"Charms" of pregnancy

Pregnancy - is a sense of life and the magicinside, and waiting for the first meeting and the boundless love that grows day by day. But as always, is known for the other side of the coin: arising during pregnancy ailments and health problems. I want to tell about the most common "virtues" of pregnancy, their causes and how to combat them.

Do you believe in miracles? At least one witness indisputable miracle is almost every one of us. How else can we call the period of pregnancy and the birth of the new man? Of course, the most complete and vivid experiences of a lifetime are the most important participant in this event - a woman who gave birth to the child. This is a magical feeling of living inside, and wait for the first meeting and the boundless love that grows day by day. But, as always, is known for the other side of the coin: arising during pregnancy ailments and health problems. I want to tell the readers of our site is the most common "virtues" of pregnancy, their causes and how to combat them.


Problems during pregnancy
This is perhaps the first and mostcommon unpleasant escort pregnancy. It is expressed in a number of symptoms: nausea, vomiting, salivation, and general depression, which leads to loss of appetite and body weight. Depending on their severity of toxicosis is divided into mild, moderate and severe. Most often, to 12-13 weeks of pregnancy, all ailments gradually disappear. However, intensifying nausea and vomiting, it is necessary to seek medical help, t. To. For the life of the mother and fetus is very dangerous dehydration and metabolic disorders.

The reasons for toxicosis experts give a lot:

  • various negative emotions expectant mother;
  • chronic liver disease and gastrointestinal, asthenic syndrome;
  • the immune system and heredity;
  • hormonal influence of the placenta and fetus in the woman's body;
  • age over 30 years;
  • violation of the agreed work of the central nervous system and internal organs.

For ease of the pregnant woman is recommended:

  • eat small meals, but often; in the diet include light not hot dishes, causing your appetite; do not force yourself forced to use a "useful" product;
  • the very first day of the meal is organized in lying position, get up before bed;
  • for breakfast try to eat dairy products and eggs;
  • drinking regime separate from a meal, be sure to add alkaline water in it;
  • follow your feelings, eat a little sour or salty.

Although morning sickness brings suffering to many women,one should not inspire the body negative thoughts about pregnancy. For example, my morning sickness was mild, but the features he also had. Thus, for the first months of pregnancy nausea caused the thought of meat or fish. It was easy enough to exclude them from your diet. I was also sick of every specific and unpleasant odors (cigarette smoke, the smell of cauliflower and borscht), as well as perfume fragrances. I completely abandoned the use of perfumes, deodorants bought only unscented soaps and shampoos - hypoallergenic. Even her husband at the time of toxicosis asked not to use the toilet water. And I really was not difficult to cope with toxemia. So listen to your body and just try to understand his desires.


This is a special case of varicose veins: varicose veins of the rectum around the anus. Acute symptoms hemorrhoids: Severe pain, internal or precipitated components. Chronic hemorrhoids accompanied by short-term bleeding from scarlet knots. Also, this may cause cracks anus.

Most often, hemorrhoids during pregnancyoccurs when a genetic predisposition or exacerbated by pre-existing chronic form. But due to frequent constipation, increased thrombus formation and impaired blood circulation in the pelvis, observed during pregnancy, expectant mothers are at risk. For prevention it is important to eat right, exercise timely treatment of constipation. I, fortunately, this "charm" spared, which I am very pleased.


Problems during pregnancy
Due to the hormonal changes of the body of a pregnant woman, the weakening of the walls of veins, high blood pressure in the vessels of the legs, varicose changes occur. Phlebeurysm except foreign unattractiveness entailsa number of serious complications. Therefore, when the first symptoms MirCovetov readers should contact their obstetrician, and in the presence of varicose veins chronic entire pregnancy should occur in a vascular surgeon or phlebologist.

The first sign of varicose veins - the appearance of the visiblevenous net and spider veins. Then, in a vertical position, the legs swell, quickly get tired, there are painful sensations. With further development of the disease blood circulation veins, characterized by constant swelling, observed skin pigmentation, eczema, trophic ulcers and thrombophlebitis.

Factors that increase the risk of developing varicose veins:

  • heredity;
  • available varicose changes before pregnancy;
  • overweight or speed dial extra kilos;
  • insufficient physical activity;
  • excessive exposure to sunlight.

Note that already appeared varicose changescompletely cured only by surgery. Therefore it is extremely important preventive methods, including all possible strengthening of vascular exercise tolerance and the correction of the diet, the use of medical linen. I helped the morning exercise, nightly walking long distances and massage.

High blood pressure

Experts say high blood pressure at rates of 130/80. Hypertension is dangerous and fatal for both mother and fetus, so ignore her appearance in any case impossible. In cases increasing the pressure before pregnancy a woman should even while planning to consult with a physician or cardiologist. If necessary, it will be assigned to supportive care and monitoring during the entire pregnancy. But the increased load on the cardiovascular system during pregnancy can cause an attack of hypertension for the first time. The risk is exacerbated by age, after 40 years, multiple pregnancy, diabetes. kidney disease, Hereditary predisposition, unhealthy lifestyle and frequent stress.

In order not to worsen the condition, avoid toosalty, sweet, fatty and fried foods, eat more vegetables, fruits and foods of steam, the amount of fluid you drink all you have to be up to 1.5 liters per day, the maximum follow a healthy lifestyle. With regard to drugs, such agents are selected strictly individual physician and adjusted in accordance with the course of the disease.


Problems during pregnancy
Burning sensation or feeling of warmth in the pitregion, ie heartburn -.. a symptom of reflux esophagitis disease. I will never forget these unpleasant feelings, especially when you consider that before pregnancy, I had no idea about this problem. Unfortunately, experience heartburn more than half of pregnant women. This happens due to increased intra-abdominal pressure and weakened the work of the lower sphincter of food, which should close the border between the esophagus and the stomach. As a result of gastric contents into the esophagus and causes inflammation of the mucous membrane, which is expressed heartburn. Also, we must remember that heartburn is a symptom of a number of digestive diseases. Therefore, frequent and severe heartburn you may appoint an additional examination.

Measures to combat heartburn:

  • eliminate from the diet of fresh bread, buns, fatty meats and fish, hard-boiled eggs, sour berries and fruit, black coffee, ice cream, soft drinks, spicy marinades and spices;
  • frequent small feedings;
  • 30-40 minutes after eating in the upright position;
  • daily bowel movements;
  • bed should rise from the head 15-20 cm;
  • Casual clothes;
  • the use of herbal concoctions and jelly.


If you become a press shoe, a ring on his finger,weight gain, irregular or exceeding 300 grams per week, there is reason to suspect fluid retention in the body. The appearance of edema in the second half of pregnancy in the absence of protein in the urine and normal pressure usually does not require treatment. I was so in the last few weeks before birth. But if these symptoms arose before the 20th week of pregnancy, the doctor will survey the kidneys and heart. The food is to limit the use of salt, spices and grilled, the volume of fluid in the last months of pregnancy It must be not more than 1-1.2 liters a day. I feel sorry for those who have to contend with a thirst in summer. This is indeed a problem and can not drink, and drink a lot of it is impossible, too.

Increased irritability, nervousness, irritability

Problems during pregnancy
Hormonal changes the body of a pregnantits effect on the state of the central nervous system. In the first trimester is characterized by a decrease in excitability: a future mother observed drowsiness, confusion, a certain lethargy. This helps to relax the uterus and normal pregnancy.

The psyche of the woman begins to deal with the attacknew excitement and experiences associated with the pregnancy and the upcoming birth. Not surprisingly, for its behavior are characterized by irritability, nervousness and irritability. It is very difficult morally, if held senior positions or just a stressful job. I, for one, was very easy to offend and hurt, and so words that before pregnancy, I would not pay attention. Well, if the relatives and colleagues are so unpleasant changes with understanding. However, most mom must learn to calm down and keep yourself in the hands, because there is still not easy to be moral, and physical activity, which will require a baby.

Readers of our site is not necessary to adjust itself before conceiving a child the mandatory presence of any of theabove "charms" of pregnancy. I think there is ever appropriate wisdom is to solve problems as they come. Your optimistic certainly not complicate any problems, but the negative experiences can create additional difficulties. I wish you a happy and memorable expectations!

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