The symptoms of preterm labor

Not all expectant mothers to feel the charms givenall nine months of pregnancy. Some clans come far ahead of schedule. What is the reason of such a failure in nature than it threatens the mother and child and what to do if went into premature labor? All this tells our site.

Causes of premature birth

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The main reason due to which a woman usuallybegin prematurity - is the presence of infection. A healthy pregnant uterus is always sterile. And any inflammation makes vulnerable uterus, and pregnancy takes place in this case as long as the walls will be able to be stretched, after reaching its limit of the body itself will find a way to get rid of the fetus. How and provoke premature birth. Therefore all gynecologists strongly advise not to take the time and effort, and a complete examination for the presence of infection in the body, especially in some diseases that occur without symptoms. Ideally this should be done before pregnancy, when the baby planning. Particular attention doctor must pay when administered to pregnant women who have a history of acute or chronic inflammation of the appendages and the lining of the uterus, those who have had any intrauterine interventions, such as abortion or curettage, and in cases of spontaneous abortion.

If the tests show inflammation naturally,it needs to be cured, and then become pregnant. But if there were some reasons for tests prior to conception does not, then all of these tests shall be the diagnosis of pregnancy. The sooner we find an infection, which can cause premature birth expectant mother, the better. Today modern medicine in the arsenal, there are many tools that can maintain pregnancy to the position of the forty weeks.

There is another fairly common causenot carrying the fetus to term - is cervical incompetence. When her muscle layer of the uterus defective and he lost the ability to hold the fetus inside the uterus. CIN is a congenital or acquired, after the abortion, the cervix ruptures in previous births and in general any cervical trauma.

In addition premature birth may occurdue to a malfunction of the thyroid gland. If these violations are serious, the woman does not get pregnant on their own will. Also labor can begin earlier if the pregnancy or the baby Multiple large. Do not engage in heavy physical labor, be in the long-term stress, all of which can also trigger the beginning of labor.

Behavior at the beginning of premature birth

pregnancy, a premature baby, premature birth, birth, pregnancy preservation

The first doctor in the event of clashesprescribe medications that reduce the tone of the uterus. They are administered intravenously at first, but after the fight will end, it will be possible to switch to the form of tablets. These medicines should be taken up to 37 weeks. Once stopped the bout, the doctor looks for the cause of their occurrence, ie infection, prescribed antibiotics and sedative drugs that can calm the future mother. Because any excitement, and even more so strong as the fear of losing a child, increases the tone of the uterus.

For up to 28 weeks in case of CIN doctorimposes special stitching on the cervix, which will not allow to go ovum from the womb. After this period, vagina introduced a special ring, which seems to support the fruit, preventing it to put pressure on the cervix. Usually, if there is no labor, at this stage, the disclosure does not continue.

A must for preterm labor isDexamethasone drug. It does not affect or prevent the disclosure of birth, it is aimed to ensure that the child's lungs opened and he was able to breathe independently.

Women assigned bed rest, though the walls of the hospital. And it is recommended not to eat heavy and spicy food.

It is more difficult to maintain a pregnancy if leakingamniotic fluid. If doctors can suppress the generic activities, not a pregnant fever and the fetus is satisfactory, it is possible that the pregnancy will try to save, but be sure to appoint antibiotics. The fact is that when the water started to leak,this means that they have lost the integrity and sterility of membranes bubble and the way is open to infections. So, take antibiotics - it is a vital necessity.

After childbirth

pregnancy, a premature baby, premature birth, birth, pregnancy preservation

Postpartum such patients usuallyis no different from that which happens in the timely completion of the pregnancy. If a woman and detained in the hospital, it is usually due to the fact the condition of the child.

All women go through a complete examination, which reveal the cause of the onset of labor, pass tests, are examined by specialists.

Subsequent pregnant women usuallyhospitalized in critical periods last pregnancy. The most dangerous - is the start date of the birth of the former. In addition, the terms are considered disadvantaged in three weeks, when there is a consolidation of the ovum, in 12 weeks - when the placenta is formed, and in 22 weeks - when there is a strong increase in uterine volume. And also to be feared of all days, which correspond to menstruation.

Today in medicine known cases of nursingeven polukilogrammovogo child born at 25 weeks, but it is rather an exception to the rule. And the recovery of these children is very expensive. Talk about more or less decent survival figures can kilogram among children. However, here and every second child is doomed. And only starting from 1.5 kg, pediatricians provide a good chance that the child will live, as all the organs he has a pretty mature for independent work. After resuscitation, when a child's life is not in danger, it is usually to be the second stage of nursing. There he was in the hospital and can last up to six months, everything depends on how the baby is gaining weight and growing.

Often these children are a little behind in the development of full-term children, but with proper care and development to three years, they are usually completely overtake their peers.

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