured surgery, vascular dystonia. Hazards to the changes in the microclimate of the intestinal tract, when the medium becomes very acidic or too alkaline. Our friends-very nenravitsya microorganisms when in the human diet lacks substance employees for their breeding ground. It is not easy to account for the beneficial bacteria in the intestine unless settle various parasites (such as worms) and pathogenic microbes, pathogens dysentery, salmonellosis, viral diseases, giardiasis. In the process of life they secrete substances that kill "good" bacteria. How to turn back the clock etiprotsessy? Of course, using Normoflorin.

    In one article it is impossible to list allthe dignity of natural probiotics and manufactured on the basis of their "live" products. But, it seems, managed to emphasize their continued effectiveness as a treatment for dysbiosis, and for its prevention. Is not that the most important thing?

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