• Acute cholecystitis
  • Manifestations cholecystitis
  • Chronic cholecystitis
  • Treatment of acute cholecystitis
  • Treatment of chronic cholecystitis

  • Acute cholecystitis

    Acute cholecystitis - in
    90-95% of cases develops when blockage of the bile duct stone
    (In patients with cholelithiasis), rarely - other

    The age of patients is 30-80 years (mainly). Women get sick more often. Most patients previously had chronic cholecystitis.

    Manifestations cholecystitis

    • The onset of pain in the right hypochondrium.
    • Then, nausea, vomiting.
    • Weakness, fever.

    Over time, the patient's condition worsens.
    If these symptoms appear, you should immediately consult a doctor.
    If time does not provide medical help, then after 3 - 4 days with
    since the beginning of the disease may develop a life-threatening
    complications as peritonitis - an inflammation of the peritoneum, which often leads to
    of death.


    Chronic cholecystitis

    Chronic cholecystitis
    - Less life-threatening than acute, but chronic cholecystitis can
    give acute (occur as acute cholecystitis), with all

    The age of patients is the same; women get sick 2 to 3 times more often than men.

    Manifestation of the disease: mild recurrent pain in the right
    hypochondrium, nausea, rarely - vomiting, belching bitterness. Often
    symptoms appear after consuming fatty, fried or
    spicy food.

    To diagnose the disease today most
    cheap, informative and safe method is ultrasound
    (Ultrasound) of the abdominal cavity.

    Treatment of acute cholecystitis

    Treatment should be carried out strictly in a surgical hospital, under the supervision of doctors! The approach to treatment and, accordingly, the choice of drugs - individual and
    It depends on many factors: the presence of concomitant diseases, by
    how major runs (cholecystitis) disease.

    The basic scheme:

    • patient can be hungry for 3-4 days
    • cold (ice pack) on the anterior abdominal wall
    • intravenously
      administered saline, 5% glucose solution, these solutions are added
      antispasmodics, pain medications (Baralgin, and Renalgan
      etc.), which is also administered and intramuscularly, but the appointment of strong
      pain medication is contraindicated, as they hide
      a true picture of the disease
    • antibiotics
    • other medications administered if necessary.

    If cholecystitis is a consequence of gallstone disease, and (or)
    drug treatment does not work - you must do

    Treatment of chronic cholecystitis

    When choosing a method
    treatment of chronic cholecystitis is crucial presence of stones
    in the gallbladder (the presence of gallstones). If the stones are -
    operation is necessary, if not - the usual (conservative) treatment.

    Today I will talk about the treatment of stoneless chronic cholecystitis. A strict diet is prescribed (table No. 5): smoked products are excluded from food,
    spicy and fried foods, canned goods, sausages, sharp cheese, cocoa,
    chocolate, alcohol. You can use products with choleretic
    properties, but if they do not cause pain - soft-boiled eggs in moderation
    amount, fresh unsalted butter, olive oil, milk,
    dairy products, lean meat (beef) and fresh fish.

    Patients are advised to take choleretic drugs:

    • holenzim
    • allahol
    • Holagol etc.
    • decoctions of choleretic herbs: corn stigmas, immortelle flowers, etc.
    In addition, other drugs are prescribed for the treatment of concomitant diseases.

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