Allergy to cold!


  • Causes of cold allergy
  • Types of cold allergy
  • How to cope with the problem

  • Causes of cold allergy

    About half the world's population suffer
    allergic diseases. Allergy - a condition where the body
    human exhibits increased sensitivity to certain factors
    - Allergens. In response to an allergen body produces antibodies
    It is going immune response. So there is an allergic

    Allergens found in dust, animal hair,
    pollen. But there are some unusual allergies. Among them are allergic to cold.
    Doctors have long recognized the existence of such a disease. After all, in itself cebe
    snow and cold air does not contain allergens. Doctors found the following
    explanation for this phenomenon: under the influence of decrease in body temperature,
    tissue proteins are interconnected andAllergy to cold!Brasil alien structure.

    Apparently, it is the union of proteins causes a person
    strong immune response. These systems are easy to break down under the influence
    heat. Therefore, in a warm room the person begins to feel strongly

    Types of cold allergy

    • Hives. costs
      you go out into the street in the winter, as the skin is covered with red spots. Externally
      These spots are like sting. There are two types of hives:
      water and air. Water urticaria transferred person much
      heavier. Open areas of the body and face are covered with huge blisters,
      It is unfortunate vymoknut under the snow and rain. In damp cold
      weather it is better to refrain from long walks.
    • there is
      other types of cutaneous manifestations of allergies. The skin may be covered
      burgundy spots which cover the open areas most
      the body (face, hands). This manifestation of cold dermatitis.
    • There may be a rash on the skin,
      disappearing in the heat. They have a pinkish color, dense texture.
      Causes severe itching, which quickly passes when the patient
      It is in a warm room.
    • Rhinitis. Cold air causes a runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes. Rhinitis occurs when entering the street and takes place in a warm room.
    • cheilitis
      - Inflammation of the lips. Part is allergic in nature. The people
      say, "weathered" lips. Characterized by cracks in the corners of the mouth, and dry
    • Migraine. Severe headaches
      Pain, discomfort in the temples. And please do not forget to wear
      hat, otherwise your carelessness will lead to more severe
    • bronchospasm. Human heavy breathe, breath catches. Thus, the bronchi protect themselves from the cold air.

    How to cope with the problem

    • When skin manifestations of allergies, you need to put a dry and warm clothes.
    • drink
      plenty of warm fluid, for example, tea with milk. It is necessary to take
      antihistamine. Please note: The clothing must be made
      cotton. Wool and synthetic may exacerbate allergic symptoms.
    • An hour before going outside, lubricate the face and hands with a protective cream. It will protect your skin from exposure to cold.
    • Not
      treat rhinitis vasoconstrictor. When allergic rhinitis they
      are addictive and can cause increased symptoms. It is better to drip
      drops in the nose from allergies.
    • To prevent cheilitis, moisturize lips hygienic lipstick. Do not lick lips in the cold.
    • AT
      cold weather, dress warmly, do not forget about the headdress.
      Wear warm gloves and scarf block the throat. This will help avoid
      many diseases, lay in wait in the cold season.

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