Cytomegalovirus: a fateful kiss


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  • Our immune system protects us

    Cytomegalovirus: a fateful kiss

    The overwhelming majority of people live in ignorance, thatthey are infected. Infection and the real disease is not the same thing. Once in the human body, the virus only occasionally provokes a condition resembling acute respiratory disease, and in most cases does not manifest itself. But the situation changes dramatically, if a person, for whatever reasons, reduced immunity. Constant stress, vitamin deficiency, poor diet, pollution, excessive medication ... reasons enough.

    Cytomegalovirus and pregnancy

    But the most common and perhaps the most"Attractive" for cytomegalovirus situation - pregnancy. Immunity women decreased during this period (the nature of the immune prevents a conflict between the mother and fetus), the virus begins to multiply in the body, it penetrates the placenta and affects the fetus rapidly growing tissues. The most common effects - miscarriages and birth of nonviable children with multiple malformations. And those infants that survive are seriously damaged, as a rule, brain and liver. Possible blindness, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, congenital hepatitis and cirrhosis.

    kissing disease

    From cytomegalovirus infection, unfortunately,protect yourself is nearly impossible. Virus - is omnipresent, it can be found in all body fluids, including saliva, breast milk and cpermu. Especially often become infected through a kiss (this infection is also called kissing disease). But that is no reason to give up. Although the "sighting" of drugs against the virus does not exist, but modern medicine has a lot to.

    Doctor, first of all, it is necessary to normalize the immune systemwomen and thus increase the body's ability to resist infection. At the same time used drugs suppress viral replication of interferon. An infected pregnant woman should regularly (with an interval of 10-12 days) to take the necessary tests. The exact implementation of medical recommendations and timely administration of drugs - the surest way to the birth of a healthy child in this difficult situation.

    Make advance

    Given the high prevalence ofCMV infection, CMV analysis should be done routinely before conception. If you are already pregnant, you turn in this analysis as soon as possible. If the hemoglobin during pregnancy reduced continuously, it may be a sign of cytomegalovirus infection.

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