How not to get sick this fall? Strengthen your immune system time!


Often we attach no importance attack firstautumn frosts, and even staying in a summer mood, continue to dress lightly, and chill right there. And here you are feeling unwell, stay home on Friday night and miss the fun party with friends. It's no secret that resistance to colds and flu depends on the strength of our immune system. But how to strengthen it? This is the question we ask ourselves each time with the arrival of the autumn-winter season.

As you know, there are some simple rules thathelp immunity: proper diet, positive thinking and movement. But what if you feel that the body is already a problem and how to help themselves? Fortunately, modern techniques allow us to find the causes of a weakened immune system, restore and strengthen it, and to raise the overall tone of the body!

Traditional methods

"Immune passport" or "immune portrait ': the picture will be clear

To compile a complete picture of human health must be made "immune passport". "Immune passport" or "immune portrait" made on the basis of a single test "The general condition of the body ". It analyzes the 24 life-support systemthe body of 44 indicators: how to operate all the organs and systems as a whole. Experts "Evromedprestizh" by the test reveal the content of antibodies in the human body (they are normal or there are deviations). The fact that the immune system performs the function of monitoring the state of the organs and tissues, and in the event of illness produces specific antibodies, which allows to capture the disease at an early stage, and to take all necessary preventive measures, up to prevent the development of cancer.

Get rid of "garbage immunological"

Of great importance in the examination of the immunethe system has a test for food intolerance. It is necessary to exclude from the diet the food that the body can not fully processed, because if the food does not undergo complete processing then begins to increase the mass of so-called "immunological garbage", and the immune system is switched on then to eliminate these problems.

Where to go?

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Innovative techniques

Excellent assistant in strengthening the immune system and its preparation for the autumn-winter season will be cryotherapy, ozone therapy and osteopathy sessions.

Ozone therapy: oxygen for health

How not to get sick this fall? Strengthen your immune system time!Scientists have long noted that ozone, the active formoxygen, has useful properties: kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, rids the body of toxic effects, positive effects on the blood: restores the oxygen-transport function of blood, circulation and microcirculation, activates the body's production of biologically active substances. For the recovery of the body as a whole and strengthen its own forces used intravenous injection of oxygen-ozone mixture. Blood saturated with oxygen, becomes persistent therapeutic properties: it stimulates the immune system, strengthens health.

Cryotherapy: cold therapy

How not to get sick this fall? Strengthen your immune system time!The method is based on the use of the uniquecryochamber. The temperature is selected so that only cooled surface skin layer, without a general hypothermia. The therapeutic effect is based on the fact that the cold first causes a sharp vasoconstriction, followed by their extension. Effekety the procedure - a powerful activation of the immune system, prevention of colds, maintaining stable homeostasis (constancy of internal environment), increasing lymphatic drainage. In addition, improved sleep and overall well-being, irritability passes, improves mood, increases efficiency. Side positive effect - Weight loss, improved skin turgor.

Osteopathy: treatment arms

How not to get sick this fall? Strengthen your immune system time!The purpose of osteopath - to save the patient andfrom health problems and of its reasons, to restore the natural functioning of the body, as well as to strengthen its defenses, to awaken the mechanisms of self-regulation and self-healing. It is also an important goal of osteopathic impact - reducing effects of stress on the body. It normalizes metabolic processes, mobilizes the body's internal capabilities.

Where to go?

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