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  • PMS symptoms and causes
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  • PMS symptoms and causes

    Typically, PMS occurs due to high concentration of female sex hormones.

    Symptoms of PMS is also pain in the abdomen,stress, breast tenderness. Note that PMS is manifested and psychologically. A woman becomes irritable too, it has a flash of anger, especially in the morning or in the background emerged forgetfulness.

    Premenstrual syndrome brings pain80% of women of childbearing age. It is seen in 25 years, but particularly strongly expressed in the period from 30 to 40 years in the full power of the symptoms of PMS. About one-third of women suffer from some of these symptoms of PMS, and two-thirds - almost all.

    The cause of premenstrual syndrome may be hormonal imbalance, changes in the functioning of the central nervous system.

    Perhaps years of PMS symptoms are the yearsstrong tension, when a woman torn between her husband and children work. Existing emotional problems may be exacerbated premenstrual syndrome.

    Fight PMS

    To combat PMS and improve comfortthe state as a whole, allow yourself an extra hour or so to relax. Pamper the body with sweet, eat your favorite dishes (but not overdo), drink soothing herbal tea (tea with chamomile or mint), tincture of valerian and Leonurus.

    It is recommended at this time not to drink coffee,strong tea, carbonated beverages, spicy or salty foods. Caffeine and strong brewed tea does not reassure you, but rather cheer, and salty and spicy food will only increase your thirst. As a result, you can drink a lot of excess water that provoke swelling. We add that the cranberry juice, on the contrary, tends to reduce the swelling, bloating, since it is an effective natural diuretic.

    How to deal with PMS
    Because the emphasis is on eating pasta, bread, rice, fish, of course - fruit and vegetables, as well as better to avoid meat and milk.

    Exercise regularly, as well as to the reception of complex products containing vitamins and minerals.

    If your stomach hurts not stop, try to soak in a warm bath and add water decoction of herbs (chamomile or mint perfectly calm) instead of foam. But do not go to the sauna or steam bath.

    Get plenty of sleep, and walk in the freshair, ventilate the room at home. If PIP is expressed very strongly, irritation does not let you for a second, then it may be a sign of impaired endocrine system. The best thing in this case, consult a doctor. After a thorough inspection specialist (gynecologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, internist) prescribe you medication.

    To facilitate their task, getblog PMS. It is best to do it a few months before going to the doctor. Diary will help to better assess the severity, onset and duration of symptoms.

    The doctor prescribes a treatment, having carefully studied the commonbody condition, severity of symptoms, as well as the woman's age. The specialist may prescribe painkillers, diuretics, sedatives.

    We also add that no matter how hard your proceededpremenstrual syndrome, do not give up. In any case, you can improve your overall positive emotional mood and the ability to relax properly. Before you take advantage of a variety of proposed methods for the treatment of PMS, you should definitely consult a doctor. The specialist will examine and carry out an analysis of your physical condition and provide you with the right treatment, taking care, thus, not only about the present, but also on the subsequent health of your body.

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