How to mask a cold on the lips


  • Do not wake the sleeping virus
  • Fukortsin and brilliant green ?!
  • Hydration during exacerbation
  • Hair removal - this is a provocation
  • Camouflage for "cold"

  • How to mask a cold on the lips

    Do not wake the sleeping virus

    Joy himself in the mirror does notfalls during acute herpes. It is in this period and appear unsightly rashes - the people they are called "cold." Herpes disembarks its troops on the edge of the upper or lower lip, sometimes for centuries.

    From another species of herpes lesions appear onfacial skin, most often on the cheeks. In order not to be upset about the unsightly sores, herpes should try to prevent the aggravation. Although it is not easy to do.

    General recommendations are. Although the pace of life and a lot of problems, try to less nervous - because herpes often begins to rage against the background of stress. Do not delay the case indefinitely, eliminates endocrinological and gynecological ailments. If these diseases are chronic, constantly keep them under control.

    During the influenza epidemic of angina is less the case inpublic places, wear a gauze bandage, take a multivitamin as possible. And again, herpes, as well as many other chronic diseases, usually exacerbated by dramatic climate change. When choosing a holiday destination, I suggest take this into account. Now, how to hide the cold sore, if he appeared.

    Fukortsin and brilliant green ?!

    "Wakes up" herpes virus gradually. First, at the place where the sore appears, lip or skin on the cheek swells. Then there is a burning sensation, an itch. And then small bubbles are formed which lopnuv form a dark crust. Then the crust dries up and dies. So, the rash does not appear if, within 24 hours after the first symptoms to the painful area to apply the cream "Zovirax", "Acyclovir" or "Pantsiklovir". These drugs are sold in pharmacies without a prescription. The cream is applied five times a day every 4 hours.

    And what do you do if bubbles stillformed - cream at hand was not, or alarms, announcing the beginning of the exacerbation, were not seen? In this case it is necessary to work hard to sore quickly disappeared from your face. And until the crust has not died out, this "decoration" can camouflage - though only if it is on the lips. The resulting bubbles Dermatologists usually recommend in the mornings and evenings to cauterize fukortsinom or green paint.

    Unfortunately, these bright dosage formulationsyou do not attractive. Therefore, if you want to appear in public, you can use salicylic alcohol or colorless liquid Castellani. Cauterize sores should be long until a dry crust. If this recommendation neglected, infection can occur ulcers. Then gerpetichesHow to mask a cold on the lipsKie rashes for a long time will not leave your face.

    Hydration during exacerbation

    To exacerbation of herpes is not delayed, it is veryimportant during the blisters to choose the right tool for skin care. Nutritious masks, lotions and other drugs with a high content of fat components should be postponed further. After all, fat - perfect breeding ground for bacteria that can cause infection of the sores.

    But moisturizers, hitting the sores, does not strengthen the manifestation of the virus. The best option - completely fat-free moisturizing formulations: gels, emulsions.

    Another important point - in preparation for the care ofSkin should be of exotic plant extracts. But the median strip plants - nettle, chamomile, burdock - while escalating the virus is not contraindicated. They may be part of a wetting agent, but not a whole bunch and one.

    Hair removal - this is a provocation

    Contraindicated during exacerbation of any cosmetic skin cleaning - mechanical, vacuum, ultrasound. If there was a sore on his upper lip, then epilation antennae is worth the wait.

    Chemical skin peels can also tightenexacerbation of herpes. Even if the beautician will neat and glycolic acid does not fall on the sores, peeling can enhance inflammation. This procedure can even spread the rash on the mucous surface of the eyelids. Those who suffer with herpes, is to use the services exclusively dermatocosmetologists.

    Camouflage for "cold"

    The only assistant in this case - decorativecosmetics. But use it only when eruptions on the lips. If the sores appeared on his cheeks - no powder, no foundation. In a simple bubble herpes can be applied to the skin only dermatological medications prescribed by your doctor. Sores that appeared on her lips, many hidden from prying eyes by using a lipstick. First of all it should not be a nutrient.

    How to mask a cold on the lips And again, lipstick should not be dark. Deep burgundy or red color will make noticeable rashes. But bright opaque colors will help the sores to hide. If most of the sores located abroad lips, you can use creams. But in this case, the tone must be applied not only to a sore, and the entire face. Otherwise, "cold" will be more visible. Then, you can use lipstick. Tone cream should be fat-free. In memory of a "cold" often "gives" skin white spots.

    To prevent their occurrence, you can, ifnutrient use lipstick, better hygiene. It is also good Pharmacy Cream "Rodevit". It contains a lot of vitamins, good heals and nourishes the skin. Any of these means is applied to the affected area 3-4 times a day, but only if a crust has disappeared.

    At the site of the sores may leave a small scar. But this will not happen if you do not remove the crust is not yet dead. After acute herpes in those who like to sunbathe often remain darker than the main tone of the skin, spots.

    Or the opposite - where there were sores beginshow off the lighter tracks. To avoid this, before going to the beach on the inflamed areas need to apply sunscreen. It is better if this agent is skim - in the form of gel or emulsion.

    If the aggravation of herpes still not passedtrace, white or dark spots can be made invisible by means of a tattoo makeup. you can resort to this procedure, if the lips become blurred picture, what happens when you frequent exacerbations of herpes. By the tattoo makeup is necessary to get ready. After this procedure, even if it is carried out according to the rules, can cause aggravation. Then cosmetic effect will be bad tattoos.

    Therefore, you need to put a dermatologist, who you watched notify its intention to make a tattoo. The doctor will prescribe the proper preparation for the procedure.

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