Feeding baby food poisoning


Food poisoning often occur in childhood. toddlers
take dirty hands in their mouths, out of curiosity may eat unfamiliar berries
forest belt, mushrooms and drinking various drugs that
parents accidentally left in the public domain. Treatment of poisoning necessarily
It includes respect for dietary regime.

In the acute phase, it is desirable not to give the baby to eat, and
only offer a warm salted water, low-fat chicken broth or
herbal teas. In the future, baby food
food poisoning should also be gentle and maximum
natural. Parents are encouraged to protect the baby from the low-quality,
potentially hazardous foods. Struck by the intestine can easily become inflamed,
provoking the development of colitis and heavy bleeding.

Feeding habits of the child with food

After the food poisoning
diet for a child may seem a heavy burden, but parents should
baby explain the importance of this period refrain from potentially
hazardous foods that irritate the gut:

  • sausages, smoked;
  • Feeding baby food poisoning

  • pickles;
  • carbonated beverages;
  • concentrated fruit and vegetable juice;
  • spices, condiments;
  • fatty meats;
  • chocolate, cocoa;
  • sauces and mayonnaise.

Preference should be given porridge, pureed soups,
tender cottage cheese, boiled vegetables and fruits. such a diet
Child food poisoning help restore bowel function.
If a child eats forbidden foods, there may be diarrhea or vomiting.
Meats should be lean and natural. Discard the pork, duck, goose,
and it is better to make chicken soup, which previously remove the peel. Kashi
on diluted milk should be easy without hard pieces and skins.
Fruit can be eaten and fresh, but select from them the seeds and scrape
the top layer of skin.

Sweets desirable for the time excluded from the diet
child suffering poisoning. But children do not belong to such a ban,
frustrated because they can not feast on their favorite
cakes, chocolates and buns. You can replace sweets on
safer goodies: to jam, jam, honey. For a quick recovery
motor function of the digestive system is recommended to eat oat mucous
clover, drink, jelly, fruit drinks, non-carbonated mineral water.

It is important that the baby ate in a good mood.
The aesthetic appearance of food should improve appetite. If the mother will try, even
least favorite baby food can be beautiful and alluring. For relax
digestive doctor will recommend various enzyme drugs or herbal teas
medicinal herbs. But do not let their own children any medication,
even if they will recommend to your friends. It is better to consult with the attending
doctor, since some drugs and recipes of traditional medicine can cause
inflammation of the intestinal wall, the development of diarrhea and disease recurrence.

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