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  • Endometriosis - prudes disease Bloody tears

    - Cut me a uterus - persuaded 52-year-old Svetlana doctors Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology, Academy of Medical Sciences. - Well, no strength to endure more!

    - It is the seventh time comes to us - explainSpecialists me. - We have her offer different therapies, but they do not promise to effectively get rid of endometriosis. He's treated a long, tedious and bad.

    Doctors say that this woman has endometriosisI struck the uterus. Most often, he attacks it on the genitals. But it happens that it affects the bladder, intestines, kidneys, lungs, bronchi and even the eyes. In the latter case, a woman during "menstruation" as it were ... crying tears of blood!

    - This phenomenon is easy to explain - tellscientists. - It appears where it is not supposed to be In this condition endometrium (tissue lining the inside of the uterus). In this case - on the conjunctiva of the eye. But the main characteristic of the endometrium - the ability to be changed depending on the menstrual cycle. First it increases and during menstruation rejected and out. It turns out that the eye or other affected organs like "menstruate."

    Payment for abortion

    Endometriosis - prudes disease The causes of this disease, in spite of the achievements of modern science, to the end and have not been studied. There are many theories. The most common - transplant. The gist of it is that of the endometrium of the uterus canmove with the menstrual blood, and his microscopic pieces penetrate through the fallopian tubes into the abdomen, and "travel" throughout the body (which is why in any case can not have sex during menstruation!).

    It can happen during surgery on the uterus. But a healthy body has a means of protection against such unauthorized migration. If the immune system is normal, it will not allow an intruder settled and taken root in other organs.

    Another theory - hormone. Endometriosis often appears whena woman's body has a hormonal imbalance. This explains the fact that the disease attacks suffered severe stress, who have abortions, as well as mothers, abandoned the child or become breastfeed. In this case, if Mother Nature herself punishes negligent parent.

    There is another curious theory of endometriosis - sexy. If you believe her, the disease develops in womenwho do not experience pleasure after intercourse. In this case, originating in the excitation of a rush of blood to the genitals is not replaced by a rapid outflow as during orgasm, but remains in the form of long-term stagnation. If this happens regularly, a woman is not only becomes nervous, weak and lethargic, but she has a lot of kinds of ills, including endometriosis. It turns out, after all, no wonder they say that all women's diseases - from men?

    Get rid of tantrums

    Recent scientific discoveries have revealedthe link between endometriosis and race. It turned out, most of them suffering Japanese. "Dislike" it is black and "like" the women of the white race.

    Do not believe it, but smoking ladies suffer from thisdisease is several times less than those who do not tolerate smoke. However, this is not a reason for all women to run for a pack of cigarettes - in the end, smoking has a lot of other harmful health effects. Rarely endometriosis suffer from thin and slender. So it is better to lose weight or exercise.

    To find out whether you are the victim of endometriosis is notso easy. Classic symptoms - Straining pain is usually localized in the lower abdomen. Sometimes they are so strong that the woman admitted to the hospital. But endometriosis often behaves like a demure, and is not shown.

    In this case, doctors recommend to payattention to his mood, if you often behave aggressively break on friends and relatives for nothing, arrange a tantrum or whining for no reason, if you are plagued by headaches or you refuse sexual intimacy because of the discomfort, it is likely that the cause of all this - endometriosis. Sometimes, to find out that there is a disease, it can only be an endoscopy, laparoscopy and hysterosalpingography (and simply, the x-ray of the uterus and appendages).

    If endometriosis does not manifest itself outwardly, itIt does not mean that it is not necessary to treat. In this illness activated cells that suppress sperm movement. In addition, it becomes impassable fallopian tubes. As a result, 50% of patients suffering from infertility. But the worst thing that disease can lead to cancer. Patients with endometriosis are at high risk for oncological diseases of the uterus, ovaries, breast, colon, and stomach.

    All to give birth!

    Endometriosis - prudes disease Treat endometriosis today are mainlyhormonal therapy. And keep in mind that they should choose a gynecologist rather than a neighbor or friend. In addition, the doctor often appoints and additional medications that strengthen the immune system.

    There sparing surgery - laparoscopy, in whichmoxibustion is endometriosis in the abdominal cavity. And then pick up therapy and physiotherapy. Russian scientists have developed a unique method of treatment of endometriosis using ... leeches. They are put directly into the vagina, on the labia and the uterus. And what do you think? Endometriosis of bloodsuckers runs like a defeated opponent.

    - And the thing is that the bite of a leechinjects saliva, which contains 150 of various biologically active substances, - says a leading Russian girudolog, author of numerous methods of treatment with leeches Irina Pankova. - After a bite from the wound oozes blood, along with lymph. It stimulates the production of natural defensive cells - lymphocytes - and leads to increase immunity. In addition, normal blood flow in the genital area and eliminates venous congestion.

    And doctors believe that the best treatmentEndometriosis - to become pregnant and bear a child. In this case, the body begins to such hormonal changes, in which endometriosis is simply no room.

    by the way

    • Endometriosis is found in about 50% of women. This disease is diagnosed in 40% of the fair half barren.
    • Endometriosis women have suffered thousands of years ago. The first mention of this disease and its treatment found in an Egyptian papyrus.
    • Women with endometriosis often experienceunbearable pain. And they can hurt anything and in different places simultaneously. Scientists have recently managed to explain this phenomenon: Endometriosis occurs when abnormal growth of nerves. More nerve fibers cause the brain to perceive signals from any other internal organs as pain. As a result, women with endometriosis may be sick at the same time the bowel, bladder, stomach, 'split' head. And usually attacks occur during sex. While man thinks his partner moan with pleasure, she barely holding back screams of pain.

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