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    What ureaplasmosis?

    Ureaplasma Infection occurs through sexual contact
    with its carrier or sick. It is also possible to intrauterine infection of the way when
    infection transmitted from mother to child through amniotic fluid, or
    delivery process. The incubation period is 2-4 weeks ureaplasmosis. at
    This onset of the disease is most often asymptomatic, and at this time
    ureaplasmas carrier can infect the other partner without even knowing about
    it. In this insidious disease and which can be for human
    the body is quite serious consequences.

    First of all - is the inflammatory processes that
    ureaplasma may cause in all parts of the genitourinary system. At the same time, without
    appropriate treatment, the disease can become chronic and become
    cause of prostatitis, vaginitis, endometritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis,
    vesiculitis, inflammation of the uterus, the formation of adhesions in the fallopian tubes.

    More experts agree that this kind of male infertility as a
    asthenospermia at which the sperm motility reduction,
    also caused by this microorganism. Studies have shown that
    ureaplasma parasite on sperm and such contact leads to a loss
    recent viability and motility. Also, this pathogen can be
    directly related to the disease such as arthritis, causing inflammation of the joints.

    In order to identify more appropriate to use ureaplasmas
    more accurate diagnostic methods - PCR (polymerase chain reaction), ELISA
    (Enzyme immunoassay) and bacterial seeding as of total
    smear can give false, blurry picture. bacterial seeding method
    which is to monitor the growth of a culture on nutrient media,
    It can not only accurately detect the presence of infection, but also to determine how
    it is sensitive to some antibiotics, which plays an important role in
    the choice of drugs to treat the disease.

    Risk factors for ureaplasmosis

    • sex without a condom;
    • early onset of sexual activity;
    • a large number of sexual partners;
    • gynecological diseases with a history of, or
      diseases, sexually transmitted diseases;
    • age group up to 30 years.

    Availability ureaplasmosis men may appear at the end of
    the incubation period, the emergence of symptoms of urethritis: allocation of
    urethra in the morning, burning sensation when urinating, increased
    fever, general deterioration, balanoposthitis (white education
    plaque on the penis). If urethritis is sluggish
    nature, as well as persistent relapses,
    in which the allocation appear and disappear spontaneously, it may
    lead to inflammation of the epididymis and testis.

    The woman appears ureaplasmosis vaginal discharge,
    frequent and painful urination, lower abdominal pain may be.

    All of these symptoms may occur after a fairly long
    after onset. This depends on the state to a greater extent
    immune system. In medical practice there were cases when due
    low pathogenicity ureaplasmas or due to the good resilience
    the body, the agent did not show itself for a long time. In such cases,
    more important are scheduled regular check-ups, in which
    carried out the necessary tests that identify pathogens
    characteristic even without symptoms.

    It is important to understand that doing
    self-detection of pathogenic micro-organisms is unacceptable, since
    This leads to an increase in their resistance to certain drugs, which in its
    turn, complicate the healing process in the future.

    Based on the test results the doctor prescribes
    ureaplasmosis appropriate treatment: antibacterial therapy, preparations for
    raising immunity, local microbicides, physiotherapy, men
    can be assigned to massage the prostate gland. Treatment is carried out at the same time
    both partners, while test samples are taken as before treatment
    and some time afterwards. At the time of treatment must be
    diet, give up alcohol and to refrain from sexual activity.

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