VS liver Holidays. How to come out the winner?


VS liver Holidays. How to come out the winner?August is traditionally considered the favoritemonth for vacations in Russia when most Russians go on a trip to resorts or plots of land to rest and regain strength for a whole year in advance. Rapidly gaining its position in the plans of our compatriots and the rest in September. However, relaxing on vacation, few people think that the body is exposed to a large number of loads, most of which takes on our liver.

Liver - very delicate mechanism, which responds sensitivelyto changes in our physical and mental state. In it are weaved essential functions of various body systems. At the same time it is a very modest assistant, and "silent" even when damaged, so few people think about the state of her health. Statistics, however, disappointing, and says that there are problems with the liver almost every third inhabitant of Russia1.

In the summer months, the risks faced by our liver, increases. However, not only gastronomic and alcoholic excesses during the holidays are a danger to the body.

The problem for the liver may also result inthe desire to get a bronze tan, because regular excessive sun damage load cell membrane and its structure. Summer is increasing and the number of negative environmental and natural factors: the dusty air, smoke from forest fires in the air increases the content of particles of heavy metals and hydrocarbons, which dramatically loads detoxification function of the liver. Another problem is the frequent use of repellents that penetrate through the pores of the skin, can cause intoxication, by which we must once again protect the liver.

From such risks no one is immune, soa very important issue in the summer months it becomes a question of maintaining our "silent" defender. To do this, first of all, it is necessary to provide a full range of vitamins and nutrients necessary to maintain cell structure stability. Most of these vitamins can be obtained from seasonal vegetables, fruits and berries - should only pay attention to your diet, and do not be lazy to include certain products in it.

One key to the functioning of vitaminsLiver is vitamin C or ascorbic acid. Its deficiency slows down the speed of all processes in the body and makes the liver cells more vulnerable. In order to provide the necessary level of liver vitamin C should be consumed black currants, rose hips, strawberries, bell peppers, as well as all kinds of citrus kiwi, lemons and oranges. It is necessary to remember that the vegetables and fruits are stored longer, the more destroyed vitamin C. Therefore it is better to use those summer gifts that come to us on the table straight from the garden, they contain the maximum number of askorbinki.

Very important "liver" is a vitamin andvitamin E. It supports the integrity and stability of the liver cells, contributing to their renewal and thus ensuring the well-known of the liver's ability to regenerate. Most are rich in vitamin E such as the sea buckthorn berry, aronia, blackberries. They make excellent compotes, juices and fruit drinks.
It needs the liver and also vitamin A. It can be synthesized in the body from beta-carotene, which is a precursor thereof - provitamin. Beta-carotene is found in carrots, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, pumpkin, grapefruit, gooseberries, and many other fruits and vegetables.

VS liver Holidays. How to come out the winner?However, in addition to our liver needs vitaminsuch essential food components as essential phospholipids, which are necessary to maintain its vital functions (hence the word "Essential" - the most necessary). These important components found in oily fish, nuts, seeds, legumes and soy, vegetable refined oil, natural dairy products and egg yolks. All of these products contain and easy fat - triglycerides, and therefore have a very high calorie. In summer, with increased ambient temperature accelerates the metabolic processes in the body, and the need for reduced-calorie diet. Therefore, there is a great risk that the body does not get enough essential fatty acids.

"Long-term lack of fat-soluble vitamins andessential phospholipids in cell membranes damage the liver cells, which may result in non-alcoholic fatty disease - commented Evgeny Szasz, professor of m n, the doctor-gastroenterologist, Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg.... - If a person, for whatever reason, wants to limit the caloric content of their diet, the foods that are high in fat can be compensated free of extra fat calories hepatoprotectors on the basis of essential phospholipids, for example Essentiale Forte N. Hepatoprotectors improve the protective and transport function of the liver, helping it resist cells harmful effects. As a result, the liver cells to cope with inflammation faster, better neutralize the toxins. "

Thus, to summer vacation is notIt was the beginning of a string of health problems, but on the contrary, the maximum allowed restore power and performance you need to pay special attention to our liver. This will help her not only to survive the summer, but to strengthen it and make this period favorable for the whole organism.

1Wolfgang Gerok had, Hubert E. Blum Liver and biliary system. Moscow "MED press-inform", 2009. - 199 p.

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