Treatment and prevention of exacerbations of ichthyosis


  • How is the treatment and prevention of exacerbations of ichthyosis

  • How is the treatment and prevention of exacerbations of ichthyosis

    In ichthyosis shows retinol inside of 0.01 g (33 000 ME) 3 times a day, or
    oil solution of 10-20 drops 3 times a day with meals (daily
    Dose 000-200 100 000 ME) over 1.5-2 months. With insufficient
    the effect of the drug is administered intramuscularly on 0,5-1 ml / day. (15-20
    injection). After 1.5 months. repeat the course. Retinol in large doses (up to
    400 000 IU / day.) Prescribe brief courses given
    Possible side effects. Nursing mothers should receive retinol
    000-150 100 000 ME for 2 months., after 3 weeks. repeat the course.
    The favorable effect is tigazon 0.5-1 mg / kg body weight
    day (4-5 weeks.), etretinate 25 mg 2 times a day, after improvement -
    10 mg 1-2 times a day (not used concurrently with retinol!).
    Aromatic retinoids can be used in combination with
    PUVA therapy. Showing tocopherol acetate 0.2 g intramuscularly
    day for children 2-3 ml into a 10% oil solution, 2 times a day,
    Aevitum 1 capsule 3-4 times a day (2-3 mo.) or by intramuscular injection of 1
    ml / day. (20-25 injections), B vitamins, ascorbic acid,
    nicotinic, orotic, multivitamin preparations ( "Pangeksavit").

    Treatment and prevention of exacerbations of ichthyosis
    In severe forms of ichthyosis administered gamma globulin 3ml
    intramuscularly 2 times a week (5-7 injections), splenin. noted
    favorable results from the ingestion of 0.01 g thyroidin 2-3
    per week (children depending on age) for 25-30 days;
    iron glycerophosphate 0.5 g 4 times a day, potassium arsenite
    3-5 drops 2-3 times daily after meals (3-5 weeks.). apply fabric
    therapy, aloe extract, apilak and other fortifying and stimulating
    facilities. In case of violation of lipid metabolism - lipamid, methionine at
    festal indications. Recommend to treat ichthyosis pilocarpine (oral or
    parenteral) insulin.

    In the winter, spend UVR (ultra-violet radiation), 2 times a week, 30 times in 1 month.
    treatment is repeated. Recommend ultra-violet radiation on the zonal scheme: daily
    irradiating one of the 12 zones of the body intense doses (3-4 biodozy)
    a total of 24 sessions, 2 rounds, 12 + 12 (VG Kolyadenko, 1979). good summer
    action has exposure to the sun. Apply hot dry air
    bath (55-60 ° C), oxygen therapy - subcutaneous injection of oxygen for
    250-300 cm3 per session, 2 times a week (10-15 procedures). P.
    N. Nedoboy, LA Grabowska (1979) recommend oxygen therapy in the form of
    salt bath (200 g of sodium chloride to the bath), saturated with oxygen,
    which comes from the container into the water through a rubber tube with a flap
    small holes throughout bathing time (10-15 min .;
    15-20 baths). Showing faradization, massage. In order to improve processes
    keratinization, functions, sebaceous and sweat glands (reduced in patients with ichthyosis
    their secretion) recommend a daily water treatment: shared bath
    (30-39 ° C) with sea salt, sodium chloride (1.3% or 100 g per bath)
    RPMA, with the infusion of chamomile flowers, sodium hydrogen carbonate, starch.
    The beneficial effects have bath, sauna (do not often
    use soap). Salt baths inappropriate to take a combination
    with neurodermatitis ichthyosis, eczema, which occurs relatively frequently
    (SS Kryazheva, 1978). After water procedures your skin lubricated
    solkoserilovoy ointment, creams and ointments containing retinol, tocopherol
    acetate, 1.2% salicylic acid, 5.10% sodium chloride, 10-15%
    urea, lactic acid 5% and 1% white mercury ointment. AT
    as the basis it is advisable to use tools that do not interfere
    gas exchange through the skin: lard, spermaceti cream with lanolin
    peach oil, water (petrolatum ointment and high
    containing vegetable oil ichthyosis patients sometimes bad
    transfer). Effective external agents containing aromatic
    retinoids. Recommend heat wrap up patients (2 hours) and simultaneously
    give them to drink hot drinks - tea with raspberries, etc. In severe forms.
    disease in the ointment add corticosteroids (officinal
    ointment at a ratio of 1: 4, 1: 5), they can be combined with retinoic
    acid. Effective 5-10% ihtiolovaya hormonal ointment and cream
    oil solution Aevitum. Consideration should be given increased when ichthyosis
    propensity to complications piokokkami and pathogenic fungi
    (Trichophyton, Candida, etc.) And in a timely manner appropriate to assign
    treatment. In the external agents is not recommended to include sulfur, so
    ichthyosis patients how bad it is transferred.

    It is shown spa treatment (the best in the summer) with
    using heliotherapy, geliotalassoterapii, therapeutic baths
    (Carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide), silt and peat mud applications
    (Southern coast of Crimea, Sochi Matsesta, Pyatigorsk, Belokurikha, spring lake).

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