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Speaking once again about the relevance of preventionand treatment of acute respiratory infections and influenza makes no sense, and experts and ordinary citizens are well aware of the effects that can give "cold" if it be taken without due consideration. Obviously, at such a forum, and in his work this year was attended by over two thousand specialists from 93 countries of the world, could not ignore such an important topic. Significant contribution to the work of the forum and made the Russian delegation presented two hundred experts of various profiles.

One of the papers presented at the Forum andpublished in the journal The Cochrane Community «Cochrane review journal« Evidence-Based Child Health », prepared on the basis of the results of research conducted by specialists of Russian State Medical University, led by Professor of Faculty of Pediatrics, MD Tamara Kazyukovoy.

The study "Clinical and epidemiological evaluationOscillococcinum efficiency within the family prevention of respiratory infections during the burst respiratory disease of 2009-2010. "lasted 17 weeks (from November 1, 2009 to March 1, 2010), was attended by 376 people from 72 families. The main group consisted of 36 families (n = 164), all of whose members take preventive Oscillococcinum 1 tuba 1 time per week. The second group also included 36 families (n = 162), whose members use any other means of SARS prevention without some system, sometimes - when the first symptoms of ARI.

The results presented by Tamara Kazyukovoy,It was remarkable. During the epidemic season in the main group was ill 21 (12.8%) patients, which was almost three times lower than in the second group, where 62 sick (38%) of a person. In addition, the study group was not registered a single case of flu, while in the second group in 7 cases (4.3%) were diagnosed with influenza A (N1H1) in 2009, revealed by laboratory tests. Here it should be noted that among the cases of influenza was not a single person vaccinated against influenza.

It was also noted that the drug allowedminimize the development of complications in case of illness and remained safe for prolonged use. In particular, there were no adverse reactions in children with lactase deficiency.

Results of the study showed clinicalOscillococcinum efficacy for the prevention of family incidence of influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections in the epidemiological season lifting respiratory disease. During the administration of the drug was not a single case of side effects or allergic reactions, although in 38.4% of cases the drug was combined with taking other drugs. Thus, it proved the safety of long-term use of the drug in patients aged 3.5 months. up to 76 years and the possibility of combination with other preparty.

"The findings of this monitoring have a highpractical value to primary care physicians. We have received reliable confirmation of the effectiveness of the collective systematic and targeted prevention. Based on the basic parameters of preventive measures - systematic, duration and opportunities of all members of the family from children to the elderly - are obvious and basic requirements for the drug for prevention.

it is very important for us, because Russia is not yetcaught neither the tradition of prevention of respiratory diseases, neither the principle of comprehensive treatment and chemotherapy are the basic treatment of the dominant means - emphasizes Tamara Kazyukova. It is known that many doctors in Europe today are beginning to pay attention to the fact that the use of chemically synthesized drugs is fraught with a lot of side effects, the development of resistance, etc., the expert said. The fact that the results of observation were in tune with the global trend, which gave us the confidence to implement them in practice. "

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