The cure for the flu: a lie, and where the truth?


  • A little about homeopathy
  • Antibiotics - not just from
  • With or without a temperature?
  • Right choice

  • The cure for the flu: a lie, and where the truth? However, it is not
    means that the disease can be ignored: influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections,
    fired to chance, can lead to dangerous complications and even death. Besides
    that in itself cold - it's hard for us to state. The disease can
    accompanied by high fever, severe headaches, coughing,
    diarrhea ... well, pleasant enough.

    Not surprisingly,
    we hook or by crook tried to get rid of the flu and other acute respiratory viral infections,
    what storm the nearest pharmacy in search of the best medicines. And How
    Generally, we stop in front of a showcase at a loss, because of drugs
    a great variety of influenza. How to choose the medicine that will help
    we get rid of the disease?

    Of course, if
    the first sign of a cold is best to consult a doctor. He will appoint
    necessary tests to make an accurate diagnosis, and proper advise
    medicine. Unfortunately, to see a doctor, we are accustomed to only when
    cold develops into something more serious. Well, will have to
    to understand the variety of drugs.

    selecting drugs for the treatment of influenza, we usually opt
    on one of the following medicines: homeopathy, reducing the severity of symptoms,
    antibiotics, drugs etiotropic. Just how effective are they?

    A little about

    The most controversial,
    perhaps, are the homeopathic remedies from the flu. Their effectiveness is still
    has not proven scientifically, moreover, studies
    It shows that the result of homeopathic remedies is at ...
    placebo ie innocuous soother. It is no accident the experts of international
    Cochrane Society evidence-based medicine by results of the 2009 study
    year concluded that homeopathic remedies can not be applied in
    as monotherapy influenza and SARS. But a year later, and the Committee on Science
    UK Parliament's technology was more strict in its conclusions: "a systematic assessment and meta-analysis
    definitively demonstrate that homeopathic products work better than a placebo. "

    It is worth
    mention the use of homeopathic medicines as monotherapy
    colds in children. Since children are at risk for
    severe course of influenza and SARS, they should take homeopathy only at
    complex with conventional antiviral agents.

    Of course,
    a final decision on the admission of these drugs to take you, but we
    strongly recommend not limited to one only by homeopathy in the treatment of
    influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections.

    Antibiotics - not from

    Not so long ago
    Antibiotics are among the most popular medicinal groups we
    bought for self-treatment of colds. And buy
    in vain, because antibiotics are effective only against bacteria, and very inefficient
    against viral infections, which are the flu and SARS.

    Your doctor may
    prescribe antibiotics only if the risk occurs when the disease
    development of bacterial complications. Independently take medication that
    group desired.

    With the temperature or

    Perhaps the most
    we buy products that remove or facilitate common cold symptoms: runny nose,
    fever, chills, cough. They seem to be the most effective, because the
    literally ten to twenty minutes after administration, we feel better, we
    it seems that the cold receded.

    Alas, this is deceptive
    impression. Moreover, withdrawal symptoms drugs can have "bear
    service ", because the increase in body temperature - it is a natural defense mechanism
    our body. Experts recommend to reduce it only if
    it exceeds 38.5 degrees (for children - 38 degrees).

    The biggest
    lack this group of drugs is that they have no effect
    on pathogens - viruses. Yes, our well-being is improved by receiving
    these drugs, but to protect the organism from the development of complications they
    able. Manufacturers understand this and market new tools appear,
    combining just two effects: withdrawal symptoms and the fight against viruses. Usually,
    they contain vitamin C, an antihistamine and rimantadine, they and
    We must resist disease, simultaneously easing the severity of

    It is not so rosy. Cochrane Society Studies have proven experts
    inexpedient use of antihistamines with SARS, as they
    do not protect against complications and have side effects.

    rimantadine is
    acts only against influenza type A viruses, which severely limits its
    the use for the treatment of SARS. Also widespread worldwide
    resistant to this drug strains of influenza virus.

    Right choice

    The only kind of
    Therapy that is recommended by the World Health Organization experts,
    This causal antiviral therapy. Medicines of this group too much on
    the shelves of pharmacies, to select the most effective will be easy. Incidentally, the aforementioned
    rimantadine fall into this group of drugs.

    Among the antiviral
    funds are two new, but already popular product,
    promising quick relief from the disease. Unfortunately, at the moment, you can
    to say that the evidence base of these new drugs is a number
    criticisms. Moreover, if "dig deeper", it turns out that
    One of these new agents as active substance contains a stimulant
    leykopoeza commonly used in cancer patients and to differentiate
    maturation of neutrophils and in the second, who announced his "arrival"
    in advertising to the whole country, part of a natural polyphenol gossypol cotton,
    which was tested in China as a male contraceptive. Responsibility for
    the use of such drugs for the treatment of SARS can take
    Only an expert!

    With self
    treatment, we recommend that only those drugs that have
    a proven mechanism of action and effectiveness has been proven by clinical
    research, not only in our country but also abroad. Same
    Arbidol, known to many, despite all its shortcomings, it has a broad
    evidence base, although a bit dated.

    foreign laboratory studies confirm the effectiveness of Arbidol against
    a wide range of viruses, including those causing respiratory and intestinal
    infection. For this preparation is a target for influenza virus and other

    experts believe that Arbidol does not act so much as the other
    etiotropic preparations of foreign production, so use it to
    treatment of influenza only mild to moderate severity and other acute respiratory viral infections as well as for

    Statistics say
    that the average person spends on colds about four years of
    life. This is a very long time, and it is good that we have a choice of products,
    which can significantly reduce it!

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