Allergy - a slow killer


  • Who is most often prone to allergies?
  • Symptoms of hay fever
  • Treatment and prevention of allergies
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  • Allergy body in response to such a substance produces its own - histamine. It histamine and cause of allergic reactions.

    Today allergy is quitecommon phenomenon - more than 20% of the world population suffer from this disease. Cause allergic reactions can anything - what surrounds us, what we eat, what we breathe.

    By today allergens include house dust, insects, household chemicals, pollen, animal dander, fruits (mostly citrus), drugs, sunlight.

    Who is most often prone to allergies?

    Scientific research has proven that 25%cases, allergy is inherited. This chance increases in two, three times if both parents suffer from allergies. That is why, when a woman rises on account of pregnancy gynecologist asks about both parents allergiesAllergy - a slow killerher.

    With the onset of spring in Allergy to pollen comes the most difficult time. "Although the house does not come out" - they say, and, in general, they are right. After all, the body's reaction is unpredictable.

    Symptoms of hay fever

    pollen allergy causes the bodyimmune response. The whole result of this phenomenon is observed "in the face" - the skin becomes red, blood vessels dilate, runny nose and sneezing. Moreover, such a reaction can occur in any person.

    And do not be surprised and wonder -"Why?" Even before the allergy and not observed. This disease is still not fully understood. Allergies can cause a sudden, and suddenly leave.

    Thus, if there are symptoms such asrunny nose, watery eyes (at the same time of the year), if the runny nose lasts for more than a week, night cough, unreasonable, whose day has not - should seek medical advice.

    Many people who are trying to cope withallergy alone or those who do not respond to it. Motivated by this more often so that it will be spring, and allergy pass. What is dangerous is an opinion? The fact that the allergy - a slow killer. After all, according to research by German specialists in every third nelechivshegosya patient begins to develop asthma.

    Another important motivation is the need for treatmentto the doctor - to find out whether it is an allergy really is. The fact is that the cause of ailments that a person receives for allergy - pseudoallergy. It can be caused by eating foods rich in histamine (eg, sausages, several types of cheese). If we can find out the cause of allergic reactions of the body, then you can deal with them the right way.

    To find out what caused the allergy, inclinics conducted special studies: studied skin samples for the presence of specific antibodies, provocative tests are carried out. Modern medicine also offers to undergo a full allergy and immunological study.

    Treatment and prevention of allergies

    Unfortunately, the science has not yet known means,which would be one hundred percent could get rid of allergies. Therefore, the fight against allergies is mainly aimed at the suppression of histamine and warning contacts with allergens. But if it is done professionally, it is possible to minimize the manifestation of allergic reactions.

    Allergy to pollen is shown only ifwhen there is a bloom (dusting) plants. Therefore pollen allergy sufferers need to arm themselves with the knowledge that when begins dusting plants and the places where these plants grow. In order that such information was always at hand better start dusting calendar.

    Tips allergies

    • Try not to leave the house in the morning (11 hours).
    • Do not leave the city, where a lot of flowering plants.
    • Open windows fine mesh curtain.
    • Going out into the street to wear sunglasses.
    • Upon returning home, wash the mucous of the nose and eyes water.

    In everyday life it is necessary to give allergy sufferersfrom cosmetics and cleaning products based on herbs. Exclude from the diet of foods that are produced from plants that cause allergies. Do not keep the house bunches of dried flowers. Before the onset of the flowering season to hold a special designated physician treatment. Otherwise, the symptoms will only become more complicated with each passing year.

    If an allergic reaction happens,you should immediately consult a doctor. Only a doctor can give correct advice and prescribe medication to fight allergies. It is necessary to completely avoid contact with the allergen, not to drink alcoholic beverages, do not smoke, do not at this time any vaccinations.

    If you have to travel to another country, orcity, it is better to carry your passport patient allergies. Since allergy sufferer can happen anaphylactic shock and if relatives are not around, then using this information to the doctors of the passport will be easier and faster to provide quality medical care.

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