How to die from pancreatitis?


Bad advice

How to die from pancreatitis?
To die of pancreatitis, it is necessary to score ductpancreas. How to do it? In my opinion, it is necessary to give the patient a large amount of fat, somewhere grams 200-300, and wash it down with champagne. I would call it a Franco-Ukrainian suicide - very elegant, you know.

The fact that when the body gets largethe amount of fat, the bile is released in unimaginable quantities and scores duct. And in response to the champagne pancreas also strongly activated, and its fluid can not get into the duodenum and begin to digest the pancreas itself. In my opinion, an excellent method. The main thing is not to drink after a warm bacon and sweet tea - as it just helps to split it.

What it is?

"Pancreas" - the Greek name of the pancreascancer. In this remarkable organ that is, if you draw on the abdomen, just below the solar plexus, digestive juices stands out - so aggressive, that is able to digest any protein, including the inside.

Nature has provided to the juice got intoduodenum, where it is mixed with other substances and is not inside the body consumes. So, if the juice reaches the duodenum and for some reason remain in the ducts of the pancreas, it just starts to digest it.

How it hurts

How to die from pancreatitis?The depth of the abdomen, pain spread from the areasolar plexus down - this is the most important manifestation of chronic pancreatitis. Most pain occurs in 1.5-2 hours after a heavy, greasy or spicy food. Pain may be of different duration - from several minutes to several hours.


If the digest is only a little gland ducts, therefore, there was acute pancreatitis. If you digest several times on slightly - chronic.

If digested longer ducts and iron itself, and for a long time - it is pancreatic. Exit - removal of the prostate expeditious way.

In the case where iron plagued repeatedlychronic pancreatitis occurs - a process of permanent destruction of the pancreas, which can not stop without medical intervention, even if the underlying cause (eg, alcohol) is eliminated.

Such revolutionary activity within the body results in the gradual replacement of any unnecessary organ tissue in general and to a number of complications, namely:

  • seals in the pancreas;
  • purulent inflammation of the pancreatic ducts;
  • erosions in the esophagus, ulcers of the stomach and intestines;
  • obstruction of the duodenum;
  • pancreatic cancer;
  • blood poisoning;
  • occlusion of veins that carry blood to the liver and spleen.


Basic - three. Alcoholism, cholelithiasis (the cause of which - often alcohol and poor diet) and our favorite stress.

  • Alcohol is converted in the liver into a rubbishcalled acetaldehyde. This stuff is very strong impact on the pancreatic cells, disrupting the structure of the tissue. But most importantly - the unimaginable amounts of alcohol requires pancreatic enzymes - those who eat it.
  • When history looks like gallstones. The fact that the canal that leads from the pancreas, and bile also passes, and if the disease stone closes this flow - down the drain, the pancreas begins samopoedanie, and people do not live without it.
  • With regard to stress, any processesassociated with the circulation of the fluid inside of us to be associated with the work of the smooth muscle. A nervous surge gives cramps that hinder the process of digestion and create a variety of disorders. Therefore, because of the chronic stress is obtained either cholecystitis - cholelithiasis or pancreatitis. Usually, men dominated pancreatitis or stomach ulcers.

Individual opinions

How to die from pancreatitis?Valery Pinnacles, Professor, MD, Head of pancreatology Institute of Emergency Care. Janelidze, St. Petersburg:

- A sharp increase in the incidence, I noted in 2000year and linked it with the same sharp increase in the use of chemical cocktails in the iron banks and fashion on overseas cuisine. After all, what is sold in tins, - the poison, because has the highest shelf life. Manufacturers tend to add more preservatives in the product, including formalin, and glycerol, which are known to be frozen corpses and canned brain.

Then there is the food - instant noodles,shawarma, sharp oriental spices and so on. That is, someone who wants to die quickly from pancreatitis, advise to eat more oily and very spicy Chinese food, snacking on instant snacks and drink the whole thing colored cocktails in tins, preferably in large quantities.

Cyril Danishevskii, MD, PhD, Institute of Public Health:

- Malnutrition, of course, a risk factor, and smoking - a risk factor. But again I have to go back to his old song - the cause of most of the hard pancreatitis - alcohol.
It must be borne in mind that the quality of statistical data on pancreatitis is not, and mortality from this disease stands out very badly.

As for the fact that the Chinese food or shawarmaare factors of pancreatitis - this is a big gamble, like many other things in dietetics, because no large studies have been conducted, and the available statistics are very primitive.

The diagnosis of "chronic pancreatitis" love to put all in a row, since it is good to write off all the pain in the stomach. Some physicians believe that chronic pancreatitis - a disease more far-fetched.

Alfred Bogdanov, nutritionist, k.m.n .:

- I wish to die from pancreatitis need socalled aphrodisiac foods. Something very fat, combined with a very sharp. Perfect fat sharp skewers, fat cheese with strong Tabasco, plus alcohol in large quantities.

I would also advise before taking a sharpbarbecue for a long time is not with alcohol, for the separation of bile and enzymes occurs reflexively to any meal, if it does not happen for a long time, then the next time the juice stand out enough to properly digest the pancreas. Also, I would advise to eat plenty of rotten fish in Japanese restaurants, rotten eggs, and even more rotten. Then you will quickly toxic pancreatitis.

Mikhail Chistyakov, k.m.n .:

- Very interesting method - get a shotsolar plexus. This can cause a bruised pancreas and pancreatic necrosis. One patient of mine also made a remarkable act of crashing into a palm tree on a jetski, and in Moscow, almost died of acute pancreatitis. Another patient - a healthy kind of guy 26 years old, can be seen jock, he told me before he died that drank whiskey glass, and seized a very sharp Mexican pepper.

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