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  • What is a goiter?
  • Sick or healthy?
  • Work on the bugs

  • What is a goiter?

    intestinal dysbiosis is called the imbalance between helpful
    and harmful microorganisms. For this is
    a few reasons:

    • intestinal infections;
    • unhealthy diet (early shift the child to infant formula, improper familiarity with conventional products);
    • violation of the intestine (for example, because of the structure of hereditary abnormalities or lack of enzymes);
    • antibiotics;
    • Stress (familiarity with the new nanny, the device is in kindergarten).

    In addition, the balance of beneficial and harmful microbes can affect
    Any discomfort the baby (cause - lowered immunity). If we are
    is a disease of the gastrointestinal tract such as food allergy,
    doubt the appearanceLife balanceSRI dysbiosis is not necessary.

    Sick or healthy?

    Experts do not believe intestinal dysbiosis disease. Most thereto
    treated as a distress indicator, which can lead to
    various problems.

    Judge for yourself: more than 400 species of microorganisms
    It stored in the human body and its effect on the metabolism, bookmark
    the immune system and resistance to the influence of environment.

    If in the first hours and days after the birth of yet sterile
    gastrointestinal tract of the child's right inhabit inhabitants.

    happens if a mother's microflora, medical staff and the hospital
    will be all right, baby do not appoint "extra" medicine woman
    starts to feed its baby milk or baby correctly pick
    artificial mixture.

    By the month of the composition of the intestinal flora of a small
    closer to that of an adult, and the density of bacteria
    reaches the "norm" for 4-5-th year of life.

    Work on the bugs

    To protect the kid out of trouble, which may result from
    intestinal dysbiosis, you need to consult a doctor. Firstly
    the doctor will pay attention to the diet of the child, and if the child eats
    breast milk, the mother and the menu.

    It is very important to the diet of women
    includes products specifically designed for young mothers: they
    It contains vitamins and minerals necessary for the nervous system
    small amino acid taurine and omega fatty acids. If the baby
    fed mother's milk substitutes, it should pick up the mixture, in
    which have the means to improve the functioning of the intestines (dietary fiber).

    It happens that bacteria overgrowth disappears by itself. However,
    available to physicians have a whole arsenal of tools for correction
    Lost Balance: probiotics, which contain useful
    bacteria, and prebiotics - drugs that help the growth of beneficial

    Set the balance of intestinal microflora and can
    using products containing bifidobacteria and lactobacilli: yogurt,
    yogurt, special infant formula.

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