Poison mushrooms: the first signs and first aid


  • The first symptoms of mushroom poisoning
  • Poison mushrooms: what to do?
  • Poison mushrooms: what not to do?

  • Poison mushrooms: the first signs and first aidMushroom season is over. Behind the most intense for the doctors, toxicologists
    months when food mushroom poisoning lead in severity among all
    poisoning. However, do not have to relax, mushrooms harvested for future use
    no less dangerous. One death cup mushroom salad or bag of capable
    carry a few lives. No cooking will fly agaric or false honey agarics
    not capable of neutralizing the toxins accumulated in these fungi.

    The most severe food poisoning mushrooms - this poisoning
    pale toadstool, smelly, pantherina and red fly agaric, mushrooms and false
    Satan's mushroom. Shiitake, volnushki, blewits without proper treatment
    also cause acute gastroenteritis. Dried lines, morels contain substances
    destroying red blood cells and cause symptoms similar to poisoning pale
    toadstool. But the worst thing that food poisoning can cause even mushrooms
    boletus and aspen, if they are assembled near the industrial enterprises,
    railways, highways, if these fungi are old, or have been for a long time lain
    insufficient culinary processing.

    The first symptoms of mushroom poisoning

    The first mushroom poisoning symptoms develop after 8-12
    hours after their use and are virtually independent of the type of fungi - often
    all are signs of acute gastroenteritis. Initially, there is spastic
    pain around the abdomen, nausea, repeated vomiting, followed by loose stools,
    weakness, pale skin and cool extremities.

    The most serious is considered poisoning pale toadstool: enough
    eat ¼ mushroom cap to fall prey to the deadly disease. If poisoning this
    mushroom vomit resemble coffee grounds, suggesting gastric
    bleeding in the feces also found an admixture of blood and stool frequency
    20-25 times a day.

    The reaction of the nervous system on various types of poisonous substances
    not clear. Toxins toadstools cause anxiety, restlessness, and mushroom - hallucinations and motor stimulation.

    As the progression of food poisoning mushroom
    there are signs of oppression heart activity: weakens heartbeat
    decreases blood pressure, there is dizziness, headache, skin and
    mucous membranes turn blue, and the extremities become cold and damp.

    Severe consequences of mushroom poisoning, especially pale
    toadstool, associated with toxic effects on the liver and kidneys. Within 8 -
    12:00 begin to break down the cell bodies in 2-3 days these changes
    become irreversible, develop acute liver and kidney
    failure. Fungal toxins affect all organs and systems, and if within
    the first 2-3 days of no urgent action is taken, inevitably, death occurs. Especially hard
    to cope with the effects of mushroom poisoning in children and elderly people

    Poison mushrooms: what to do?

    First of all, noticing the first signs of a food
    mushroom poisoning, immediately call the brigade "first aid".

    The following measures should be taken to the doctor soon:

    • Rinse the stomach: drink 5-6 glasses of water, and
      then by pushing with your finger or spoon on the tongue, induce vomiting. procedure
      repeat 3-5 times.
    • In the absence of diarrhea should be made easy
      laxative, for example, 1 tbsp. l. or castor oil or vaseline 30 ml
      33% solution of magnesium sulfate.
    • Go to bed, take cover and attach to the warmer
      legs and arms.
    • Continuously drinking water, with severe weakness and
      dizziness - strong black tea.
    • "Suspicious" food store up to a doctor visit
      - It will help to identify the "culprit" of food

    Poison mushrooms: what not to do?

    When food poisoning mushroom is strictly prohibited
    to eat and to drink alcohol! Do not take painkillers and
    antipyretic drugs, remedies for diarrhea and vomiting!

    Remember that only timely medical assistance to help
    cope with the consequences of food poisoning mushroom. Independently body
    It will not be able to neutralize poisons and lost time could be fatal.

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