Polycystic ovarian, question-answer


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  • Question №1. Why is polycystic ovaries a woman can not conceive a child?

    The ovary is broken egg maturation process: instead, to develop, they are "frozen". And this is happening at the stage of the menstrual function,
    that is often still in their teens.

    It meets and secondary polycystic ovaries. It can occur later in life
    due to chronic inflammatory diseases of female reproductive organs. It is understood that when
    completely disrupted the ovary a woman can not conceive a child, and doctors put
    diagnosis of infertility.

    Question №2. What should pay attention to a woman not to miss is a disease?

    Polycystic ovarian, question-answer First of all, we should alert irregular periods, long delays. This is the main
    symptom. Once the egg is not mature, so do not ripen and the lining of the uterus. menses
    have to wait a month, two, three. Cases and breaks up to six months.

    During the formation of ovarian function girl can not give so much importance
    delays. At the same time it bother oily skin, blackheads, pimples, greasy hair, but these
    displays easily written off as the cost of puberty. But time goes by, not a problem
    disappear. Then suddenly, for no apparent reason, may increase the weight by 8-10 kg, appears
    extra "vegetation".

    Question №3. Why the disease begins at such a young age?

    The causes are often stress, psychological trauma experienced by the girl in the 10-12-minute
    age. Encourage the development of the disease can be a chronic inflammation of the pharyngeal tonsils,
    acute respiratory viral infections. Provoke disease can and poor environmental
    furnishings, and abrupt climate change. All this confuses the nervous system with the correct fret, prevents her
    properly allocate substances "guiding" the ovaries work.

    Question №4. Really when polycystic not a stomach ache?

    Often, women experience some pain, lower abdomen as if the pull. Can be
    painful periods. However, sharp, severe pain usually do not occur. On the one hand, good
    No torture, on the other - bad. Patient postpones visit to the doctor and starts a disease. meanwhile
    it is faster to apply to the gynecologist-endocrinologist and undergo a complete diagnosis.

    Question №5. How should girls and women surveyed, suspect
    at polycystic?

    For accurate diagnosis is necessary to complete the survey. We have to do a pelvic ultrasound
    in various phases of the cycle, if it has been saved. Be sure to explore the daily urine for 17-COP to
    determine the number of male hormones in the body. Either do a blood test for testosterone. Also
    you will need a blood test from a vein on hormones LH and FSH, which are run by the ovaries. And
    three times: in the first phase, then during ovulation and during the second phase. If the phase of the cycle is not
    expressed, tests are taken with a break of 7-10 days.

    Question №6. Is it possible to track most of these phases of the cycle?

    Yes, measure rectal temperature in the morning and draw graphs that
    and will reflect the process of egg maturation. By the way, on the basis of individual temperature
    graphics woman can also find at the problem in the ovaries. If midcycle
    the temperature rises to 37 ° C and above, and the entire month kept at the same level, is
    wise to consult with a doctor.

    Question №7. How is treated polycystic?

    Polycystic ovarian, question-answerThe choice depends on the physician how symptoms expressed strongly disturbed if
    hormonal balance. The doctor must take into account the desire of the patient: it may be,
    it is not interested in the problem of pregnancy and are concerned only a violation of the cycle.

    For a long time the patient as a medical treatment was a single
    hormonal drug Diane-35. Receiving it is effective, but this drug belongs
    to the group of hormones srednedozirovannyh and can cause weight gain, nausea, edema.
    In addition, it was found that anti-androgenic component of this medication - one that suppresses
    the action of male hormones are not very active.

    Now there are low-dose drugs with less hormones, which are almost
    had no effect on weight, do not disturb the process of digestion, do not cause edema. AND,
    Of course, the main thing - they actively reduce the level of male hormones.

    However, treatment with hormonal preparations yourself, I do not advise it, because even the most
    perfect medicine is not for everyone, and can lead to irreversible consequences.

    Question №8. If hormones do not help?

    In this case, it makes sense to spend laparoscopy. This minimally invasive operation in which
    instead of one large incision made three small. They are not even cross-linked, and briefly closed
    brackets. After healing, the place of surgical intervention are almost invisible.
    During laparoscopy ovaries cut out triangular pieces. Such a violation of their integrity
    It promotes the release of hormones the ovaries and egg maturation.

    This elective surgery. To it is necessary to prepare: to pass the general urine and blood samples, blood
    to determine the type and Rh factor, sugar, prothrombin, biochemistry, AIDS, syphilis and hepatitis,
    check the speed of blood clotting. You will also need electrocardiography and

    The operation is performed under general anesthesia, so that it is present anesthetist. If
    laparoscopy carried out in the morning, in the evening the patient may have to get up and
    move. At 3-4 days appoint an extract from hospital.

    Question №9. How can quickly recover the monthly cycle and the ability to conceive
    after such an operation?

    Within 3-6 months after surgery, the patient recovered the rhythm of menstruation.
    Held Ultrasound control (need to see what happens with the egg). And already
    the next step is becoming a physician to stimulate ovulation - the release process
    egg. After conceiving a child is possible only during ovulation.

    Stimulates ovulation process by using synthetic analogues of the hormones LH and FSH. Usually
    pregnancy occurs within 6-12 months after surgery. Especially long should pull
    so as not to lose time. But if the girl is still too young for motherhood, it is necessary to watch
    the work of ovarian, rectal temperature was measured at home and regularly see a doctor.
    You may need some time to take hormones. They are needed in order
    to eliminate the symptoms of excess male hormones: acne, oily skin,

    Question №10. During pregnancy also have to take hormones?

    No hormones are canceled. Pregnancy in itself mean that a woman
    recovered. But she still need to be careful, watch out for childbearing.
    After she got pregnant it is not easy, and it would be necessary at all costs to keep the baby.
    In rare cases, a maintenance drug therapy.

    Question №11. What preventive measures would you recommend?

    It is necessary as soon as possible and to introduce more adolescent girls with sexual hygiene rules
    and intimate life. Infections and abortions cause chronic inflammation in the uterus,
    disrupt ovarian function.

    Moms should more often be interested in the health of their daughters: Does the term come monthly,
    Is "cosmetic flaws" are concerned. And if the daughter were any problems, we must together
    with her to go to a good specialist.

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