The season of ticks in full swing. Protect yourself and your family


  • What kind of threat poses to human tick bite?
  • How to avoid a tick bite?
  • What if the tick has bitten you?

  • The bite of this insect is almost imperceptible, as
    it allocates an analgesic agent. But from this it becomes even
    more dangerous, as is the priceless Now time can be lost.

    What kind of threat poses to human tick bite?

    Ticks are carriers of infectious
    disease - encephalitis. This disease isThe season of ticks in full swing. Protect yourself and your familyIt reflects nervous
    system and often leads to death.

    Symptoms of tick-borne encephalitis:

    • Chills;
    • Heat;
    • Strong headache;
    • Nausea;
    • Vomiting;
    • Muscle pain. Basically suffer back, neck and waist.

    "Ambulance" immediately call At the slightest suspicion of tick-borne encephalitis.

    How to avoid a tick bite?

    Remember that the habitats of these insects -
    mixed forests and even parks. Ticks like to settle in the tall grass and
    shrubs, especially where wet and dark. Windy, dry place -
    warranty against ticks.

    We should not forget that the most active
    mites in the morning and evening. During the day they almost can not be found. The season of their activity
    It begins in May and June, especially when they are plentiful, but lose
    vigilance can not be until October.

    How else can you avoid tick bites?
    Going to places of potential danger,
    take care of proper clothing. It must necessarily be a
    adjoining the collar and cuffs. Do not forget to tuck pants into boots
    and headgear. It is undesirable fleecy clothes: how
    Typically, it accumulates a lot of ticks. Every two or three hours
    do not forget to explore the open areas of the body.

    Imbued with a clothes tick does not bite immediately. He has his "favorite" for the bite. These include:

    • Armpits;
    • The skin behind the ears;
    • Neck;
    • Inguinal depression.

    However, it is possible that a tick bite and the other
    place. In any case, be very careful: if you can
    feel like a tick crawling on the skin, and remove it in time.

    What if the tick has bitten you?

    If you are unable to seek professional help in the medical institution, the tick will have to remove yourself.

    Mite can be removed by conventional thread. Threads need to tie a knot as close as possible to the proboscis of the tick, then slowly swinging and pulling up to remove it from the skin. It is important not to pull sharply since tick may break and head remain in the wound. In addition, by removing the tick must act carefully and not to squeeze his body in order to avoid when squeezing the contents mite with pathogens into the wound.

    Transgressed the tick sure to put in a glass
    jar or vial and taken to the sanitary and epidemiological station. Concerning
    the victim, he is obligatory to refer to the

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