How is hepatitis C


How is hepatitis CHepatitis C is considered to be an infectious disease that affects one of the vital organs - the liver. Most often it occurs in young people, but anyone can get infected.

Transmitted diseases through blood only rarelyHepatitis C is transmitted through sexual contact, quietly getting chronic. On unprotected sex accounts for up to 5% of cases of hepatitis C. Vaccines of this type of hepatitis until no medicine.

Here are some simple guidelines that will help avoid infection, they should pay attention even to those who potentially is at risk:

  • never used injection drugs;
  • If you are addicted and regularly inject drugs injection, the needle does not pass anyone, solutions, syringes, etc., and do not use other people and make sure to be vaccinated against hepatitis A and B;
  • Never use other people's personal hygiene (toothbrush, razor, handkerchiefs, etc., where there may be traces of blood), and do not give anyone your;
  • health workers need to be careful and follow the rules of asepsis and antisepsis, safety at work with piercing-cutting tools and be sure to get vaccinated against hepatitis B;
  • pay attention to beauty salons, where providing services manicure-pedicure, body piercing, tattooing, and acupuncture - how they work, whether the rules comply with sanitation and other;
  • at the doctor's office, especially dental, ENT, gynecology and others, make sure that the instrument has been sterilized or disposable;
  • in casual sex, use a condom.

In addition to all the above, the probabilityinfection of hepatitis C virus is present during hemodialysis, the process of blood transfusion, transplantation, any surgical interventions, as well as the hepatitis C virus can be transmitted from an infected mother to the fetus (risk up to 5%), or when passing through the birth canal (in this case, the percentage of infection almost 100%) during labor. Therefore, when planning pregnancy should always be tested for the presence of hepatitis C virus in the blood.

It is not transmitted hepatitis C virus

It is not transmitted hepatitis C virusIt is important to know that the hepatitis C virus can not beinfected contact or airborne transmission. If you come across a person who is sick with hepatitis C, you can not fear that such a dangerous disease become infected through:

  • kisses or hugs;
  • handshake;
  • general food or drink;
  • coughing or sneezing;
  • breastfeeding (provided that there are no cracks on the nipple).

Patients with hepatitis C, if infection occurred

If you find that you have found in the bloodvirus and ranked as the patients with hepatitis C, the first piece of advice - do not in any case do not give the excitement, panic or hysteria. Currently, hepatitis C can be treated successfully. It is necessary to calm down and make an appointment with an experienced hepatologist. He will appoint the necessary examination and appropriate tests to determine:

  • the presence of antibodies to HCV (anti-HCV);
  • the presence of the virus RNA - its activity and reproduction (PCR HCV);
  • the concentration of virus in the blood - viral load; This helps to evaluate the effectiveness and correctness appointed by antiviral therapy (PCR HCV);
  • degree of liver enzymes (ALT, AST);
  • bilirubin - bilirubin and liver enzymes provide clues about the strength of the virus activity.

What is required from the patient, who first heard the diagnosis, "hepatitis C virus"? It should immediately:

  • discard any alcoholic beverages, drugs and medications that affect liver function, as well as smoking;
  • eliminate all physical activity and give yourself enough time to relax;
  • think about the prevention of possible infection with hepatitis C of those around you and make sure that nobody used your personal hygiene items;
  • at the risk of injury with the presence of blood to askthose you provide first aid, put on gloves; trapped in the furniture, flooring and other items drop of blood carefully handle disinfectant based on chlorine; linen cloth and washed at 60 ° C for 30 minutes, and tools, utensils boil for 2 minutes;
  • observe proper and balanced diet, adhering to a specific diet for hepatitis C;
  • try not to succumb to depression begins,possible distracting themselves by simple physical exercises, baths, aromatherapy, relaxation and other (it can begin "Peginterferon" by itself or after administration of the drug); if does not help - consult a psychotherapist;
  • try not to expose themselves to risk of contracting various infections, not supercool.

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