Pregnancy, the eighth to the tenth week

Now it is impossible to reduce the caloric content of food, oruse different mono diets which impoverish the body with vitamins. But do not think that now you have to eat "for two", as you may advise some senior friends and relatives. Everything is good in moderation.

Pregnancy, the eighth to the tenth week
You have already understood that the pregnancy - iswonderful time in your life when you forget to think about themselves, and all your thoughts are intended to protect the unborn child from any trouble. While taking care of yourself From the first days of pregnancy, you, therefore, take care of him. Getting used to listening to your feelings, to the manifestations of the body, you will gradually learn to determine the state of your unborn child, who will give signals while still in your body.

Any woman that health care is not yetunborn child, it will be very attentive to their own health. You used five times a day on the go snack buns or hot dog? I do not think that now it is possible for you and I hope you understand. The desire to eat is praiseworthy. However, proper nutrition is not necessary in order to maintain your weight and not recover. This is not a diet, because pregnancy - is nottime to experiment with diets. Now it is impossible to reduce the caloric content of foods, or use different mono diets which impoverish the body with vitamins. Our website would like to protect you from the idea that now you have to eat "for two", as may be advised some senior friends and relatives. Everything is good in moderation.

The eighth week of pregnancy

On the eighth week it is already possible to think about clothes for pregnant women
Starting from the eighth week of pregnancy canweigh and measure the baby's growth. And, although it is still a very small weight and height, but it is the second month of pregnancy, a woman feels great that in her body grows and develops new life, the size of which is not larger than two cherries. At this time, of course you still do not feel any change in body weight, your stomach size is not increased, but to think about clothes for pregnant women is already possible. It is better to buy it in advance. And do not dress anyhow, considering that at this time is not necessary to think about the appeal. This is not true! There is nothing more beautiful in this world than a well-groomed appearance of a pregnant woman, whose face shone with happiness.

Embryonic development period comes to an endthe end of the tenth week of pregnancy. It begins the fetal period. Right now, the fetus is developing very rapidly, it becomes more closed to external influences and are not susceptible to certain diseases. As a rule, all birth defects are formed before the tenth week of pregnancy.

Now there is, and the formation of various organschild. From this period he was like a man that can be seen on examination using ultrasound. But too early to think that all the difficulties behind. Your actions could affect negatively on the unborn child. What actions? Yes, the most basic. For example, smoking, or being in a room where people smoke. We will not mention such things as the use of alcohol and drugs.

Vaccination during pregnancy

It should be vaccinated prior to pregnancy
In order to insure the body from variousdiseases, it is necessary to vaccinate. What is a vaccine? It's a drug that is in contact with the human body produces it immunity to infection. With the help of vaccination in humans produces immunity, which helps the body to resist in case of an epidemic.

This disease, like measles, virtuallyharmless as a child, can make you absolutely miserable during pregnancy, because, in the case of measles, pregnancy is usually not stored. To find out if your blood body immune to measles, you need to be tested, or (if you know it exactly) to provide antenatal care certificate that you've had the disease before.

An even more dangerous disease - is rubella. If you have not had the disease, as well as measles and mumps, previously, make sure immunizations before pregnancy, at least three months prior to its occurrence.

To maintain immunity to tetanus and diphtheriavaccination should be done every ten years. No vaccinations, usually during pregnancy, are given to a woman, with rare exceptions and only as directed by a doctor.

Infections during pregnancy

Pregnant women are never administered live vaccine, and the vaccine from killed bacteria completely safe
The tenth week of pregnancy. How far before maternity leave, when you can not visit the office daily work, getting to him more modes of transport. It is in transport we are very susceptible to infectious disease. It is necessary even in this period of pregnancy to minimize the possibility of your meeting with the infection. If you know that a friend's sick child, let it even be an ordinary SARS, put her on a visit to another time. In transport, try to breathe only through the nose, this type of breathing is the most rational and nasal breathing protects us from various diseases.

If a flu epidemic is announced, feel free towear a gauze bandage. In civilized countries, this type of barrier protection against infection has long been used. If the doctor suspects you have any infection and believes that it is necessary to vaccinate, do not be alarmed! Pregnant women are never given a live vaccine, and a vaccine from dead germs is completely safe. Not a single case of complications or harmful effects on the fetus of a vaccine from dead microbes has been identified.

Fears and prejudices on the second month of pregnancy

During the pregnancy engaged in gymnastics, listen to relaxing music and do not be afraid
You begin to feel that began gainingweight? Outwardly, nothing much, and the scales show the addition of? Do not worry and do not panic. So it should be. And you're quite right, if you start to sit on different diets in which you want to keep weight gain. You MUST put on weight. If you torture yourself with hunger, then, first of all, it will suffer from your child.

For the entire period of pregnancy, a woman gainsabout 15 kg and this is the norm. In the first four weeks of pregnancy, you should recover from 4 to 6 kg, it will be possible to further monitor the rate of weight gain. Over a week, on average, weight will increase by half a kilo. If there is no weight gain, this is a sign of trouble.

Some women in the period of pregnancyconsider optional visit to the doctor. They think that it is too early. Unfortunately, then it may be too late. If you are a serious person and serious approach to the issue of his health and the health of their unborn child, you are sure to see your doctor as soon as possible. After all, the results of examinations can determine how the fetus develops.

How many different prejudices surrounds ourwomen awaiting the birth of a child! Just amazed sometimes. Some say that it is impossible to do a haircut, while others insist that a woman rarely left the house, afraid that good people do not "jinx" it. All this is so dense delusion that even writing about them would not be desirable.

Pregnant woman must live in happiness! Then the child will be happy to have his birth. Listen to good music. Not hard rock and music that lay the ears (as they lay not only you, but also your unborn child yet), and a good, quiet music. Visit various exhibitions, theatrical performances. Also during pregnancy need to do gymnastics, at least a little, for 10-15 minutes a day. Even this will benefit both you and your child.

If you do an ultrasound on week 10-11pregnancy, you will find out that your baby already has a height of about four centimeters! At the same weeks, the skin of the child develops, but it is such a thin layer that blood vessels are visible through it. If the mom and dad of the future baby are dark-haired, the laying of hair follicles is much faster than that of blondes and the eyebrows and hair of the fetus are already clearly visible in the pictures.

Heart can listen, starting with 13-14 minutes a week, but that you are still ahead! On the third month of pregnancy we will tell the next time.

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