Diet in the critical days


  • How our food is associated with menstruation?
  • Are carbohydrates improve your mood?
  • What products are particularly useful for women during this period?
  • What you need to restrict?
  • How will such a diet on weight?
  • Recipe finally

  • How our food is associated with menstruation?

    Scientists have noticed that food and fluctuating hormones are closely linked. In
    women in the premenstrual days increased appetite, their strong "pulls" on
    carbohydrate food.

    Are carbohydrates improve your mood?

    The answer to this question was given by American scientists. Group of women before
    monthly included in the diet of cereals. The result was
    very unexpected. Women who were lethargic and gloomy, did not seem
    more accidents, less angry, they decreased irritability
    and depression. However, when these same women flakes obtained after
    the end of menstruation, changes in their mood did not happen.

    studies have shown that carbohydrates contained in corn flakes,
    contribute to the availability of serotonin in the brain tissues. it
    substance improves mood and regulates sleep.

    studies of American Dietetic supplemented these data. It was found
    that before menstruation is also important to limit fats. beneficial effect
    on the female body has a diet rich in vegetable protein and
    comprising only 10% fat. This diet not only improvesDiet in the critical days mood,
    but even contributed to a decrease in pain in the critical days.

    I believe that this phenomenon is related to the effect of food on the exchange
    prostaglandins and female sex hormones. It is the action of
    substances bind most unpleasant symptoms of premenstrual

    What products are particularly useful for women during this period?

    Prefer carbohydrate foods: vegetables, fruits, as well as
    cereals: oats, buckwheat, millet, rice and others. The diet should
    also contain sufficient protein, particularly vegetable.
    His sources are soy products, beans, peas and other

    What you need to restrict?

    First of all, eliminate caffeinated drinks: coffee, strong tea,
    Cola. Caffeine can enhance aggression and mood swings.

    also avoid easily digestible sugars found in candy,
    cakes and sugary drinks. To make it easier to transfer the need for
    sugar, always have at hand something "useful", such as muesli,
    sweets and hide away. If you can not refuse
    sweets, then eat them in small portions. prefer
    sweet fruits, such as bananas.

    Limit also
    consumption of fatty animal products: meat, fish,
    sour cream, milk, yoghurt. Temporarily you want to exclude from the diet butter,
    and plant products rich in fats: olive, sunflower seeds, nuts,

    Not recommended as chips, fried foods,
    chocolate, alcohol. If you are prone to edema, the 7 days before
    start month less salt to food.

    How will such a diet on weight?

    From vegetables, fruits and cereals it is very difficult to recover. If you do not
    flavor these foods in fat or oil, you can even "reset" for
    These days, a couple of kilos.

    Recipe finally

    Muesli with bananas. Ingredients
    2 servings: 8 Art. spoons of cereal, 300 ml low-fat yogurt, 1 banana,
    2 apples, 2 tbsp. tablespoons of raisins; 2 h. Spoon of honey, 1 orange.

    Pour in the yogurt flakes. Raisins rinse and scalded with boiling water. clean
    banana and cut one half into slices and other mash with a fork.
    Apples are washed, cored and grate. At once
    to mix with muesli with banana puree and raisins. Sweeten with honey.
    Cut with a sharp knife orange peel, completely removing with it
    white skin. Clean the white membranes, thus collecting the juice.
    Mix the cereal with orange juice, slices and slices of bananas and

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