Calcium during pregnancy

Pregnancy is always fraught with a certainrisk - will be enough in a woman's body-building blocks of trace elements in order to build a complete new life? The kid will develop properly only when his mother will know how to compensate for a deficiency of a valuable "building material".

In the womb, the formation and development of the fetusIt affects a huge number of substances, but perhaps the most important trace element calcium believe - he needs child from the first days of its existence. Calcium is involved in the formation of bone and cartilage of the future man, the foundation of his musculoskeletal system.

Nowhere without calcium

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From lack of suffering member and mother and unborn child. Calcium increases the baby's resistance ricketsAnd helps women cope with stress and allergiesWhile reducing its sensitivity to poor environmental ecology.

Pregnancy is rightly considered a serious test for the organism: the woman "in the state" often have to endure leg cramps, Suffer from general weakness and drowsiness, to treator delete suddenly spoiled teeth. To avoid such troubles, it is important throughout pregnancy to maintain a stable body of calcium.

Under the control of trace elements and more serious problem: calcium during pregnancy - one of those substances that prevent miscarriages, miscarriage and significantly reduces blood loss duringdelivery. When a sufficient amount of calcium in a woman's uterus and heart function is normal, trouble-free working kidneys and blood clotting system - and what else is needed for a successful appearance of the baby born?

The consequences of calcium deficiency

pregnancy, vitamins, prenatal vitamins, calcium, nutrition

During pregnancy, the body's abilityabsorb calcium from food increases. The main thing is that the products that contain it, has always been on the plate of the future mother. The first thing to remember is that the useful trace mineral found in dairy products: milk, yogurt, low-fat cheese, yogurt, yogurt, cheese. "Hiding" the calcium in green vegetables. For example, broccoli, celery, garlic, parsley easily meet the daily needs of a pregnant woman in micronutrients. There are calcium and nuts: the expectant mother will have the taste of almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts.

Ideally, a woman waiting for a child, every dayshould be "recharged" with two glasses of milk, kefir or yogurt, eat a couple of pieces of cheese and a bit of cheese or curd with raisins. Do not do without the rye bread, beans, a variety of fruit, fish and other seafood. So the expectant mother formed the necessary supply of calcium, which sooner or later will take advantage of its crumb.

An important role at this time is welcomespecial multivitamin and mineral preparations: they not only make up for the missing amount of vitamins in the body, but also contain trace elements that trap the calcium in the bones of my mother: manganese, boron, magnesium, copper, zinc.

To cure the poison was not

About the sense of proportion should be remembered always. If the expectant mom will begin to absorb hard "calcium" in a large quantity, good intentions can play with it a cruel joke. Excess calcium gets excessive load on the urinary system of the body. From a large number of trace elements can suffer kidney and gall bladder - there will be stones. High calcium levels interfere with the body to absorb magnesium, without which the muscular, nervous and cardiovascular systems failures will begin.

A large amount of calcium in the body mothersIt will have an impact on the development of her baby: child's skull bones are formed stronger than necessary, which greatly hampers the movement of the head through the birth canal during birth.

For calcium to the pharmacy

pregnancy, vitamins, prenatal vitamins, calcium, nutrition

If expectant mom wants to be absolutely sure that her baby is getting enough calcium, it can make special preparations containing this element.

MirSovetov recalls that all medications, vitamins and dietary supplements should be taken only pregnant with the knowledge and permission of your doctor!

One of preparations which are most commonly prescribedtherapists women "in position" with calcium deficiency, is a Calcium-D3 Nycomed. Its use is not contraindicated for pregnant women, but to receive the drug should be taken very seriously: one of the means of components vitamin D, When used improperly, it gets into breast milk, but it is better to avoid.

Individually for each dose mom sets and, if necessary, subsequently adjusts the doctor.

Chewable tablets Calcium D3 Nycomedlike all - they look like sweet candy. In one-third of the dose of the drug contains nutrients from the daily norm. Correct reception means regulates the body's metabolic processes involving calcium and phosphorus, increases bone density, improves the supply of dental tissue necessary microelements. In addition, after taking Calcium D3 Nycomed noted the positive dynamics in the conduction of nerve impulses in the state of blood coagulation.

Every drug, even the most innocuous atfirst glance, may be contraindications. Calcium D3 Nycomed is not suitable for women who, for one reason or another, can not organize the work of the gastrointestinal tract. The drug is contraindicated in those who can form calcium stones, as well as those who suffer from renal insufficiency.

Attention! The first symptoms of overdose - thirst and vomiting. At the first such indisposition, immediately seek medical attention. To avoid this, along with the calcium-D3 Nycomed need to drink a lot to trace with water freely assimilated in the body.

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